Akise Aru
Biographical information
Full name Akise Aru
Gender Male
Status Dead
Birth 11 October, 2006
Death 10 August, 2016
Cause of death Piece of Glass in the Heart
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Japan Japanese
Origin Kyoto, Japan
Notable relationships
Family unknown
16 For WAR
Game information
Appears in 16 For War
First appearance The Beginning of the End
Akise Aru Is a player of 16 For War.


Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, Akise is a 10 year old boy who lived a normal life until he was dragged 16 For War, where he killed a person, but was killed shortly afterwards, he did not last long because his physique was very weak, he was killed by terrorist Alwyn Halmy in Bow of Buddha. he wear an orange outfit with blue accents and wore a blue shorts.


The Beginning 

It appears the all the others, He also laughed marceline, and he said that with that thought she would die fast.

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