Albert Sanders
Biographical information
Full name Albert Sanders
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2018
Cause of death Stab wound to the brain
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Partner(s) Alexander Ross-(boyfriend)
Game information
First appeared Case #3 Turning the Screw
Albert Sanders was the victim in Turning the Screw (Case #3 of Laroy Bay)


Albert had long black braided hair.He weared green shirt with no sleeves with FOREST written on it.He also had snake tattoo on his right arm.

Murder Details

Albert was found dead near big tree with screws instead of his eyes.Megan said that the killer stabbed him in the eyes and removed his eyes later on.Killer left only one clue,He uses disinfectant.

Killer and motives

After investigation,killer turned out to be Jean Connerie.Jean claimed that he never wanted to harm Albert,but The Venom's leader blackmailed him that Albert was trying to reveal organization's plans along with Connie Weber.Jean first refused to do it,but they kidnapped his 11-year-old cousin and they planned to kill her.Jean then caught Albert alone in the woods,stabbed him in the eyes with screwdriver and removed his eyes as proof for The Venom's leader that he killed him.Judge sentenced Jean to 15 years in prison.

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