chapter 1

Delaney: well<name> today I wont be your partner for today. remember franklin? well he will be your partner for today

franklin: hello <rank><name>!

Jackson: I know you despise me but right now we need to investigate a murder

franklin: did you kil a guy chief?

Jackson: no! but a man named glen miller has died and I need you to investigate his murder!

frankiin: alright we'll investigate let's go <name>

new crime scene: central plaza

franklin: well cool we have a dead body according to our 'law abiding chief' this man is named glen miller

Zachary: yes he is my father!

franklin: oh cool we have a whiny brat to add to the suspect! list move along kid we have investigate your father's lifeless body

Franklin: what <name> you think I was too harsh on him? Nah I think he should be been given a better scolding! Anyway we should talk to the brat. What? You want to investigate the trash for clues? Well go ahead I'll judge you from a distance

new suspect!: Zachary miller

investigate: trash can

Franklin: <name> done wasting your time? Wait you say you found something? Huh you found a bullet shell casing? Send it to sally then!

Question Zachary about his father's murder

Zachary:I can't believe my dad is g-gone!

Franklin: before you cry your sorrows can you tell us what your relationship with your father was?

Zachary: Glen was the best father a guy could have I don't know who'd want to kill him!

Franklin: that told is nothing. I guess we'll check your father's bedroom! Right <name>?

New crime scene!: victim's bedroom

Franklin: so <name> did you find anything useful? Huh a picture? It has our victim, the brat, and a third person let's identify this man! And there's a ptorn up piece of cloth I guess we can repair it though it won't do us any good ha!

examine torn up cloth

Franklin: So did you find nothing on the cloth <name>? Huh you found innitals? It is M.B that's not glen or Zachary's initials! Send it to govis may be he'll fund the owner I doubt it since he's dumb but whatever

examine picture the person sitting with glen and brat is the victim's neighbor Rupert Gleason. Well let's talk to thus Mr Gleason

talk to Rupert Gleason about his relationship with the victim

Rupert:: hello officers what do you need?

Franklin: we're here investigating glen Miller's murder -

Rupert: wait glen is dead? that's not possible he helped out this community so well nobody has any reasons to kill him

Franklin: yet we did gunned down in the plaza

Rupert: listen I don't know who'd want to kill glen or why I'm sorry u can't help you catch his killer

Franklin: govis the idiot have you found out the owner of the cloth? Oh wait this is you so you didn't!

Govis: did chief O'Neill really have to assign you to this investigation Franklin?

Franklin: yes he did since I always get the job done

Govis: yeah, yeah. Sure anyway I did find who owned this cloth

Franklin: funny I didn't think you would be able to do it

Govis: Franklin shut up! Else I won't tell you who this cloth's owner is!

Franklin: because you don't know?

Govis: since <name> is much better than you franklin I'll say who owns this for their benefit so the cloths owner is a honeless man by the name of Matt Barry Apperently he comes from a different city.

Franklin: alright let's talk to this Matt Barry!

Govis: no thank you?

Franklin: not for a idiot!

New suspect: Matt Barry

talk to Matt Barry with his relationship with the victim

Matt: great.officers just my luck

Franklin: yes just your luck! we're here about the cloth we found in glen Miller's room

Matt: thank you for.returning my cloth to me.

Franklin: we didn't come here to return your cloth we came here to tell you that glen.has been killed

Matt: sorry can't help you I dont know this glen sorry

Sally: <name> I feel sorry that you have to be partnered up with mr I hate everyone

Franklin: I don't hate everyone I don't hate myself minghi!

Sally: that doesn't really count franklin. Anyway about those bullet shell casing I can tell you they were fired from a pistol.

Franklin: Duh! I'm bored now.

Sally:anyway judging from what Grayson has told me in his autopsy I think I can say for sure that your killer knows how to shoot!

Franklin: oh I guess we should write that down should we?

the killer can shoot a gun

Grayson: oh hello Franklin! You done ruining everyone's day?

Franklin: no I've yet to ruin your day yet

Grayson: and <name> obviously anyway judging from what I can tell from the victim is that glen was shot at a very close distance in fact it was point blank which means some clues from the killer could be identified! Such as traces of orange juice in the gunpowder around the bullet wounds there was no orange juice in the victim's stomach so it must've come from the killer!

Franklin: *yawn* oh you're done already I just wanted to sleep from your explanation

the killer drinks orange juice

Franklin: so <name> we have three suspects none of which have a motive the brat and Rupert had nothing but praise for glen and Matt didn't even know who glen was

Jean: I have something that could be useful to your investigation.

chapter 2

Franklin: none of our dumb suspects have any motive to commit the crime so I say we should give up!

Jean: hold your horses Franklin!

