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After a Long Flight From Grimsborough to Yellowish Bay...

Dimitri Hills: Welcome Senior Trooper <Name>! To Yellowish Bay! Let Me Show Around YBPD.

In The Station...

Dimitri Hills: Hello! I'm Dimitri Hills, The Chief of The Police!

Dimitri: And Also My Assistant Jessica Stationwound!

Jessica Stationwound: Hello!, Let Me Introduce Your Partners First, Bianca Ross Second, Daniel Aim.

Dimitri Hills: And of Course Let Me Introduce Our Lab Partners!

Dimitri Hills: First, We have our Coroner, Vanessa Cherry!

Vanessa Cherry: Hey!, Senor Trooper <Name>!, If you send someone a body, That Me!

Dimitri Hills: Second, We have our Forensic Expert, Lucas Reindeer!

Lucas Reindeer: Well! Welcome to send me anything!, Senior Trooper <Name>!

Third, We have our Technical Expert, Ramon Veins!

Ramon Veins: Hey, Senior Trooper <Name>! You're Talking Right Now, Is from Intelligent Family!

Dimitri Hills: Ramon!, Don't Make Anyone Jealous!

Ramon Veins: Yes, Chief I will never say that to anyone.

Dimitri Hills: We have our Profiler Glenda Hills, Which is My Daughter.

Glenda Hills: DAD!, Don't Embrass Me! of front of Senior Trooper <Name>!

Dimitri Hills: Fine, I Guess.

Dimitri Hills: And of Course Our Historian!, Harnold Melt!

Harnold Melt: Halo!, Salut! Senior Trooper <Name>!

Dimitri Hills: Hey!, Fun Fact! He's our Secret Weapon when The Whole Team is eating a resturant we always have discount!

Harnold Melt: Hey!, You're Lucky that I Have Senior Citizen Card!

Dimitri Hills: Ok <Name>, Jessica wants to talk to you alone.

Jessica Stationwound: Ok <Name>, Can You Do a Favor? Inspect Beach with Bianca because fights always happened there, Good Luck.

Chapter 1 (Not Yet Done)

Before Investigate Beach...

Bianca Ross: Hello!, I am Bianca Ross, Officer of YBPD!, Oh! you must be Senior Trooper <Name>!

Bianca Ross: Wait! Something Wrong In The Beach?! Well, Let's Find Out.

After Investigating Beach...

Bianca Ross: Well, This is your first murder investigation In Yellowish Bay! Anyway What do you got?

Bianca: Victim's Cellphone and a Script, Ok let me look at The Victim.

Bianca: WAIT! I know this guy! he's Ramon Headline!

Bianca: He's a famous reporter in Yellowish Bay News!

More Soon!..

Chapter 2: Soon!

Chapter 3: Soon!

The Promise Got In Wrong Hands 1: Soon!

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