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Back at Townville's Airport...

Alan (smiling sadly): I guess this may be our last moment together for a long while, <Name>. Good luck and thanks for everything you did both for me and for Elena.
Esteban: When Lead Inspector Evan told me you were leaving the city, I knew I had to come. Goodbye, <Rank> <Name>.
Octavius: I'll miss you a lot, <Name>... Thanks a lot for having let me be a part of this team.
Joshua (winking): I don't know you very much but you seem very cool, <Name>! Good luck in Blue Coasts.
Sabrina: I'll miss you too, <Name>. You'll love Blue Coasts, I promise. My holidays there were amazing.
Wane: Don't steal the spotlight, babe, it's <Name>'s time to shine. I'm sure <Name> won't forget the time I lost our wedding rings...
Tyler: It's a shame that we couldn't work too much together but I know you're a great person. Townville will miss you, buddy.
Gino: You know about my grudge for Tyler but he's right. Thanks for arresting those two criminals that ruined me, <Name>.
Daniel: I have never been a really friendly person, but I guess we became kind of friends. In some way, you helped me rearrange my family, <Name>.
Lindsey: What can I say? You rescued me from Bryan twice! I'll definitely miss you.
Bryan (sweating nervously): Me?! What did I do?
Kate: She means another Bryan, it's... Bryan Vain, her crazy stepdad. Bryan and I will always remember you, <Name>!
Carolyn: Even though I still don't know this girl very well, I'll agree. You helped us a lot, <Rank> <Name>.
Miranda: Also me, when all of the guys I dated ended up crazy or dead. Good luck, <Name>!
Ashley: I have no words to thank you, <Rank> <Name>. You have a perfect sense of justice. I hope you have a good time in Blue Coasts.
Hugo: Not even the Mayor should miss the chance to bid a farewell to Townville's best personality! Goodbye, <Rank> <Name>.
Evan: I... I don't want to cry, <Name>. You've been there for me every time I needed you, always by my side, in those dark days when I wanted to die and stop struggling.
Evan (crying): I'm the one who will miss you the most. Please, don't forget me... And don't forget to call us every once in a while.
Alan: After all you did with the Black Eagle Society, <Name>, you leave me no choice but to give a promotion to these three boys.
Alan: Say goodbye to Corporal Octavius Keys, Sergeant Gino Reina, and Commissioner Evan Day!

At the Blue Coasts Police Department's headquarters...

George: Good morning, <Rank> <Name>! I am the Chief of the Blue Coasts Police Department, George Michael Nearnight. The ones in our team call me Old George so you can stick to it too.
George: You're now the best element we have in our team, and you'll be working investigating murders just like you did in Townville. You'll be doing day and night shifts some days.
George: Your partner I've assigned you for day shift cases is the Deputy Jerry Bryar, you'll meet him in a while. Your night shift partner... is more complicated, I'm afraid...
George: Well, I'll tell you more about that later. Our team is currently working in the Evergreen Tops district. Here you'll see lots of... snobs. They can be very disgusting sometimes.
George: The district commander in Evergreen Tops is Everett Sanderson, you'll also have time to meet him later. I hope you get to befriend everyone in our team or at least work comfortably.
George: I've assigned you a task, <Name>. Now you'll meet Jerry, one of your partners. JERRY!
Jerry: Here I am, Old George! And... Oh! Who is this? The new recruit from Townville you told us about?
George: We received a call from the Hilton & Hilton Club asking for help and they've also called an ambulance. I want the two of you to go there and make sure everything's fine.
Jerry: Isn't James supposed to do those kinds of things?
Jerry: Fine, I get it. Let's go, <Name>. Oh, yes, and welcome to Blue Coasts.

Chapter 1

Investigate Hilton & Hilton Club
Jerry: What the heck?! Mark Hilton is dead?! And... Why does his body smell like insect repellent? It seems some substance of that kind was used to poison him.
Jerry: Ah, <Name>, this man is Mark Hilton, the co-owner of this elite country and sports club. Only the most sofisticated ones in Blue Coasts have a membership in this place.
Jerry: If it wasn't for this death, I would've never known what this place was like from the inside...
Jerry: This does not ressemble any accidental death I've seen, so you're now in your first murder investigation in Blue Coasts. Congratulations... I think. We should now send the corpse to Megan's lab.
Jerry: Oh, Megan Staples is our coroner. You'll have time to talk to her if her little daughter isn't at our station. And you also want to see what's inside the trash bin.
Jerry: You found a sticky note too? Wow, you're great! It says "Vaninna, meet me at the tennis court before the the club opens!" and, let me see... The ink is still fresh!
Jerry: Time to see whose handwriting is this, we can use our database for that!

