A Storm in a Teapot
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Cobblestone Village
Case # 16
Initial release date 18.11.2020
Partner(s) Elena Yellowstone
Case chronology
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South of the Border
(in Rainforest)
Out for the Blood

A Storm in a Teapot is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the sixteenth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the forty-sixth case overall. It's also the first one to take place in Cobblestone Village district.


Few days later... After finally getting home and taking some time off, the team gathered in Clint and Rudy's house to plan their next move. Autumn suggested that they should try seeking help in Cobbelstone Village, small gothic village known for occult and black magic, hoping that someone maybe able to help them with their enchanted map. Having no other option, the team headed to the Cobbelstone Village the next evening. After six hours of driving, they finally arrived to the beautiful gothic village. Clint told everyone to seperate and that they should be good to go. Autumn and Elena asked the player go and speak to villagers with them and try to find some help with unveiling the map. The trio tried to speak with few elderly women, who totally ignored them, much to their surprise. However, right at that moment, archaeology professor Ada Strickland ran up to them, saying how she found her friend's dead body in her study room. Hoping to earn more trust between the villagers by solving the murder, the team investigated the study room and found a poisoned body of aspiring writer Ansley Vergotti. After interrogating Ada once again, the team searched the village square and found enough clues to suspect young sorceress Esme Laverne and novelist Payton Lincoln, who recognized the player from Raxelville and immediately started flirting with Elena. When they came back to others, they heard shouting coming from the village square.

Elena and player then went to see what's going on, only to find Esme Laverne fighting off villagers who accused her of murdering Ansley. When the drama went down, the duo spoke to Esme who revealed that Ansley had a series of miscarriages and accused Esme of cursing her. After speaking to Esme, player and Elena investigated victim's living room and discovered enough evidence to suspect victim's husband Evan Vergotti and PhD student Stefan Bross. Later that night, the duo learned that Payton was in Ansley's book club, but was always left out and treated differently due to her style. Before they left, Payton twirled her hair and asked Elena if she wants to go out on a date with her after their investigation, making Elena smirk and accept. When they returned back, Elena told Autumn about her date with Payton and how excited she is. Right at that moment, Parker approached them and said that he discovered something about victim's husband.

Parker then explained Evan actually wanted to divorce Ansley, much to their surprise. The duo then went and grilled Evan about his idea of divorce, making him sigh and explain that he and Ansley had a daughter who died of drowning when she was 7. After that, the pair couldn't conceive another child and Evan started thinking of divorce, saying how being with Ansey is just bringing bad memories for both of them. After interrogating Evan, the duo searched victim's study room again and discovered that Ansley got drunk on Ada's dinner party and totally destroyed it, angering the professor. They also discovered that Ansley and Stefan had a fight online due to Ansley's disgusting comments about Stefan's girlfriend. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the pair discovered that Ansley's killer is her husband Evan.

When he got confronted by Elena and player, Evan wiped a tear from his eye and claimed that he never did anything to harm Ansley and his family. Angry, Elena then explained that he left clues everywhere and that he's the killer, making him snap and say that Ansley deserved to die for being a horrible mother and horrible wife. After calming down, Evan explained that he finally discovered what happend to his and Ansley's first and only daughter. Confused, Elena told him that she died of drowning as he told them, but Evan shook his head and said that Ansley made that story up because she wanted to cover up her horrible crime. Evan explained that, after he told Ansley about his idea of divorce, Ansley sat him down for a talk and confessed that their daughter didn't drown in the river and that Ansley made a deal with a witch, who wanted Evan and Ansley's first born baby. Wanting money, Ansley agreed to give her their daughter, thinking that she and Evan are going to have other children either way. Evan then started crying, saying how their first daughter was Ansley's only pregnancy that didn't turned out to be a miscarriage and that she just gave up their little girl. Then, Evan decided to poison Ansley and avenge their daughter. Confused, Elena asked him why didn't he just go to the police, but Evan's face turned pale as he whispered that he couldn't because of so many reasons he would rather not mention. The duo then lead Evan to Clint, who decided to drop him off at the police station for Ansley's murder. Later that night, excited Elena was talking with the player about her date with Payton before nervous Autumn told her that her date is cancelled because both Payton and Stefan Bross gone missing.

