Aetherbourne Law Enforcement Agency
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Type Law Enforcement Agency
Abbreviation AeLEA
Headquarters Aetherbourne
Formation 1920
Years active 1920-present
Appearance(s) Criminal Case: Aetherbourne
To serve even in the darkest days, and to protect through the hardest times.

The Aetherbourne Law Enforcement Agency (AeLEA) is the main law enforcement agency in Aetherbourne. They have been formed back in 1920 and is still active up until now.

Personnel Age Position Duties Status
Constantine Nightshade 50 Superintendent Gives orders to the team, views the case reports, contacts witnesses, and keeps the team together. Active
Player N/A Field Agent Investigates crimes that involve homicide, assault, and other crimes. Active
Samuel Woods 25 Rookie Agent Joins the player in their cases. Acts as a partner and deals with communication and negotiation Active
Vivienne Stratford 33 Field Agent Joins the player in their cases. Acts as a partner and deals with communication and negotiation Active
Charlotte Arceneaux 28 Anatomical Expert Autopsies the victim's corpse, analyzes wounds and marks left by the culprit, reviews and compares the weapon, and partners with the forensic team when necessary. Active
Dominic Laurent 42 Forensic Expert Analyzes samples and traces left by the culprit, leads chemical and physical operations, trams up with coroner when needed Active
Desiree Faivre 22 Forensic Assistant Assists the forensic expert in their endeavors and operations, substitutes them whenever they're not present. Active
Vincent Nightshade 20 Technological Expert Handles technological and digital evidence, alerts the team of new leads, and issues witness reports. Active
Margeaux Quinn 36 Psychological


Handles psychological and mental evidence and deals with suspects that have mental health issues. Active
Albert Norton 39 Weaponry Expert Studies the weapons and mechanisms given to him, determines whether the found weapon was used for murder, tests mechanisms to see if it would match the said murder weapon. Deceased
Beatrice Ainsley 51 Repository Expert Analyzes objects that necessitates examination and compares them to the archives. Active
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