Autopsy the victim's body
Megan: Jerry, how are you? You haven't introduced your friend to me.
Jerry: This is <Rank> <Name>, the recruit from Townville. Don't you remember Old George mentioning <Name>'s awesomeness a million times?
Megan: So YOU are <Rank> <Name>! I didn't know you had already arrived, those officers often keep the ones in the lab apart from what happens there.
Megan: Well, first of all let's talk about the weapon. Mark was clearly poisoned with insecticide. You're probably wondering why he'd drink that and I have the answer to that too.
Megan: A bit of chloroform and this guy fell asleep without a clue of what was going on.
Jerry: At least he didn't suffer.
Megan: I extracted a sample of chloroform from Mark's upper lip and as we know the killer gave it to him, I can confirm after a torough analysis-
Megan: Susana, don't come in! Mom is working!
Susana: Hi, Jerry!
Jerry: I told you, <Name>. Hi, Susana!
Megan: Excuse me, <Name>, she's my little daughter. I have to leave the bodies under a blanket every time I perform an autopsy because she's always around here and I don't want her seeing corpses.
Megan: I was telling you that in that sample I found traces of snails, parsley, garlic, butter and wine. Thomas hacked the club's network to look at their restaurant's menu.
Megan: One of the dishes reminded me of my holidays in Hambourg, France, and I knew what I was looking for. This posh killer eats escargot!

Examine Trash bin
Jerry: You found some wet cotton inside the trash bin, <Name>? It smells like insect repellent too, so it must have something to do with Mr Hilton's death.
Jerry: Do you think you could take a sample of these stains on the cotton? To be honest, I'm not very good at it...

Examine Wet cotton
Jerry: There was some kind of soil on that piece of cotton... Could it be relevant to the case?
Jerry: I'll give this to Kyle, he's the forensics expert from our lab! I think he has a degree on biochemistry or something like that.

Analyze Soil sample
Kyle: Welcome to Blue Coasts, <Name>! The Chief told me you were already investigating a case, and you've just arrived in this city! It's absolutely beautiful, I'll take you sightseeing if you want.
Jerry: I don't think <Name> wants to see your sights of nightclubs and big breasts at the beach, Kyle.
Kyle: Shut up, Bryar! I'm Kyle Montgomery, <Name>, count on me for anything you need. Now, let's talk about the sample you gave me. It was in fact sand, you know?
Kyle: But not any type of sand, no. It's the type of sand used in golf hazards and I'm sure that the Hilton & Hilton has a golf course somewhere inside its enormous terrain.
Jerry: I think I saw a golf course when I was there a while ago.
Kyle: I looked for images of it in the Internet and the sand they have looks exactly like this. Now, about the traces of chloroform and insecticide that I found on the piece of cotton...
Kyle: After I asked Megan a few details about the victim's autopsy, I can be sure that the killer used this on Mark, so if we add it all together, the killer has played golf at the club!

Examine Sticky note
Jerry: The handwriting belongs to Mark Hilton, the victim. Then this Vaninna he mentions in the note must be his wife and the other club's co-owner, Vaninna Hilton.
Jerry: We should interrogate her if the victim met her today before his murder. I'm sure she's still somewhere in the club.
Jerry: In case she refuses to speak, why don't we go to the tennis court? Mark asked her to meet there.

Inform Vaninna Hilton about her husband's decease
Jerry: Mrs Hilton, I'm Deputy Bryar from the Blue Coasts Police Department. We're sorry to tell you that your husband is dead.
Vaninna (crying): Mark, he didn't deserve this! Why? Why did this happen to him?!
Jerry: Were you the one who discovered the body?
Vaninna: Yes, he was there... Sitting on his chair right in front of the reception desk. I can't believe it...
Jerry: He left a note for you asking to meet in the tennis court. Did you know about it?
Vaninna: I saw the note when I found him in the reception, I couldn't meet him. Maybe I could have avoided this if only I had been there earlier.
Vaninna: He loved relaxing at the tennis court in the morning. Oh, Mark...
Jerry (compassionate): We're sorry for you, Mrs Hilton. Please, stay in the club restaurant or go back home.

