Adrian Lynn
Biographical information
Full name Adrian Lynn
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 2000
Personal information
Nationality American
Profession(s) Cosplayer
Partner(s) Rosie Summers - girlfriend
Game information
First appeared Case #44 Special Delivery
Adrian Lynn was the suspect in the murder investigations of deli owner Marolda Summers in Special Delivery (Case #44 of Laroy Bay),festival organizer Steve Roland in Death,Science and Fantasy (Case #46 of Laroy Bay) and young detective Sandy Corey in Make Laroy Bay Great Again (Case #48 of Laroy Bay)


Adrian is 18-year-old cosplayer and Rosie Summers' boyfriend. with short curly brown hair and blue eyes.He wears a white hoodie.

Age 18
Height 5'10''
Weight 154lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A-

Special Delivery

Adrian became a suspect after team found his phone on crime scene with Marolda's number in it.He said that he was on golf course because he took some photos of him cosplaying an elf from a movie.When team told him that Marolda Summers has been murdered,he said that she was a sweet lady and that she didn't deserved to die.

Adrian was spoken to after Rosie Summers revelaed that he has been dating her.Adrian said that Rosie is extremly sweet girl,but Marolda thought that Adrian was bad influence on her daughter with all that cosplaying so she didn't liked him.

Adrian was found innocent after team arrested Tony Webb for a crime.

In AI,Adrian was spotted spying on Marcus Young and player.When team asked him about this,he claimed that he was just curious about their detective job.Marcus found Adrian really creepy and warned Rosie about this.Rosie ignored these facts.Later on,team noticed Adrian spying on them once again.He said that he wanted to invite them on Sci-fi Fantasy Festival in few weeks,but team got murder report that there has been a murder at nearby wedding...

Death,Science and Fantasy

Adrian became a suspect after he identified the victim. He said that victim if festival organizer and that he was a kind man and that everybody loved him.

Adrian was spoken to again after team found victim's tablet with threat messagaes sent to him from Adrian.Adrian said that he and victim had mini fight so Steve wanted to ban Adrian from festival forever and even spread rumors about him,making Adrian crazy.

Adrian was found innocent after team arrested Oka Thompson for a murder.

Make Laroy Bay Great Again

Adrian became a suspect after team found his DNA on victim's gun.He said that he only wanted to return her gun,but she thought he stole it,so she attacked him.

Adrian was spoken to again after team found he and Rosie's picture where Sandy crossed out Rosie.He said that Sandy was obsessed with him and touched his unmentionables.

Adrian was proven to be innocent for 3rd time after team arrested Martha Price for a murder.


  • Adrian is one of the suspects who appeared in Laroy Bay but without dying in original series.
  • His white hoodie look was made by XHAMADXGAMERX
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