Mark : Ah, good morning <RANK> <PLAYER>, how are you today ?

Mark : I'm fine, i just get kinda grumpy without my morning coffe-

Trisha : Mark, <PLAYER>, get in the car right now ! A famous artists was killed in the art gallery at the rainy plaza.

Mark : Looks like we got another case on our hands <RANK> <PLAYER>. Let's go !

Investigate Art Gallery ...

Mark : Wait, i know this guy, his name is Grant Leaf, he is one of the most famous artists across the US !

Mark : <PLAYER>, this is huge. If the media gets hold of this, Castletroma is going to rage.

Mark : Exactly, we need to solve this case as fast as possible ! Ok, did you find any clues ?

Mark : This piece of paper is faded, can you try to retrieve the message ?

Mark : And you found a locked phone ? Let's unlock it !

Autopsy the victim's body ...

Vincent : Good morning <RANK> <PLAYER>, thank you for giving me something to keep me awake, i barely slept tonight.

Vincent : Looking closer at the victim, i can tell you that Grant was strangled. Look out for a clean piece of rubber or something, like a cable.

Vincent : I also found some traces of concentraded caffeine on the victim, but there was none in his blood.

Vincent : So i can tell you that your killer drinks coffee, black coffee to be exact !

Mark : So our killer drinks black coffee ! I'll add that to our notes right now ! Thanks Vincent.

Examine Faded Paper ...

Mark : Great ! You retrieved the text on the faded note ! Let's see what it says ...

Mark : ''Grant, when you're out all alone, you feel like an empty jar with stains, on the inside of lost, blood and stray tears, and with dirty fingerprints, holding too tighly around your neck.'' Is this a threat against our victim ?

Mark : You are right, we should give this to our tech expert, Nellie Gadget. Maybe she knows more about this poetic threat !

Analyze Threat ...

Nellie : Hello <RANK> <PLAYER>, my name is Nellie Gadget, i work as a tech expert here. I had a look at the threat you sent me and i actually found something.

Nellie : This is a british poem written by a famous poet back in 1941. And this was definetly a threat from the killer !

Nellie : The poet is about a lonely person strangeling themself because their life was 'stolen'.

Mark : So our killer knows poetry, well they are gonna write some poems about how terrible prison is soon !

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