Investigate Tennis court
Jerry: You found clues again? Wow, I guess Chief Nearnight was right when he praised you even without having met you yesterday and this morning.
Jerry: Why do you want to restore that torn page? It's most probably trash.
Jerry: You're right, it could have info about who has been here today. Then we have a faded paper sheet. We can use carbon powder to recover the missing parts.
Jerry (smiling innocently): Once we're done with that, we can play tennis here for a while!

Examine Torn page
Jerry: Fine, that paper says "554 Oak Avenue, Tuesday 14:00, Avoidant personality disorder".
Jerry: Personality disorder? Oh, it looks like something Annabelle would like to investigate! She's our French psychologist who sometimes gives us a hand in our investigations.
Jerry: I'm sure you'll like her, <Name>! She's one of the thousands of immigrants this city has, you'll see more soon. I'll send this note to her!

Analyze Psychology note
Annabelle: You must be <Rank> <Name>, right? Welcome to our team, my name is Anabelle Chashiroua. I'm sure Jerry has already told you a few things about me, right?
Jerry: You ask "right" too much, Annabelle.
Annabelle: I'm sorry, I get a bit nervous when I'm forced to meet new people. I'm glad you brought that note to me, otherwise it would have been just another boring day of drinking tea with Hans.
Jerry: Oh, you still haven't met Hans, <Name>! Excuse me, go on, Annabelle.
Annabelle: The adress is the one of a psychologist's office, so we can assume that this someone had an appointment for a therapy session with this shrink. I had to call this office.
Annabelle: They often neglect to share any info about their patients so I had to make it clear from the beginning that I work for the police, and I know now who this is.
Annabelle: This person's name is Clive Goldman, and Thomas helped me take a look at his social media. He shows signs of having the avoidant personality disorder mentioned in the note.
Annabelle: It's basically what teenagers call now "anxiety". He avoids interacting with most people, thinks of himself as inferior to the rest of people, and overreacts when people don't approve his actions.
Jerry: I bet he's just another snob like the victim. <Name>, let's look for Clive Goldman!

Interrogate Clive Goldman about the murder
Jerry: Mr Goldman, we're sorry to tell you that Mark Hilton has been murdered today.
Clive: Mr Hilton is dead?! It's terrible! I've been to his club today and he looked fine!
Jerry: He wasn't ill, someone killed him. Were you friends with him?
Clive: More or less, I like the Hilton & Hilton very much, so I usually go there. This morning I went with my niece, she likes the club's pool.
Clive: I don't know who could have done such a thing. I have to tell my niece about this!

Examine Faded paper sheet
Jerry: It seems that someone was writing down the results of a tennis match in this sheet. A certain "Montgomery" was playing against "Mark", most likely the victim.
Jerry: And Montgomery lost obstreperously! I don't think it's a murder motive but maybe this Montgomery turns out to be of help for the investigation.
Jerry: Perhaps this one is Montgomery Appleton. He's one of the richest people in Blue Coasts and lives in this district. He's been seen at the Hilton & Hilton Club a few times.
Jerry: Let's try to find him and interrogate him, <Name>.

See if Montgomery Appleton is connected to the case
Jerry: Good morning, Mr Appleton. We're from Blue Coasts' Police Department and we want to ask you a few questions.
Montgomery: I was about to start working. Please, let this be brief.
Jerry: Uh? Oh, yes. Mark Hilton has been murdered this morning at his club...
Montgomery: Mark is dead?! Oh God, it's terrible... I played tennis with him a few hours ago!
Jerry: Do you know anything about why would someone want him dead?
Montgomery (bothered): I don't know, he was very rich, that might be a motive. Now, please, could you let me work?
Jerry: Ok, I see your mourning process is over. We may come back later, Mr Appleton.

Minutes later...

