The Acropolis Special Intelligence (abb: A.S.I.) acts as the main law enforcement agency in the fictional city of Acropolis, making its primary appearance in the tenth instalment of the Criminal Case series.


The primary objective of the A.S.I. is to investigate homicides in Acropolis – searching crime scenes, interviewing suspects and analyzing evidence to incarcerate the killer responsible for the murder. The A.S.I.'s strength is investigating high-profile crimes that threaten the city's entirety.

Key Personnel

Personnel Age Position Duty Status
Jonathan Fellowes 57 A.S.I. Director Reads and reviews case files, issuing orders, giving out new leads whenever necessary, overseeing all police operations, ensuring cops are bringing justice to the city. Active
Player N/A Private Consultant A former police officer, now joining A.S.I. as a Special Agent to investigate puzzling murders. The player sometimes investigate other crimes, usually in additional investigations. Active
Ethan Cruz 39 Agent Handler Main handlers of the investigation, they act as partners of the player to investigate homicides. Active
Kate Wong 33 Junior Agent Active
Graham Woodley 34 Chief Medical Examiner Perform autopsies to determine the victims' cause of deaths. In seldom occasions, the CME perform analyses on body parts to issue new leads for the investigation. Active
Candace "Candy" Orson 30 Laboratory Chief Analyzes all physical, biological, and clinical evidence to help homicide investigators determine the killer's identity, and sometimes discovers the murder weapon. Active
Reed Rothman 25 Technician Analyses technical and digital evidence to issue new leads for the investigation and deduce the killer's identity. Active
Cecile Benoit 42 Profiler Performs psychological analysis on evidence that cannot be determined through physical, biological, digital or technical examination. Active
Randall "Rand" Collins 28 Weapons Expert Analyses weapons to confirm cause of death and incriminate the killer's identity. Active
Deborah "Debbie" Sommers 38 Field Agent Patrols the city to apprehend minor criminals, appease small riots, and to find clues and crime scenes that may be of interest to the detectives. Active

Notable Events in Hidden Missions

Meeting the Player

In the previous season, the player received a job offer for the position of special agent in the Acropolis Special Intelligence, to which they accept. Upon arriving in the airport, the player was introduced to the Acropolis Special Intelligence by agent handler Ethan Cruz. However, the player and Agent Cruz were immediately put on duty when they received a report of a murder in a plane.

After solving the case, it was revealed by A.S.I. Director Jonathan Fellowes that the player is not the only new agent to arrive in Acropolis, the director asked for the player to accompany him to meet junior agent Kate Wong. Upon finding out that she left to stay in the Grand Oasis Hotel, Agent Wong claimed that no-one was there to pick her up and decided to stay in a hotel. Agent Wong and the player jump into action when scientist Carla Hagan sought their help to find her missing tablet.

BioSafe-Osprey Conspiracy

The A.S.I. managed to uncover a smuggling operation in the airport after arresting a flight attendant in the act of smuggling. The team then approached Osprey Airlines' CEO, Alastair Hahn, to initiate an investigation in his company, Reed managed to create an inspection strategy out of a flight crew allocation plan to inspect every flight crew and passengers' luggage to oust smugglers. Meanwhile, Dr. Woodley discovered that scientist Carla Hagan is researching the deadly Valencian virus. Concerned about the research, Dr. Woodley had Director Fellowes to allow an investigation on Dr. Hagan by surveilling her meeting with a colleague in Restaurant Dempsey.

The suspicion of a conspiracy between Dr. Hagan and the smuggling operation arose when the A.S.I. team found the vial case used to contain infectious substances and learned that it perfectly fits in the hidden compartment of the smuggler's luggage, the case also belongs to BioSafe, Dr. Hagan's research group. Although, this was circumstantial evidence, as scientists normally use them to transport substances, it also cannot be proven that the vial case did come from the incriminating luggage. The team also found out that Alastair wanted to make changes in his airline's exclusive destinations, which suspiciously creates an alternative route to avoid luggage inspections.

A mysterious woman (later identified as Sarah Alvarez) tried to inform the team about BioSafe's suspicious activities, but ended up getting murdered. However, the A.S.I. team learned about Sarah's discovery - Dr. Hagan is interested in the enhancement of the Valencian virus. The A.S.I. also identified biotechnological genius Darius Frost as a collaborator to Dr. Hagan's research in creating a vaccine against the Valencian virus. Upon finding a list of vaccine volunteers' names, Dr. Woodley tested each one of them if they were infected, to which he finds out none of them carried the virus.

Solving the murder of Leonard Tate allowed the A.S.I. to make full progress in their ongoing investigation - they found out that Leonard's killer, Veronica Lieu, was infected by the Valencian virus, causing Director Fellowes to lockdown the airport temporarily. The A.S.I. also managed to arrest another smuggling participant, who then confessed that Alastair ordered him to transport smuggling luggage to Dr. Hagan.

In the last case of Acropolis Airport, the A.S.I. arrested Dr. Hagan and Alastair for smuggling and public endangerment. During the investigation, Agent Wong became infected by the virus, causing Dr. Woodley and Candy to look for a cure and for Agent Cruz to accompany the player in the remaining duration of the investigation. Eventually, they learned that Veronica was a guinea pig for the Valencian virus enhancement experiment, arresting BioSafe researchers Jemima Harper and Mick Ackroyd for their participation in illegal human experimentation (and the latter for committing Veronica's murder).

The team found the laptop that contained incriminating files describing Dr. Hagan and Alastair's conspiracy - to release an enhanced version of the Valencian virus and create a vaccine so that people would worship science for saving their lives, it also revealed that Alastair was the ringleader of the smuggling operation. The player also discovered that Dr. Hagan and Alastair frequently met in Sunshine Resort. Dr. Woodley managed to create a medical treatment that could eliminate the virus, the medicine was then distributed to hospitals in case any infections may appear.

In the end, BioSafe and its research data was given to Darius Frost and Agent Wong fully recovered thanks to Dr. Woodley's medical concoction. Director Fellowes then ordered for the team to shift their focus on Sunshine Resort to find out how and why Dr. Hagan and Alastair met.

A Foe Back From The Dead


Notable Arrests

Criminal's Name Year of Arrest Charge Case No. Case Name
Ryan Warner 2020 Murder + smuggling 1 Death in First Class
Edward Jarvis 2020 Murder 2 Amber Alert
Marc LeBlanc 2020 Murder 3 Fine Dying Experience
Nora Schmidt 2020 Murder 4 Prescription: Murder
Jim Talbot 2020 Smuggling 5 Security Breach
Mick Ackroyd 2020 Murder + attempted terrorism + illegal human experimentation 6 Gone Viral
Carla Hagan

Alastair Hahn

Scott Emery

Jemima Harper

2020 Attempted terrorism + illegal human experimentation
Norman Elliott 2020 Murder + attempted murder + property damage 7 Resorting to Murder



Author's Notes

  • Formerly known as the Acropolis Justice Defence Force, I changed it to Secret Intelligence for the sake of the espionage theme I have introduced into my storyline.
    • Notice that the title of the officers are now "Agents".
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