Adrian Johnson
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Biographical information
Full name Adrian Johnson
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1976
Nationality American
Family Wallance Johnson (Cousin)

Harold Johnson (Cousin)

Game information
Appears in In Criminal Case: Stanford Bay
First appearance My Heart Won't Go On

Adrian Johnson appeared as a quasi suspect in My Heart Won't Go On (Case #4 of Stanford Bay)


Adrian is a 42 year old Tailor with brown hair. He wears a white shirt and holds a measuring tape in his hand.

Events of Criminal Case

My Heart Won't Go On

Adrian was approached to by the player and Hasuro to help Hasuro make his suit for his date with Maria Taylor. Adrisn helped Hasuro to make the suit and also revealed that he was the cousin of the late Wallance Johnson and Harold Johnson and he is very sad for their twisted fate.

Case appearances

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