Jerry: Excuse me, <Name>, but I need to relax at the HQ now. If I interrogate one more person who speaks like Inspector Clouseau, I'll punch a wall!
Violet: Um... sorry... Hi! Are you <Rank> <Name>?
Jerry: Ah, <Name>, this is Violet Nearnight. She's Old George's daughter and a police officer in our team.
George: And from this moment, she's also <Name>'s assistant. You can ask her for anything you need.
Jerry: Chief, I don't have assistants!
George: You're still a deputy, Jerry. I may assign one to you when you become a <Rank> like <Name>.

Chapter 2

George: <Name>, remember what I told you about Everett Sanderson? Well, it seems he's looking for you.
Everett: So you are <Rank> <Name>? I am Everett Sanderson, Evergreen Tops' commander.
George: Sanderson, I'd like to remind you I'm Blue Coasts' commander and can send you to traffic control the next time you storm into my headquarters shouting at my recruits.
Everett: They told me you're here looking for info about a case from Townville. I'll tell you something. I want the police investigating this district's crimes, you're not here on holidays!
George: SANDERSON, STOP! I know what I do with my team, get out of the station now!
George: I'm sorry for that, <Name>. Everett Sanderson is desperate to be the Chief of Blue Coasts' police so he puts on that attitude. Don't let him make your blood boil.
Jerry: Don't worry, <Name>, you'll get used to him! Now, we have to keep investigating Hilton's case. Where do we go?
Jerry: Good point, we know the killer plays golf so the club's golf course is a great place to investigate!

Investigate Golf course
Jerry: You're very good at finding clues, <Name>! I'm glad you decided to join the Blue Coasts Police. Maybe someday you can tell me why you left Townville.
Jerry: Well, now we'll focus on Mark's murder. That golf club... I guess you must want to see who's been playing here since we know the killer did. Just why does it have leaves on it?
Jerry: Maybe if we use our forensic vacuum, we'll be able to analyze those leaves. Then we have this sign. "Course closed next week for manteinance - Issue BCP036922".
Jerry: <Name>, the codes starting with BCP mean they're from the Blue Coasts Police! Then it says 03, it means it's a denouncement. What do we have to do with golf courses?
Jerry: I know who'll help us. Hans! He's an Internal Issues Officer, he knows everything that happens inside the police department. And last but not least, a soaked paper.
Jerry: Water hasn't ruined it completely. It's a receipt for... insecticide and chloroform?! This belongs to the killer! It says here that they paid in cash so we can't know who bought it.
Jerry: Maybe asking the shop assistant... Oh, what if we decipher that code on the receipt? It might help.

Examine Golf club
Jerry: Perfect, we have now these small leaves isolated! Can you examine them under the microscope? While you do that, I'll go to the club's webpage.
Jerry: Who knows, I may find useful information there.

Examine Green leaves
Jerry: <Name>, did you know that a golf game lasts about four hours?! I had no idea!
Jerry: Oh, you've finished with those leaves? They were parsley, you say. The forensics report says that there's also DNA from a snail. <Name>, this can only mean one thing.
Jerry: Escargot! This is suspicious. Who used this golf club? Couldn't you see that? Look, it has some kind of serial code there but it's a bit scraped.
Jerry: I don't want you to do all the dirty work, <Name>, but... can you do it for me? I'll look for more info!

Examine Scraped code
Jerry: Well done, <Name>! You deciphered the serial on that golf club in no time. On the other hand, I found interesting info in their website.
Jerry: It says that the fee for the golf course includes the Hilton & Hilton golf clubs that have the club's logo etched on them, but you may bring your own as well.
Jerry: This one doesn't have the club's logo! It means that this serial will take us directly to this person!
Jerry: We must give it to Thomas, he's our expert in computing, hacking, and so on. I bet you'll get along!

Analyze Golf club
Thomas: Jerry, you're bringing your friends to the HQ again?! Everett has already told you four times that you can't do it!
Jerry: Everett can say what he wants, Thomas. This is <Rank> <Name>.
Thomas: Ooh, you must be the new <Rank> from Townville! Chief Nearnight told us loads of things about you! Is it true that you unmasked the leader of a secret society who was also the Mayor?
Thomas: Sweet! I couldn't imagine Mayor Miyadai as a secret society leader.
Jerry: Well, maybe Hans starts leading a society when he becomes the next mayor...
Thomas: Hahaha, good one, Jerry! Let's see, you gave me this golf club. A certain Anna Goldman bought it from Blue Coasts Sports Association last year.
Thomas: She happens to be the niece of Clive Goldman, a notary public who often went to the Hilton & Hilton Club.
Jerry: Hm, I think Clive mentioned going there with his niece. We'l call her for interrogation, <Name>. Remember that she eats escargot and plays golf!

