Alastair Hahn was a suspect in the murders of his girlfriend, Amber Oliver, in Amber Alert (Case #2 of Hidden Missions), Osprey Airlines' chief of security Leonard Tate in Security Breach (Case #4 of Hidden Missions) and social media influencer Veronica Lieu in Gone Viral (Case #6 of Hidden Missions), as well as appearing as a quasi-suspect in Fine Dying Experience (Case #3 of Hidden Missions).


Alastair is the 45-year old CEO of Osprey Airlines. He has neatly combed blond hair and brown eyes, as well as a wearing a pair of glasses. Alastair is seen wearing a grey suit jacket over a white dress shirt and a teal cravat with a white dotted pattern. It was known that Alastair drinks kale juice and uses sunscreen.

In his second suspect appearance, Alastair use eyedrops and drinks almond milk.

Height 6'0"
Age 45
Weight 178lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood O+

Events in Hidden Missions

Amber Alert

Alastair became a suspect when he walked in on Agent Wong and the player investigating when they found the dead body of Amber Oliver in his office. He identified Amber as his girlfriend, whom he met in Osprey's sixtieth anniversary last year. Alastair claimed that Amber did not have many friends, adding that she was rather secretive.

However, after finding Alastair's cologne on Amber's shredded flight ticket, Alastair was confronted by the police again. Alastair explained that he was angry at Amber for scamming him. Amber wanted 10 million dollars to create a food bank for people starving in Mazunda, Alastair was considering it but he checked it with his assistant and found out that Amber had not proposed a food bank to any investors. The angered Alastair was about to confront Amber about her scam, but he did not find her in the mansion, he only found an airline ticket to Sultanistan. Seeing as he was already late for a meeting, he tore the airline ticket and decided to confront Amber about it later, but only found her dead.

In the conclusion of the case, Alastair was found innocent of Amber's murder. After the trial, the player and Agent Wong meet with Alastair once again to inform him about the smuggling operation investigation in his company. As a way of helping, Alastair directed the two agents to find a missing file containing allocation of flight crews per flight routes.

Fine Dying Experience


Security Breach


Gone Viral


Case Appearances

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