Alexander Grimm
Full name Alexander Hans Grimm
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Birth 1977
Death N/A
Nationality Flag of Austria Austrian
Residence Vienna, Austria
Family None
Profession Austrian Chancellor
Affiliation(s) Österreichische Bundesregierung
Appearance(s) One Shot, One Kill
Under the Rocks
Sons of Anarchy
Alexander Hans Grimm was one of the suspects during the murder investigations of Russian hitman and anarchist Boris Sokolov in One Shot, One Kill (Case #3 of the World Edition) and anarchist leader Giorgio Castro in Under the Rocks (Case #5 of the World Edition). In the second case, Alexander faked a suicide after admitting wrongdoings regarding the debt of Greece. His suicide was revealed to be fake as he was revealed to be the leader of the anarchy and the killer of his partner Helena Castro in Sons of Anarchy (Case #8 of World Edition)


Alexander Grimm is the 38-year old chancellor of Austria. Alexander has short brown hair and a Winnfield-styled beard. He usually dons a fancy navy blue suit over a white shirt and red tie. Alexander also wears a pair of thick glasses and is seen carrying a red briefcase with the EU flag on it.

In his first appearance, Alexander wears a white camo motif jacket and a fur scarf. It is known that he regularly drinks vodka.

In his second appearance, Alexander ditched the jacket and scarf. It is also known that Alexander practices accupunture.

In his third appearance, Alexander puts on his fur scarf back and is seen for the first time without his glasses. It is revealed that Alexander can play a piano, consumes caviar, and drinks wine.

Height 5'8"
Age 38
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes green
Blood AB+

Role in Case(s)

One Shot, One Kill

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Under the Rocks

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Sons of Anarchy

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  • Alexander is one of the suspects who appears three times.


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