Quiz Anna Goldman about the murder
Jerry: Miss Goldman, we're Deputy Jerry Bryar and <Rank> <Name> from the police. We are investigating Mark Hilton's murder.
Anna: He's dead?! I can't believe it, I went to his club to play golf with my uncle this morning!
Jerry: Did you know him well, Anna?
Anna: No, not much. I've only been to his club a few times but he was not a talkative person.
Anna: This morning I just went to the club and ate escargot with my uncle at the restaurant after playing golf. Unfortunately, the snails stained my golf club. I'm not used to eating French food.
Jerry: Here's your golf club, Miss Goldman. You forgot it at the golf course.
Anna: Oh-Oh my God, I... I had no idea! Thanks very much, Deputy Jerry!

Examine Soaked receipt
Jerry: That receipt said "DAT... E16.../09". What does-
Jerry: Oh, it says "date 16/09", the sixteenth of september! That was last Friday.
Jerry: Yikes, that was Cool Friday, <Name>! I don't know if they did it in Townville, but here there were discounts on web sales for the weekend and most shops offered discounts as well.
Jerry: It means that practically everyone in the city bought something that day, no one must remember who bought insecticide and chloroform at some shop. What can we do?
Jerry: Well, if there's not info about this purchase, maybe the receipt itself contains evidence. I'll give it to Kyle.

Analyze Soaked receipt
Kyle: You're back, <Name>! Please tell me something. Where did you find this thing?
Jerry: Somebody had dropped it in one of the golf course's water hazards.
Kyle: By "somebody" you must mean "the killer", right? This murderer who bought insecticide and chloroform left another piece of evidence on their receipt.
Kyle: Traces of tobacco, nicotine, carbon monoxide, you know... all those chemical names you hear when they talk about cigarettes! They left their ashes here.
Jerry: I see, there's no way the ashes could have got to the receipt from the water hazard! The killer smokes, <Name>.

Analyze Sign
Hans: Good morning, <Rank> <Name>! Aren't you the one from Townville? Everybody here has been talking about you.
Hans: I am Hans Rougel, an Internal Issues Officer. And with a bit of luck, Blue Coasts' next mayor. I'm affiliated to the Socialist Coalition.
Jerry (bored): Yeah, he's also an attorney, his parents are Bulgarian, he sometimes takes people's denouncements, he hates having fun... He's really interesting but now we care about that sign.
Hans: Shut your mouth, Bryar! We all know who's the one in this team that hates having fun. This denouncement was issued by Montgomery Appleton against Hilton & Hilton Club.
Hans: Appleton said that the club's golf course was in poor conditions which weren't allowed by the Blue Coasts Sports Association. It seems he got bitten by a poisonous spider.
Hans: The club had to pay a very expensive fine to the Sports Association and Appleton's medical bill. Besides, the club is now obligated to fumigate the course with insecticide.
Jerry: Insecticide? This case might look like Montgomery's personal revenge! <Name>, maybe we should interrogate him again.

Question Montgomery Appleton about his denouncement
Jerry: Sorry for bothering you again, Mr Appleton. We found out about your denouncement against the Hilton & Hilton Club. You didn't mention it earlier.
Montgomery: I wouldn't have mentioned anything that would imply having to talk to you for more time.
Montgomery: Well, you found out. What do you want to know? I sued Mr Hilton's club because it was a risk for its users. He thought that playing golf with me would make me love his club.
Jerry: And did that poisonous spider cause you any major harm? Would you kill him for it?
Montgomery: How could I kill Mr Hilton because of a spider?! I just did what I had to do, I don't want someone who is allergic to spiders to die in his club! I didn't have a grudge, no.
Montgomery: I just follow the law, ok? I only got some money from Mr Hilton and enjoyed free escargot from his club's restaurant as an apology.

A few moments after...

