Alexander Davidson
Biographical information
Full name Alexander Davidson
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth Unknown
Death 2016
Cause of death Killed by Josephine Davidson
Nationality Flag of Heroldia.png Heroldian
Resting place Pangkal Beach Cemetery
Family Josephine Davidson (wife)
Profession Driver
Affiliation(s) Blade (per his wife)
Game information
Appearance(s) Third Victim

Alexander Davidson was the victim in Third Victim (Case #3 of Heroldia City).


Alexander was the taxi driver. He had a brown hair and a bruise. He wore a blue t-shirt and a cap at the time of his death.


Murder Details

Sanjay deduced that Alexander was killed by a sharp thing. Sanjay found traces of salmon and cucumber the body mixed with the killer's blood. He said that he found no traces of those in the body. He also confirmed that salmon and cucumber was eaten in sushi. It meant that the killer ate sushi before killed him. Later on, Randy discovered that the murder weapon was none other than dagger

Killer and Motives

The killer was revealed to be the victim's wife Josephine Davidson.

After denying involvment, Josephine admitted that she killed her husband. She said that Alexander had not wanted to listen to her, he kept hellping the organization anyway. Alexander said the organization wanted to help him to receive many money but it was lied. But, she did not want to trust him and stabbed him with dagger. Judge Syarifuddin sentenced him 15 years in jail.

Case Apperances


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