Franklin: commissioner Richardson?!

Jean: yes it's me and I have evidence that may help you in your investigation

Franklin: do you well commissioner Richardson what is it?

Jean: I often saw glen out in the subway you might wanna investigate there for clues.

Franklin:well it's worth a shot of the bullet let's go <name>

new crime scene!: subway station

Franklin: huh I see nothing of importance here just a blank receipt. What you think it might be important? Well we can waste some time so go ahead meanwhile I'm going to open this suitcase for research purposes. Come on <name> are you that much of a dunce to want to put back together a badge? Well go on ahead I'll just sit here lagging at you!

examine blank receipt

Franklin: see there was nothing of importance on this receipt just a pistol and some orange juice!...wait that sounds familiar oh yeah it's part of the killer's profile <name> do you see that name this seems to belong to a person need Zachary miller. The best bought these items then we should talk to him at once!

examine suitcase lock

Franklin: so this has been opened! Let's search inside for research purposes of course

examine suitcase contents

Franklin: <name> look at these expensive items! Its crazy but wait you're I trested in this gun? Oh yeah it's a pistol this might be our murder weapon let's send it to our weapons expert!

examine broken badge

Franklin: so this badge belongs to a certain RETA member. Harvey Hendrick. Huh we should have a conversation with this Mr Hendrick sense he's a RETA member...and also because he might be seen the victim

New suspect!: Harvey Hendrick

talk to Harvey Hendrick with his relationship with the victim

Harvey: 'ello there officers you here to these your pets into the wild?

Franklin: no! I'll never submit to your wicked ways Hendrick!

Harvey: oh it's you. What do you want reed?

Franklin: <rank><name> and I are investigating glen Miller's murder-

Harvey: stop right there! My best friend from college has been murdered?

Franklin:oh so he was your friend. Want me to show you the crime scene photo?

Harvey: no! I've already had to lose some of my orange juice to roadkill already

Harvey Hendrick drinks orange juice

talk to Zachary miller about the receipt

Franklin: hey brat! Explain this receipt now!

Zachary: or what? You'll put me in custody because I can shoot a gun nd drink orange juice?

Franklin: two things Glenn's.killer share with you

Zachary: oh yeah father.I forgot he was dead I should thank the killer for killin' him

Franklin: wait I thought you were distraught over his death

Zachary: I lied glen controlled my life like a puppet he forced me to make certain friends and forced me to drive certain cars it was unbearable especially since I k re father was rich but he wouldn't show it! What a arrogant jerk am I right?

Franklin: well kid if we find out you killed your father you'll be controlled even further in prison!

Zachary miller knows how to shoot a gun and drinks orange juice

Franklin: hey Georgey the stupid! What have you found on the gun

George: I found bothing on the gun per see however I know that this gun is your murder weapon!

Franklin: finally a break in this investigation!

George: ues considering I discovered who owns this gun! A man who shares my name a certain influential senior named George wolf!

Franklin: well let's talk with this George shall we?

New suspect!:George wolf

question me wolf on his gun being a murder weapon

Franklin: Mr George wolf mind telling us how your gun was used to kill glen miller

George: what? Someone stole my gun I shoot at the shooting range every Sunday as a murder weapon? Why?

Franklin: I don't know? It's your gun!

George: just because it's mine dosent mean I used it

George wolf knows how to shoot

Franklin: this investigation is getting annoying! We need to return to the victims room ASAP!

new crime scene! Victim's bed

Govis: before that uh we have a situation...

Franklin: and what is that situation?

Govis: the data about Glen's murder it's all been deleted by a hacker!

Franklin! What?! How could you and your dumb self have been so useless in protecting our data!

Govis: it's not entirely my fault that the killer hacked into our servers!

Franklin: how do you know it was our killer?

Govis: well the only data they deleted was the files on glen'.murder which must mean your killer is a skilled hacker!

Franklin: write that down <name> because we can't trust govis to keep our data safe can we?

the killer knows how to hack

Franklin: okay what'd you find? Only one thing for this investigation? Fascinating. So the thing you found is.a note it says "glen calm down your son else we'll have problems!'. Huh it has no signature.hit let's analyse the handwriting

examine the handwriting

Franklin: so this handwriting belongs to a certain Rupert Gleason huh.he said that glen was the best thing to happen to the neighborhood let's find out why he lied!

talk to Rupert Gleason about the note

Rupert: officers care for a drink of orange juice at the shooting range?

Franklin: now we want to find put why you lied

Rupert: lied? Explain? The only time I've ever lied was when I told my mother that I couldn't hack a few years ago

Franklin: we're talking about the note!

