Previously on Criminal Case...
Jayden: This is it, <Name>! This is what we needed!
Jayden: We now have the direct location of COBRA's base of operations, a hacienda hidden in the remote desert.
Jayden: For all they've done, the blood they've spilt, causing my father to go to jail...
Jayden: It's time we put a stop to it!
Jayden: COBRA's reckoning has come, let's get to that hacienda ASAP-
Unknown Person: Run! RUN!
Jayden: Huh, did you hear that, <Name>? What wa-
(An explosion rips through the warehouse).
Jayden (coughing): …<Name>… <Name>, can you hear me?
Jayden (covered in rubble): ...are you alright?
Warren: Jayden! <Name>! Thank the stars you're alright!
Jayden: What happened?!
Warren: An explosion. I was the first to awake, I helped as many people get out as possible...
Warren: ...but some weren't as lucky as me. Sean and Mildred were severely injured, I called an ambulance straight away!
Jayden: This is a nightmare! Good idea, let's get outside and call for backup!

Chapter 1

Investigate Bombed Warehouse.
Jayden (panicked): Callum! <Name>, Callum's hurt! We need to get help now!
Jayden (sobbing): No! I refuse to believe it! He can't be... he can't be....
(Jayden sobs into his hands).
Jayden (angry): He was so young, so innocent! ...what kind of monster could have done this to him?!
Jayden (wipes tears): You're right, we need to avenge him. I couldn't live with myself if his killer walked free!
Jayden: Let's get his... him to Melissa. In the meanwhile, let's search that wreckage, who knows what secrets it hides!
Jayden: No... in my shock I forgot about Irene, she needs to know, she needs to know he's...
Jayden: She should be back at Warren's house, let's head there now.
Jayden (angry): Someone dared to do this to Callum, our friend! We must catch this monster, no matter the cost!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Melissa (sighing): I... I, can't believe it. He was so full of life and now, he's still... he's gone...
Melissa: I almost couldn't bring myself to do it but I persevered.
Jayden (sorrowful): Please tell us you find something.
Melissa: I did, Callum was killed by a gunshot wound to the heart, I presume the weapon was a revolver.
Melissa: The bullet pierced through Callum's left ventricle, he would've died quickly after receiving the injury.
Melissa (fist raised): But what did confuse me, however, was traces of toffee and sugar candy coating on Callum's wrist and neck. These ingredients make up a sweet delicacy, candy apples!
Jayden (determined): So our killer likes to chew on this sweet treat? That's ironic, seeing as this monster is the opposite of sweet!

Examine Wreckage.
Jayden: So, what'd you find?
Jayden: A revolver? This must've been what they used to commit the act!
Jayden: Let's get this to Teresa ASAP!

Analyze Iver Johnson Revolver.
Teresa: With Callum's death and the explosion, I don't know how we'll cope!
Teresa: I've set up a few tents with all the necessary equipment but who knows how long that'll work for?
Teresa: Back to revolver, it turns out this gun is an Iver Johnson revolver! It's a very old make too, I'm surprised it still works!
Teresa: Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything on the gun.
Jayden: You didn't? Damn it!
Teresa: Wait, I said on the gun. The gun itself is a different story.
Teresa: Considering the age of the revolver in question, I think it's safe to say our killer collects antique guns!
Jayden: Great, one more piece of evidence against this psychopath! Let's get going, <Name>, every second we spend is a second longer this killer is away from justice!

Inform Irene of her son's death.
Jayden (upset): Irene? Can we talk to you?
Irene (worried): Callum... where is he?
Jayden: He's... he's gone, Irene.
Irene: .....
(Irene breaks down into tears).
Irene (crying): He can't be, my little boy can't be!
(Jayden hugs Irene).
Jayden: I promise we'll catch this person.
Jayden: I won't stop until they're locked away where they belong!
(After speaking to Irene).
Jayden: I hated doing that, <Name>.
Jayden: You're right, we still haven't searched COBRA's hacienda! Let's get there now!

Investigate Hacienda Courtyard.
Jayden (angry): Damn it! They're gone!
Jayden: They must've fled after the explosion!
Jayden: Good idea, they can't have got rid of everything. Let's search that hay bale.
Jayden: And you think that box holds something? If you want to search through it, go right ahead.
Jayden: Some monster took Callum away from this world, now we'll take them to a jail cell!

Examine Hay Bale.
Jayden: You found some newspaper clippings in that bale?
Jayden: Good eye, this clippings are from The Rusthollow Herald. There are some notes but they're faded, let's get the dusting kit!

Examine Newspaper Clippings.
Jayden: Huh, these are rough notes talking about how the number of Herald readers is dropping!
Jayden: Look at this part, it says "what are you going to do Roberto?". It looks like Roberto wrote these notes himself.
Jayden: Let's go grill him about his presence in the hacienda!

Confront Roberto about his presence in COBRA's headquarters.
Roberto (annoyed): <Name>, how nice to see you after your team shot my niece.
Jayden: Roberto! You better start talking!
Roberto: If you haven't noticed, I already am.
Jayden: Don't play smart with us, we know you were in COBRA's hacienda, deep in the desert!
Roberto: That old thing? Oh, I acquired it an auction a while back and decided to rent it out!
Roberto: I rarely even ponder the place!
Roberto: Now, if you excuse me, I have news to read. Good day.

Examine Antique Box.
Jayden: You found a knife? It seems old and faded, the proof is in the handle!
Jayden (determined): Well spotted, it seems there is an engraving in the handle! But it's ineligible.
Jayden: Let's see if we can uncover it!

Examine Faded Handle.
Jayden (shocked): That engraving, it says "N ANDERSON"! Like Nolan Anderson! Jayden: He must've been here!
(Nolan steps out from the hacienda, wielding a gun).
Nolan (holding a gun): So that bomb didn't finish you off, eh? Well, looks like I'll be delivering the finishing blow instead!
(Jayden shoots Nolan's hand).
Nolan (holding his hand): Aaah! You little-
Jayden: Not today, Nolan! <Name>, get the handcuffs! Let's find out what he knows about Callum!

Arrest Nolan once more.
Jayden (holding handcuffs): Nolan Anderson, care to explain why you tried to shoot us?! Nolan: You're one to talk! You shot me!
Jayden: You gave me just cause! Now, talk! Did you plant the bomb?! Did you shoot Callum?!
Nolan: Callum's dead?! Damn! As much as I would have wanted to pull the trigger, I was here...
Nolan: ...acting as a contingency plan on behalf of COBRA!
Jayden: Looks like it didn't work out to well for you! I swear, if you're hiding something about Callum, we will find out!
Jayden: Come on, <Name>, let's lock this criminal up and get back on the trail!

Later, in Chief Gate's living room...
Jayden: <Name>, I don't know what to say, <Name>. Callum was so bright, so full of hope....
Jayden (sighing): ….and now I feel like that's all gone forever.
Jayden: So far we've found Roberto and Nolan's connections to COBRA, but both swear they didn't kill Callum!
Jayden (angry): They better not be lying or I-
Shane (panicked): Jayden! <Name>! I need your help right now!
Shane (worried): I was comforting Irene in the kitchen when one of Callum's favourite songs came on the radio!
Shane: She... she ran away!
Jayden (shocked): What?! Where and why?
Shane (panicking): She ran off to the Devil's Bridge! She said she was going to join Callum!

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

It's Darkest Before the Dawn (6/6)

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