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A World Forgotten
A World Forgotten.png
General information
Season 4
Setting Ravenedge, United Kingdom
No. of cases in season 66
Released 4th October 2019
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Explore the World The Homecoming
We've saved two cities and investigated crimes across all four corners of the globe! Now it's time to go somewhere else, it's time for us to head back to the past to unravel the secrets of history! Welcome to Ravenedge, a gothic city on the turn of the century, bustling with vibrant regions and innovating ideas. Prepare yourself to decipher murderous mysteries and find out what lies behind fake smiles as you work to restore order with your new team, the Ravenedge Police Department!

A World Forgotten is the title of the fourth season of Criminal Case. It was released on the 4th October 2019. Set in the late 19th century Victorian city of Ravenedge, A World Forgotten serves as a prequel to the previous seasons of the game. It leads into The Homecoming.


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The events of A World Forgotten is set in the city of Ravenedge. It is made up of eleven districts, and is home to a total of sixty-six cases. The Ravenedge Police Department is the featured law enforcement agency that serves the city.