Jerry: Well, <Name>... We're on the lookout for a snob killer who eats escargot, plays golf, and smokes. It could be any of the suspects!
James: Wait, Jerry... Do you mean Mark Hilton's murder?
Jerry: Yes, James. At least you could say hi to <Name>. This is James Robert, a detective in our team. He does not investigate murders and he thinks he'll get promoted soon.
James: Pleased to meet you, <Rank> <Name>! I was just asking because I thought you'd given up on that case.
Jerry: Why would we give up? The guy has literally just died this morning!
James: Oops. Everett said he was going to be in charge of the investigation now! He went to the club.
Jerry: Everett?! <Name>, we're going back to the club!

Jerry: Where is this guy?! Tell me if you see him, <Name>.
Jerry: There he is, at the tennis court! That is one of our crime scenes, <Name>! Commander Sanderson, that's a crime scene in a murder investigation!
Everett: Deputy Bryar, you can't talk to your commander like that!
Jerry: <Name>, I'll take care of Everett while you make sure the tennis court is still the way it was when we left.

Investigate Court's tramlines
Jerry: Everett, we can handle this case perfectly! Please, leave this place.
Everett: Bryar, I'm your boss and I'll tell you what to do! I'll arrest Hilton's killer, you can stay in your station with that lesbian psychologist and the always-bothered next mayor.
Jerry: Well, Chief Nearnight is YOUR boss too! Do you think he would let YOU do anything that's not writing reports?
Everett (infuriated): FINE, SO THAT'S HOW YOU'LL PLAY! If you don't solve this murder today, I'll demote you to traffic control!
Jerry (laughing hysterically): Hahaha, you're still mad at Chief Nearnight's words to you! Good luck with that! <Name>, let's recover the faded words from that note.
Jerry: Oh, that photo shows a woman with a trophy in this tennis court standing next to the victim! He doesn't look very satisfied here. We have to find her in our database.

Examine Faded note
Jerry: What... What the hell does this say, <Name>?! I can't understand this person's handwriting! I think it says "Mark Hilton" here, right after the first word.
Jerry: Wait, do you remember Mark's note for his wife? The one we found on the reception desk.
Jerry: Well, it looks like this person tried to copy the victim's handwriting. They failed terribly, if that was the case. I don't think we'll find this handwriting in our database.
Jerry: Perhaps Annabelle is able to help us this time as well!

Analyze Illegible note
Annabelle: It seems that today I'll only do things related to Clive Goldman, <Name>! This was written by him.
Jerry: Eh? How can you be so sure?
Annabelle: Similar patterns in his handwriting comparing it to that other note you gave me. Besides, it shows some traits that could fit his personality.
Annabelle: His tiny handwriting, even too small for a little note, may indicate a thrifty personality or a desire to go on unnoticed.
Annabelle: His unneat handwriting may mean that he doesn't worry about the results of his actions or a disinterest in the things he does. He simply doesn't care.
Jerry: But why did he try to copy the victim's writing? And what the heck did he write here...
Annabelle: I'm not sure about the first question, but I can answer the second one. Clive wrote this...
Annabelle: "I, Mark Hilton, will donate one million dollars to Columbia-Joy Studios". I did a bit of research and that is a production company in the film industry.
Jerry: I know it, it belongs to the actress Carmela Johnson. Why would Clive give Mark's money to her, <Name>? We have to talk to him NOW.

Tell Clive Goldman to explain why he wrote that note
Clive: Excuse me if I smell like cigarettes, I've been smoking all day, I'm so nervous.
Jerry: Maybe you'll get more nervous now that we've found this note you wrote, pretending to be Mark.
Clive: Oh, that won't make me nervous, I can explain it. A thief has recently broken into the club. Luckily, nothing was stolen but it's still risky.
Clive: Mark didn't understand that keeping a lot of money in the club was dangerous. I had to write that when he was drunk to make him believe he'd said that.
Clive: His money would be more secure in Columbia-Joy Studios. The company CEO is an old acquaintance of Mark and mine.
Jerry: You didn't say that you knew Mark well enough to do as it pleases you with his money.
Clive: We weren't friends but we knew each other well. Don't worry anyway, I did not kill Mark.

Examine Instant photograph
Jerry: Good, <Name>. The woman who was in that snapshot next to the victim was Alicia Appleton. Who is she? She must be related to Montgomery.
Jerry: Yeah, our database says she's wife. I didn't even know he was married, he keeps his private life secretly. Why don't we have a chat with Alicia?

