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Andrea Marquez: Good morning <Rank> <Name>. Do you remember Velma Bannister?
Frank Knight: I remember her! What's happened?
Andrea: Velma has been murdered, which is why I am thankful that <Rank> <Name> is investigating this case.
Andrea: And I say that Frank because last time you met her you Left the force!
Andrea: Now <Name> for this particular task I have decided to send you with Harrison.

Andrea Marquez: Okay Harrison, that's the brief. Now get with <Name> on the double!
Harrison: I think I'm fortunate that I'm working with <Name> on this task.

Chapter 1

Investigate Bedroom

(Before investigating)

Harrison: So you reported the murder Miss?
Kate Murphy: Yes, I did. I couldn't even look at it! Just see for yourself!

(After investigating)

Harrison: I'm just glad Frank wasn't here to see it. After hearing Marquez's view on her and his story he would be...well I haven't got a clue.
Harrison: Just look at her face! And look at her positioning. She obvioiusly suffocated but we'll find out more on the operating table.
Harrison: In the meantime I think we should talk to Miss Murphy.

Autopsy Victim's Body

Talk to Kate about what happened

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