Acelya Yildirim
Acelya Yildirim mugshot.png
Biographical information
Full name Acelya Yildirim
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 3987
Personal information
Nationality United Kingdom British
Residence Parinaita
Profession(s) Reagan McDellis's Accountant
Affiliation(s) Retro Tech Company
Game information
Appears in Parinaita (The Secrets)
First appeared Case #25: Gone Without a Trace

Acelya Yildirim was a suspect in the murder investigation of Reagan McDellis in Gone Without a Trace (Case #25 of The Secrets of Parinaita). She was then later found murdered in Trapped in With the Killer! (Case #26 of The Secrets of Parinaita)


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Events of Criminal Case

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Murder Details

Acelya was found on the floor of the tech fair, with her head chopped off by a laser sword, which they found locked in the same room.

Killer and Motive

Acelya's murderer turned out to be Jax's speech person, Tiger Dare.

"Tiger admitted to the murder and revealed that he only did it so Acelya would stop hurting Jax with her consent questions about his missing brother. He explained that the questions were pushing his friend over the edge and that Jax was thinking about killing himself after having weird dreams about him and his brother, safe, together. Tiger broke into teasers and revealed that Jax loved his brother a lot and that he took the blame for him going missing all these years ago and that Acelya reminding him was hurting him, he wasn't as happy, wasn't as inspired as he used to be. He then said that he murdered her to get the old Jax back, the one who would joke, have fun and be creative. Not one that mourned for his long lost brother, not knowing if he was alive or dead."


Case Appearances

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