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A water beating
General information
Season Murdertown
City Burnwell
District Sparklight Beach
Case # 3
Initial release date July 25, 2021
Partner(s) Justin Morgan
Case chronology
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Don't drink the acid Gossip also Kills
Thanks to Julian, we know the next party location for “The Bird Corrupt”, a pool party in one of the largest and most luxurious houses in the district, but the party ended when the party owners' daughter was beaten up death, is it the work of "The Bird Corrupt"?

A water beating is a case featured in Criminal Case: Murdertown as the 3rd case of the game. It is the third to take place in Sparklight Beach, a district of Burnwell.


After Julian gave us the address of the next party of The Bird Corrupt, Justin and the player went to that address as soon as possible, the party was in a big house, and luxurious, Justin said he knew who lived in that house, The Wedler's, but the owners were traveling, Justin assumed that The Bird Corrupt regretted the house, Upon arrival, the duo stopped the party, a person who was in the place, Walker Darkness, got quite nervous and wanted to leave the place, but Justin stopped him, then Justin shouted that they could not leave the place until the investigation was finished, when the duo went outside the house, they saw a pool, but they noticed that it had a medium rare color, they got a little closer and saw that there was a body

People began to look at the corpse and shout, Justin called Melissa to remove the corpse for the autopsy, when Melissa quickly arrived and took the corpse, Melissa was surprised by the wounds on the head of the victim, since she was quite fractured, a blogger, Kaiden Fraser was able to identify the victim, despite the fact that her head and face were badly beaten, by her necklace and oberol he said that the victim was Berry Wedler, the daughter of the owners of the house

At the autopsy, Melissa said that the victim had died after being hit multiple times, and that the weapon would probably be a shovel, Melissa counted up to 20 blows on her skull, on the victim's head there were remains of cake, and that it should be of the murderer because the victim could not eat meat, later Justin and the player went on their way to a local park, where they found a bloody shovel, and they deduced that it was the murder weapon, in the park they found a wealthy drunk, called Christie Mills, who They took her to the station until the young woman was in a position to speak

Justin and the player began to recapitulate the case, until we found someone running with a bird mask, the same one they saw in the recording of a past case, they stopped him and it was Walker Darkness, who discovered that he was a member of The Bird Corrupt We became suspicious of an exotic dancer named Scarlett-Rose Smartz, after inspecting Scarlett's workplace, they received a call from a male voice, who said that it was Marcus Wedler and that there was a great disaster in his house and believes that People came to rob them, and we noticed that he was the father of the victim, when he got back to the house they notified him about the death of his daughter, he started to cry when he received the news, he also said angrily that it was better for them find their daughter's killer, they also found out that Christie was Berry's ex-girlfriend, before she switched gender

While we recapitulated the case again, we heard some screams outside, we went to see and it was Kaiden and Scarlett, who were throwing wine and garbage, we asked him why they were fighting and we found out that Kaiden was filming while Scarlett was taking drugs, Scarlett asked him to erase that and he refused, and since both were in effect of alcohol and drugs they began to fight savagely, We discovered that Marcus, Berry's father did not agree to her changing gender, and got angry with Berry when he changed gender with the help of Berry's mother, but after the trip he had with his wife he thought again , and he wanted to return before his trip and lose he pardoned Berry, but he never could when he discovered that his daughter was dead

The murderer turned out to be Christie Mills, the rich party animal, Christie denies all the accusations, she was already somewhat sober, but after giving all the tests she exploded and said screaming that if he killed her, but that he did not intend to kill her, she was very drunk and that she was fighting with Berry, since Christie was still in love with Berry, but she rejected her, Christie was angry at what Berry said, and saw the shovel near her, out of rage she took the shovel and began to beat Berry until it He killed, Christie realized what he did and threw the corpse into the pool and escaped, Christie was later released as her parents had spoken with Judge Zara and Chief Clifford, and they released Christie

Justin gets quite upset when he finds out that Christie would not be subjected to the horrible murder, later at the station, a Japanese columnist named Sakura Daidaiyama, said she wanted to tell them something, Justin and the player took the woman to the interrogation room and told her They asked what she had to tell them, Sakura said she was looking for gossip for her work, until she saw some men with bird masks taking 2 teenagers to a caravan and they left, Sakura affirmed that she recorded everything but noticed that she had dropped it her phone from her bag on the way, and said she saw everything in the local park, the duo went to the park and saw a broken cell phone, they sent it to fix it and found the recording, and they saw that it was indeed true, but They noticed something strange, that the kidnappers' clothes were very familiar to them, until they saw that the clothes were very similar to those of Hernest and Chelsea, and they thought that they maybe kidnapped those 2 students , later they were able to identify the students as Liam Price, and Cherry Valentine, and both coincided as the victims of the kidnappings

The next day Sakura called the player by phone and said that she got more information about The Bird Corrupt, and called them to the house where he resided, Lexy and the player went to the place where immediately, upon arrival there was no sign of Sakura, when they went outside the house they saw some syringes in the pool



  • Berry Wedler (Beaten to death at the pool party)

Murder Weapon

  • Shovel


  • Christie Mills



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer eats meatloaf
  • The Killer takes energy pills.
  • The Killer drinks came
  • The Killer have blue eyes
  • The Killer have blood B-