Aaron Zimmer was a suspect in the murder investigation of Logan Knightley in The Stakes Are High (Case #4).


Aaron is a conspiracy theorist and April Perkins-Zimmer's husband. He had scratches on his face at the time of the case. It is known that he drinks whiskey and wears makeup.

Height 6'1"
Age 36
Weight 172 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type A+

Role in Case(s)

Aaron was first approached by Jackson Walters and the player after they found his blog post detailing the victim's life and how it all related to him being the vampire. Aaron said that the victim was indeed a vampire and he began detailing all his blog posts. Jackson tried to tell him that vampires did not exist but Aaron said that the government was trying to convince him about that and that was not the truth. His wife then demanded to know what the ruckus was about and disturbed the conversation from continuing any further.

Jackson and the player then found a contract Aaron signed with Logan, telling him to pretend to be a vampire all time so both him and Aaron would get fame. Aaron admitted that it was all a ruse to gather enough money for his family. April's income was getting lower and lower. When he heard about Logan Knightley from the United Kingdom being a great vampire cosplayer, Aaron immediately came to him when he came to the city to talk about the opportunity. He said that it was unfortunate that Logan died when his fame was only starting to skyrocket.

Aaron was found innocent of the murder when cosplayer Flora Ward was incriminated for the murder.

Aaron then came to the station after Flora's trial, panicking about his proof about the victim being a vampire. Jackson told him that he already admitted that it was a ruse to further both of their reputations, but Aaron said that he was not a real vampire before. He took a picture that proved that Logan was a real vampire by the time he died and that Flora was just preventing any harm to come to anyone. When Jackson asked for the proof, Aaron said that he left his bag in the casino. The biting photo he had turned out to be a photo of a kiss between the victim and Erica Washington.

Case Appearances

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