Elena asked Autumn if she alerted the authorities, but Autumn said that the cops don't visit Cobblestone Village and that calling them is a bad idea at all according to Evan Vergotti. Knowing that something bad could be going on, Autumn told Elena to relax and rest while she and player decided to speak with Stefan's girlfriend Belinda Blackhawk, who said that Stefan hasn't been answering her calls and that he simply disappeared without a trace few hours ago. After Belinda revealed that Stefan was at the village square last time she was him, Autumn and player went to the village square and a glowing purple bracelet with Stefan's initials on it. The duo then approached Logan for help, who analyzed the bracelet and said that he found fingerprints of multiple people on it and decided to ask his boyfriend Jay for help, who interrogated villagers about Payton and Stefan and discovered that both of them attended a graveyard party before their disappearence. Autumn and player then went back to speak with Elena, who said that she and Payton were actually supposed to go to that party as dates. When Autumn showed Elena the bracelet, Elena said that you can't attend the party without that kind of bracelet. Autumn and player then helped Elena find hers in Ansley's house before Jay managed to find Payton's in the living room. With their bracelets ready, Elena went to inform Clint about what happend.

Meanwhile, Caroline and player asked Esme Laverne for help with the map. After inspecting the map, Esme said that she really doesn't know what happend or who enchanted it, but suggested that she should keep it and that she'll alert them if the discovers something. Knowing that the cult has eyes everywhere, Caroline refused to give the map to Esme and instead told her that she will only have access to the map with someone from the team present, which Esme accepted. After Esme went to get her spell book, Caroline asked her about the village, making Esme sigh and reveal that everyone is just acting weird and paranoid for years now, suspecting that something dark could be going on. Caroline then explained the entire situation with Evan and the cops and Esme said that the cops simply don't care and don't pay attention to Cobblestone Village at all. Wanting to help Esme get to the bottom of this, Caroline and player went to the village square and questioned few villagers about the situation in the village, but almost everyone ignored them while few refused to speak about it, saying how this entire place is evil. The duo then investigated the village square and found a key to village's library before asking Rudy for help with restoring it. After restoring the key, Caroline and player went to the library to try and find something about village's history. Caroline and player then found a book about Cobbelstone VIllage before Caroline shivered and suggested that they leave because the library is really unsettling. The duo later reunited with Esme, who sighed and explained that she needs more time with restoring the text on the map and Caroline reassured her that she can take as much time as she needs. Caroline and player then told her about the book, but Esme told them that she tried to find that book a long time ago and never succeeded. Caroline and player then gave the book to Rudy, who analyzed it and revealed that the entire village is controlled and enchanted by magic. Rubbing her chin, Caroline suspected that, whatever is controlling Cobblestone Village, also probably wiped their map and is probably the reason why Yahatu village disappeared.

After all of these events, Caroline and player explained everything to Clint, who sighed and told them that they should try and keep Esme safe because the cult has members and eyes everywhere. Caroline then explained that the entire Cobblestone village is enchanted and that their enchanted map could have something to do with it. Knowing that Yahatu village has disappeared a long time ago and was also enchanted, the team was sure that everything is connected in some way. When Clint went to speak with Esme about everything, Elena and Parker approached the player and told them that they should go to the graveyard party and find out more about Payton and Stefan's disappearences...

Few hours earlier...Payton was seen in her apartment, getting ready for her date with Elena. Suddenly, Payton heard a whisper in her hallway. The confused novelist, peeked her head through the door before getting jumpscared by the sound of her window breaking. Payton turned around, face to face with a cloaked figure who raised it's hand as dark energy swirled around Payton, turning her eyes hot pink...



  • Ansley Vergotti (found slumped over the desk in her study room, blood coming out of her mouth)

Murder Weapon:

  • Arsenic




Killer's Profile

  • The killer uses chamomile.
  • The killer has watched A Wind-Up Satsuma.
  • The killer drinks coffee.
  • The killer is 5’6’’.
  • The killer wears a white collar.

Crime Scenes

Study Room Bloody Bookshelf Study Room Bonus
Village Square Virgin Mary Statue Village Square Bonus
Victim's Living Room Kitchen Bar Victim's Living Room Bonus
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