Adison Blade
Biographical information
Full name Adison Blade
Gender Male
Status Alive
Personal information
Nationality United States of America American
Residence Flag of USA.png Harwell, United States
Profession(s) Judge
Family Jason Blade (son; incarcerated)
Unnamed wife
Affiliation(s) Harwell City Council
Criminal Court of Harwell
Harwell Police Agency
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case 1: An Amateur Murder (s1)
Silence! None of you will talk while I'll judge whoever dares to step up to me!
—Adison Blade

Judge Adison Blade is a recurring character featured in Harwell, where he serves as the city judge.

He appeared as a quasi-suspect in Blank Spaces (Case #18 of Harwell) and Dreaming in the Dark (Case #27 of Harwell).


Adison Blade is the 42-year-old city judge of Harwell with brown eyes and short brown hair. He dons a black judge's robe over a white shirt with a dark blue tie over his matching vest.

Height 6'0''
Age 42
Weight 175 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood AB-


Name Case Sentence
Claire Patrick An Amateur Murder 15 years in prison
George Scott Shattered like Glass 30 years in prison
Edna Washington Out of Style 5 years in prison
Ruth Grant Feel it Still 35 years in prison
Tamara Hicks Unacceptable Crime Life in prison without parole
Jeremiah Warner Neverending Nightmare 25 years in prison
Eustace Irwin Every-Dead Life 30 years in prison
Gregory Herriot From Dusk to Dust Life in prison without parole
Natalia Lewis Crash Course in Murder 15 years in prison
Viola Michaels Head to Head Life in prison without parole
Wade Lindwood In Green We Demise 15 years in prison
Charity Kemp Horror Under the Surface 50 years in prison
Lucy Devine Dread in the Air 7 years in prison
Brendon Ackerman A Noise From Beyond Life in prison without parole
Danita Darkroot Poltergore 25 years in a psychiatric hospital
William Perkins Blaze of Glory Life in a psychiatric hospital
Sycamore Webb
Jason Blade Blank Spaces 12 years in prison
Sarah Armstrong One Heart to Burn 35 years in prison
Alexa Rush Drowning in Darkness 18 years in prison
Dominick Hawkins Hands Off Life in prison without parole
Drake Bronson Shutdown Life in prison without parole
Virginia Baxter Ride of Your Life 12 years in prison
Adam Black Unfortunate Turn of Events 28 years in prison
Caroline Phelps Shady Part of Town 23 years in prison
Yolanda Archer Sealed Shut Life in prison without parole
Juliana Clifton Dreaming in the Dark 22 years in prison
Ivan Wilcox Take Your Shot Life in jail under solitary confinement
Roger Archer Their Fall's First Strike Life in prison without parole
Collin Indigo Evil's Only Judgement Life in prison without parole
Ramona Bates Knowledge Kills 30 years in prison
Edna Brown With Great Power Comes Great Dread 16 years in prison
Simon Clifton Access Denied Life in prison without parole

Events of Criminal Case

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