Aaron Seabrook
Biographical information
Full name Aaron Seabrook
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1976
Death 2018
Cause of death Burning
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) VRClub game creator
Family Elaine Seabrook -wife (Incarcerated)
Partner(s) Teresa Turing (ex-girlfriend; Deceased)
Affiliation(s) VRClub
Game information
First appeared Case #9 Up in Flames

Aaron Seabrook (1976-2018) was the victim in Up in Flames (Case #9 of Laroy Bay)


Aaron was the 42-year-old husband of Elaine Seabrook. He had brown hair, green eyes and wore a pair of red sunglasses over his head. He also wore a purple t-shirt with a blue scarf around his neck.

Murder Details

Aaron was found burned in VRClub's garden fireplace.Megan said that the killer kept his head in fire to completly burn.She found stains of cigarettes on his cigarettes on his neck.Since he didn't smoke,that means that the killer is smoking.

Killer and motives

The team found enough evidence to arrest Elaine Seabrook for a crime.After denying involvement,Elaine admitted she killed her husband.When Aaron and Elaine moved to Laroy Bay last saturday,Aaron found job as VRClub game creator along with late Logan Benedict.Elaine didn't want to have a job,but Aaron asked his girlfriend Teresa Turing to hire her as cook in their lunch room.Elaine was furious.Few days later she found out Aaron was cheating on her.She thought it was the last straw.Next day,Aaron went for a walk with Teresa,Elaine hided in bushes,and when Teresa leaved,Elaine confronted Aaron and she pushed him into fire place and she held his head in the fire to completly burn.Judge sentenced Elaine to 35 years in prison for pityless murder.

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