Rupert: oh...that okay Yeah glen was a nightmare! He couldn't control his son who first vandalized my property, then he insults my son at school, then he hacks into my servers this could've only been Zachary since these thing never happened before they moved but glen thought that Zachary didn't do any if those things it got annoying fast!

Franklin: well Rupert if we find out you killed glen you'll be in a prison cell!

Rupert Gleason drinks orange juice, knows how to shoot a gun, and knows how to hack

Zachary miller knows how to hack

Franklin: well <name> this investigation has turned up two new suspects George wolf and Harvey Hendrick both Who don't seem to have a motive for murder then there's Zachary who felt like glen was controlling his life and Rupert who felt that glen should've calmed down Zachary more honestly I'm stumped

George wolf: well why are you stumped? You should be finding my friend's killer!

chapter 3

Franklin: a few our our suspects have motives but I don't know which idiot committed the murder I'm stumped

George W:why are you stumped? You should be finding out who killed my friend!

Franklin: friend? Oh yeah we never did ask you if you knee the victim come Mr wolf you got some explaining to do!

Ask George wolf about his relationship with the victim

Franklin: alright George tell us why you omitted your friendship with the victim before

George: I didn't want to seem suspicious. Glen always wanted his friends to stay away from the public eye unless that was part of their occupation. Glen accepted that. I assume that's the only reason we didn't speak that often

Franklin: well I sure don't think you killed glen. But if you did you'll be in prison!

Franklin: okay <name> we should investigate the subway station again it may reveal new clues.

new crime scene! Subway tracks

Franklin:now <name> what did you find? That a piece of paper? It does have our murdered victim's name on it. Alright let's reveal the faded writing. Oh this paper it shows that the victim often got small amounts of money from someone can you reveal the name?

Examine money check

Franklin:so the person who gave the victim small pockets of money was Matt Barry? But the idiot said that he didn't know the victim let's talk to him to see why he lied!

Talk to Matt Barry about the money he sent to the victim

Matt: oh great what do you officers want?

Franklin:we want to know why you sent money to glen!

Matt: because he said he'd give me a house with the money I was Crap rate so whatever money I could get I sent to glen for the hope that he'd give me a house with the money bit then he was using the money for his own benefit! He lied to me!

Franklin: well Matt if we find out that you killed glen because of money then you'll be in prison!

Examine blank paper

Franklin: so apparently Harvey was angry at the victim for betraying RETA let's talk to him!

Talk to Harvey about the paper

Harvey:what are you guys foing here in going out to practice my shooting!

Franklin: well dumb dumb we found this paper about glen betraying the RETA code

Harvey: oh boy i thought I deleted it from my superiors with my hacking skills but yeah it's true I thought glen was embracing our ideas with open arms but when I went to his house I saw that he had a dog! A dog! How dare he betray us like that!

Franklin: well if you killed glen because he betrayed you you'll be in prison for betraying the law

Harvey Hendrick knows how to shoot and can hack

Franklin: we have run out of all other otions it's time to go back to the scene of the crime!

New crime scene!:plaza bench

Franklin: so what have you found? A handkerchief? Oh it has blood on it we should get a sample! And that box of bullets has a sinstance on it let's grab a sample!

Examine box of bullets

Franklin: okay we got this substance let's send it to minghi.

Examine handkerchief

Franklin: alright we got the blood let's send this to sally!

Franklin: okay sally what'd you find in the blood?

Sally: no rude comment?

Franklin: no I already attempted to ruin your day

Sally:I see well the blood was the victims! The killer wiped their hands after killing glen but while the did that they left some of their skin cells behind! <name> your liller is a man!

Franklin: aren't all of our suspects men though? Oh well a clue is a clue!

the killer is a man

Franklin: minghi what is the clear substance?

Sally: well this sinstance is sweat and it's the killer's now after checking it I can safely say your killer has black hair!

Franklin: well write that down <name> we got a black haired killer to arrest!

the killer has black hair

Franklin: okay <name> I think we have enough evidence to arrest this killer!

Franklin: Rupert Gleason you're under arrest for the murder of glen miller!

Rupert: what?! I may have had issues with how he raised his son bit I'd never kill him!

Franklin: say that to the orange juice you should cut down on that in prison

Rupert:come on I may like orange juice but that doesn't make me a killer

Franklin: in my opinion it does bit when you hacked I to our database you should've deleted more files

Rupert: I mean I like to hack bit I never hacked into your database.

Franklin: quit lying! We found your handkerchief we know a man killed glen. Namely you!

Rupert:fine! I killed him! Bit he should've known that he had to discipline Zachary!

Franklin: is that why you killed him? Because of different parenting styles?

Rupert:no. That's just petty but after a while he started to argue with me we had fights every week and Because of that my wife divorced me and took my children with her and it was all glen's fault!

