A Wise Decision
Season 1
City Buraza Town
District School
Case Number 2
Date of Release 19.10.2018
Partner(s) Kuroko Kamenaga
Preceded by Succeeded by
Murder at Akademi High Dead on Tracks

A Wise Decision is a second case made by RandomUser5803.It takes place in Buraza Town


Headmaster wanted to speak with player and vice president Kuroko Kamenaga.He said that whoever killed those 4 students,might strike again,so he told them to keep an eye on everyone.Right when they went to class,they heard a scream comming from hallway on 1st floor.They found a body of student Kashiko Murasaki and Headmaster's tazer next to her.She was electrocuted.

4 suspect showed up : Artist Enpitsu Byoga,Musician Gita Yamahato,victim's BFF Hoshiko Mizudori and martial artist Shima Shita.With the help of Buraza Town Police,team arrested Shima for murder.Shima said that Kashiko was the reason why her older brother commited suicide in high school.She and her friends were bulllying him,and one time,they took his clothes while he was shwoering,tied him up to a chair,and moved the chair to gym where all students saw him naked and they laughed at him.So when Shima started attending this school,she saw Kashiko at hallway.Filled with anger,she grabebd Headmaster's tazer and electrocuted her to death.Judge sentenced her to 15 years in prison.

In AI,Kuroko and player found out that every victim who died had excellent grades in school.They warned all students with excellent grades to be aware of this serial killer,but sports club leader Itachi Zametora informed them that he found a dismembered body on running tracks...



Murder Weapon:

  • Tazer



Student 52.png

Name Gita Yamahato
Age 17
Height 6'0''
Weight 130lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A+
Profile Is a trained fighter,Bites nails

Student 85.png

Name Hoshiko Mizudori
Age 16
Height 5'8''
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A-
Profile Is a trained fighter,Bites nails

Student 43-0.png

Name Enpitsu Byoga
Age 17
Height 5'6''
Weight 142lbs
Eyes Orange
Blood Type B-
Profile Is a trained fighter,Bites nails

Student 50.png

Name Shima Shita
Age 16
Height 5'3''
Weight 110lbs
Eyes Orange
Blood Type A-
Profile Is a trained fighter,Bites nails

Killer's Profile

  • The killer is a trained fighter.
  • The killer is a nail bitter.
  • The killer has orange eyes.
  • The killer wears red clothing.
  • The killer has blood type A-.
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