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A brave new world
City New York
District Work city
Case Number #1
Partner(s) Gracie
Preceded by Succeeded by
The end of it all (In Mexico} Blood, killers and scares oh my!}


After the Player died in last case, (FB friend) has to replace the player in New York city. The new player met Gracie (was Grace in later cases). They went to Work City were they heard a loud scream before a Bang happened.

The Victim is revealed to be Jake Archer (Jack's cousin). He appeared to be shot in the stomach.

The killer is later reveled to be Asal Archer (Jack's wife). Asal was mind controlled by someone else to get rid of her Husband's Cousin.

Asal was ordered Life imprisonment for killing Jack's cousin.

After Asal is arrested, it turns out that The Player (FB friend) and Gracie has to talk to Jack Archer about his wife being brain washed, Asal Archer about who's brain washing her, And Gracie herself about her real self.

It turns out that SOMBRA escaped from jail to wipe out all of the humans once more.


  • Jake Archer (Shoot to death in the stomach)

Murder Weapon

  • Rifle


  • Asal Archer.


Suspect of Murder
Height Height
Age Age
Weight Weight
Eyes Eyes
Blood Blood A+

Suspect's Profile

  • The suspect hides a secret, is a tech expert, married and no heavier then 200 lbs.

Suspect's Appearance

  • The suspect wears a rose
Suspect's Profile Jack Archer
  • Suspect is married.
Suspect's Appearance
  • The suspect wears a rose.
Suspect's Profile
  • The suspect has a secret, Expert, and Married
Suspect's Appearance
  • The suspect wears a rose

Killer's Profile

  • The killer is Married.
  • The killer has a secret.
  • The killer is a Expert
  • The killer wears a Rose
  • The killer is no heavier then 200 lbs

Crime Scenes

Suspect of Murder
Age Age
Eyes Eyes
Streets Abounded Office Abounded Office bonus
Abounded lab Creepy basement Creepy Basement Bonus
Bar Bar shelves Bar shelf Bonus


Chapter 1

Go to the Streets (20 energy) Brush the faded file (1 star) (result: Wedding file) Send Jake's body to Nate (00:01:00) Send Wedding File to Alexander (00:10:00) Go talk to Jack about his Dead cousin. (1 star) Talk to Asal (1 star) Get results from Nate (Result: killer is no heavier then 200 lbs) Get result from Alexander (Result: Killer is married) Head to the next chapter (2 stars)

Chapter 2

Go to the abounded office (20 energy) Send the rose to Cathy (00:50:00) Send note to Alexander (00:04:30) Go to the abounded office (20 energy) Collect sample from rifle (Result: oil) Send oil sample to Ally (00:20:00) Get results from Cathy (Result: Killer wears a rose) Get results from Alexander (Result: Killer is hiding a secret) Get results from Ally (Result: killer is a expert) Take care of the Killer now!

Additional Investigation

Talk to Gracie about her past (1 star). Head over to the bars. Send the bottle to Ally (00:10:00). Talk to Jack about if his wife is Guilty or not. Head to the Abounded lab. Send the gold chain to Ally (00:40:00). Get results from Ally (result: Beer). Talk to Gracie about the Beer (Reward: Makeup). Get results from Ally (Result: Pendulum). Talk to Asal about her being tricked into killing Jake (reward: Burger).


A brave new world is named after a cannon case in Season 1.

  • It's also a reference to the lyrics in This is war by 30 seconds to Mars.

This is the first case that you need to talk to the killer after the arrest.

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