Franklin: oh I know divorces can be terrible but killing glen was not the right thing to do you're under arrest!

Kane: Rupert Gleason do you have anything to say in your defense?

Rupert: it was glen's fault that my wife divorced me and for that he should pay with his life!

Kane: wow you have a misguided notion of what people should pay with! Your wife left you because you were having physical fights with glen bit you killed glen because you blamed it on him your a terrible person and because of that I sentance you to 35 years in prison! All rise!

Franklin: good job! You caught the killer woohoo

Jackson: Franklin don't be sarcastic we did a splendid job now let's move toward with our investigation!

corruption in the police department (2\6)

Franklin: chief what is there to freaking investigate we arrested the killer doom we're done here!

Jackson: franklin calm yourself I suspect we need to look into Matt Barry something is bugging me. I think we sho-

Sally: <name>! It's a disaster! I've lost it!

Franklin: oh I'm taking the rest of the day off.

Sally: what? You can't!

franklin: what's that noise? it sounds like a annoying brat. I don't help annoying brats

Delaney: don't worry Sally <name> and I will help you. So are you going with the chief or are you going to do the right choice and help sally?

see what sally wants

Sally: <name>, Delaney this is a disaster! my green 'turn on to science' pin is gone!

Delaney: I knew something about you was different!

Sally: I know. I can-

Delaney: sally calm down. where did you last see it

Sally: lemme think about that ah yeah it was in the central plaza! you don't think I lost it at the scene of glen's murder do you?

Delaney: I think it's possible but <name> and I will check it out you don't have to worry!

investigate: central plaza

Delaney: if i'm gonna be honest with you i'm scared that we may not find it here. why are you loking at that leaf pile? oh! you think it may have Sally's missing pin? then go for it!

Examine: pile of leaves

Delaney: you found it! a green pin with the words 'turn on to science' on it. we'd better send this to govis though. I want to know if it's the right pin.

govis: <name> I can't tell you how many times I fell asleep while analyzing this

Delaney: what? why?

govis: I haven't slept a wink for weeks this analysis cured my insomnia. but anyway before Delaney kills me this is the same pin Sally had!

Delaney: you're lucky that you saved yourself there govis

give sally her pin

Delaney: oooh Sally we have a green 'turn on to science' pin!

Sally: yes! you found it! thanks Sally and <name> you're good cops

Delaney: you're a good cop as well without you we would never have put Rachel and Rupert behind bars!

Sally: you're right. anyway<name> the chief is waiting for you he wants to interrogate matt barry now I wouldn't trust too much of what he says since he hid so many murders

interrogate matt barry with the chief

Jackson: there you are <name>! where were you? helping Sally find her pin? oh in that case i'll forgive you anyway we have to talk to matt I find him extremely suspicious don't you?

matt: what are you cops talking about?

Jackson: it's none of your darn beeswax! anyway who at you exactly mr barry

matt: what do you mean I was just talking to zane zauber about things

Jackson: oh really? so are you a st ronde native

matt: o-of course I've been in st ronde for all my l-life

Jackson: alright. <name> I don't believe matt since we know matt spends time in the subway how about we investigate that?

Investigate subway

Jackson: so <name> what'd you find? a bag? a it has the initials of matt's name let's look through it!

examine matt barry's bag

Jackson; jackpot a arrest report of matt barry apparently he was atrrested for killing a woman named rosa wolf in grimsbourough and he was sentenced to life. not only did he lie but he shouldn't be out of prison! let's get the handcuffs!

arrest matt barry

Jackson: so matt you lied to us. again you're a grimsbourough native and you were sentenced to life for a murder there so shall we rearrest you?

matt: no! I got lawyers that appealed for my case and I was let go.

Jackson: really? then why flee to st ronde?

matt: I wanted a new life okay? one without prejudice for my mistakes!

Jackson: know this matt we have our eyes on you.

Sally: thank you once again for finding my pin it means a lot to me

Delaney: hey! I helped too

Sally: and thank you Delaney for also helping me find me pin

Jackson: yes but I think we should focus our attention to matt barry since we know for a fact that he was sentence to life in grimsbourough

Delaney: well didn''t he say his lawyers appealed his case?

Jackson: which is odd because in grims he was a football player they don't make too much money so how could he afford for those lawyers to get him out?

franklin: maybe they were interested in his dumb case and appealed for his case even if they weren't going to get too much money?

Delaney: that's possible.

Sally: well I don't know about you but I want to see a chess game!

Delaney: Sally you like to play chess?

Sally: well yeah who doesn't

Jackson: y'know having the whole PD watch the chess game would do wonders for our spirit. we're going to watch a chess game!

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