Adrian Aston
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Biographical information
Full name Adrian Ray Aston
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 2000
Nationality Flag of USA American
Family Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Partner(s) Julian Ramis (Boyfriend)

Jacob Gilbert (Boyfriend)

Game information
First appearance The Last Bath
Adrian Aston is the boyfriend of Julian Ramis and Jacob Gilbert. He appeared as a suspect in the murder of his class enemy Jason Carlos in Friends Became Enemy (Case#17 of Townsvile). Later, he became the suspect in the murder investigation of Harry Jones in Blood Tears (Case #20 of Townsvile). Later on, he became a Quasi Suspect in Iced to Death (Case #22 of Townsvile)

He have more love affair with Julian than Jacob.

Events of Criminal case

Friends Became Enemy

Adrian became a suspect

Case Appearances:

The Last Bath (Case #5 of Townsvile)

Electric Death (Case #6 of Townsvile) mentioned

Friends Became Enemy (Case #17 of Townsvile)

Blood Tears (Case #20 of Townsvile)

Iced to Death (Case #22 of Townsvile)

Heading Towards the Road (Case #24 of Townsvile mentioned)

Deadpool or Waterpool (Case #25 of Townsvile mentioned)

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