Alexander Rey was a character who appeared in Criminal Case: Justice Department. He was a suspect in the murder of Emily Lockwood in "In The Company Of A Killer" (Case #3), then he was murdered in "The End Of An Age" (Case #5).


Alexander was the forty-year-old head engineer of Park Inc. (having been trained by Tommy Park himself). He had blond hair and blue eyes.

In his initial appearance, Alexander wore a beige and brown flannel shirt under a dark blue anorak. He was also holding a brown backpack on his shoulder.

In "In The Company Of A Killer", it is known that Alexander has access to iodine and owns a husky.

At the time of his death, Alexander wore a grey sweatshirt under the PowerMan super suit. It was also shown that Alexander's signature uniform was a dark blue blazer over a white shirt with the top button undone.

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