Daniel Cross found eaten by rats in the School gym. Find out who killed this young boy and bring them to justice
A Trap for a Rat
Season 1
City Metrocity
District School
Case Number 4
Date of Release January 5th, 2019
Partner(s) David Mad
Preceded by Succeeded by
Right Between the Eyes Keep!

A Trap for a Rat is fourth case in School, and fourth case overall in Metrocity.


Daniel Cross came to the station and told us some secrets about The Keepers.


Daniel was found murdered. He was eaten by rats. A student named Selena Burg was terrifeid. She found Daniel in a gym. She told to David that she never knew Daniel. His brother Darko Cross was informed of his brother's murder.

Maya Gill Rach, Croatian teacher, became suspect after her id card was found in Daniel's room. Mid-investigation, Diana May came to the station, crying and angry, because her boyfirend Daniel was murdered. She said Selena was trying to steal Daniel from her but Daniel didn't want to leave Diana, which gave Selena a motive. Eugen Smith's student card was found at the crime scene. He said he came to warn Daniel about The Keepers wish to murder him. Darko was intarrogated again because he was jelaous of his brother's relationship. Maya was found out to be angry at Daniel because he didn't want to attend the Great Croatian Competition (GCC).

Diana was found out to be the killer. She said she loved Daniel and she would never want bad for him. But she did it because The One orderd her to do so. Diana said that she loved The Keepers more than Daniel. Judge Poll sent her 17 years in prision.

Chief Marley decided to send Mike Brown to School and to call David or Mark if something happens. Diana was talked to because David wanted to find out anything about The Keppers. They only got a name of the new geography teacher, Marc Rill. Marc was warned about the situation at School. He said that he knows the situation and he will not come working there if students don't want him. He also added that Timothia is making him to accpet the job. Mike has called. He said The Keepers started an attack on School because Chrisitne was not kept.



  • Daniel Cross (found eaten by rats)

Murder Weapon:

  • Rats


  • Diana May


Selena Burg - student

Age 14
Weight 57 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A-
Height 167 cm

Drinks Alcohol

Likes Medivial Times

Darko Cross - victim's brother

Age 14
Weight 61 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+
Height 171 cm

Has knowladge about rats

Drinks Alcohol

Likes Medival Times

Maya Gill Rach - Croatian teacher

Age 33
Weight 60 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type A-
Height 165 cm
Profile/Appereance Drinks alcohol

Diana May - victim's girlfriend

Age 14
Weight 55 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+
Height 165 cm

Has knowladge about rats

Drinks alcohol

Likes Medival times

Eugen Smith - student

Age 15
Weight 65 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type B+
Height 170 cm

Has knowladge about rats

Drinks Alcohol

Likes Medivial times


Marc Rill - new Geograpy teacher

Age 37
Weight 75 kg
Eyes Brown 
Blood Type A+
Height 185 cm
Profile/Appereance /

Crime Scenes

Stage Curtians Stage Bonus
Victim's Bedroom Bed Victim's Bedroom Bonus
Croatian Classroom Cupbard Croatian Classroom Bonus

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer has knowladge about rats.
  • The Killer drinks alcohol.
  • The Killer likes Medival times.
  • The Killer has blue eyes.
  • The Killer is female.
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