Alexander Bennett
Vital statistics
Position Chief of RPD
Age 30
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'5"
Weight 200 lbs
Done yet? I've been waiting
—Chief Bennett
Alexander David "Alex" Bennett, appearing as Chief Bennett, is the chief of Rhinewood Police Department.


As the chief of RPD at the age of 30, Alexander has short wavy black hair and green eyes. He has a mustache and dons a navy blue suit with the RPD logo on it, he also dons a navy blue pair of jeans. Alexander is serious, strict, and sometimes friendly.

Roles in Cases

Death Among Us

Alexander was first introduced in this case. He is shown to be very strict when Aileen acts like a jerk in front of the player. There is not much to say in this case.

Personal Life

Alexander was born into a horrible family. His father was a alcoholic and his mother divorced his father days after he was born.

During his teen years, he met the love of his life and began dating her at the age of 18, however, they broke up a year later and got back together again, resulting in their wedding ceremony 2 years after their reunion.

Not much is known about his life now.

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