Ask Alicia Appleton about the victim
Alicia: My husband told me about Mark Hilton's death so I guess you called me to talk about that.
Jerry: Yes. We found this photo of you with Mr Hilton.
Alicia: It's from the time I won a tennis tournament. I beat Mark at the finals. He thought he was going to win because he was male and I'm female.
Alicia: Just some cheap sexism. Nothing that would make me want to kill him. May I smoke a cigarette here?
Jerry (disgusted): No, this is a closed room! You'll leave it full of smoke.
Alicia: Ha, you couldn't say that to my husband... He smokes like a chimney.

Later on...

Jerry: This case is really troublesome, <Name>! Our rich and expensive-clothes-dressed suspects are the worst part.
George: <Name>, why is Everett saying that you and Jerry will be demoted? Is everything ok?
Jerry: Is he still saying that? We had an argument and he said he'd send us to traffic control, just like you'd said to him, if we didn't solve the case before midnight.
Jerry: Anyway, he can't do that without your permission and I'm sure you won't let him.
George: If you talk to your superiors in a disrespectful way, they can demote you, Jerry. You better arrest Mark's killer before midnight or you'll have to do traffic control indeed.

Chapter 3

Jerry: What do you mean, Chief? Everett CAN demote us to traffic control?!
George: Of course he can, Jerry! And it was your fault in the first place if you talked to him disrespectfully!
Jerry: But... a murder solved in one day? We can't do that, George!
George: If I'm not mistaken, <Name> has solved murders in one day, right? I bet you can do it if you work hard. Why don't you go back to the golf course?
Jerry: We'll try, but I don't think we'll arrest the killer today. Let's go!

Investigate Water hazard
Jerry: Everything can be a clue now, <Name>. We need to investigate or we'll be demoted! I guess your first day in Blue Coasts is not as good as you'd expected.
Jerry: I can help you look in the trash if you want, even if it's disgusting. And someone left a torn picture here, so we should restore it.
Jerry: Then we have a snail shell! Could this come from escargot? Hm... We should see who has eaten this snail! If we examine the saliva on it, we'll know for sure.

Examine Trash container
Jerry: Tell me there's something in the trash that can help us solve the case, <Name>.
Jerry: That's insecticide... but why is it in the trash? Could this be the murder weapon used to kill Mark?
Jerry: This has to be a clue, well done, <Name>! We have to send it to Megan to see if it's the one used for the crime or not.

Analyze Insecticide
Megan: I'm sorry for this morning's affair, <Name>. Susana is a veeery cheerful kid. If only I had someone to take care of her while I'm at work...
Jerry: Well, when we have free time we all like being with her, it's not a nuisance for us at all. It just worries me to think she'll grow up in a police station.
Megan: Yeah, I think about that too... She'll go to kindergarten next year, I promise. Now, about the insecticide you brought here, it's the same one used for the murder.
Megan: I had to ask Thomas for help to see who had bought this and it turns out that it belongs to Vaninna Hilton!
Jerry: Ah, yes, she's Mark's wife. I'm starting to wonder now what their rendezvous at the tennis court was for, <Name>. Time to talk to her again.

Question Vaninna Hilton about the insecticide she bought
Jerry: Vaninna, we don't want to be bothersome after you had to suffer your husband's death, but we really need to talk to you one more time. Do you have a minute-
Vaninna: Yes, I can talk. I... I just have to stay strong, right? It's the way Mark would like to see me.
Jerry: Great. We know you bought some insecticide and it just happens to be the same product that Mark's killer used this morning to poison him.
Vaninna: I can't believe this! I am destroyed and you think I am my husband's killer?
Jerry (sweating nervously): No, that's not what we said! We're not saying YOU used the insecticide. We want to ask you if you know who could have done it.
Vaninna: How could I know such a thing? You... What are your names?
Jerry: I'm Deputy Jerry Bryar and this is <Rank> <Name>.
Vaninna: Deputy Jerry and <Rank> <Name>, I need you to find this killer, please. I am devastated so I need your help. Find the one who killed Mark, I'm begging!

Examine Torn picture
Jerry: Yikes, the photo is not complete, there are more pieces missing. Anyway, it looks like a mugshot even though the suspect's face isn't visible.
Jerry: Well, the sign this person is holding IS visible though. We can let Hans handle this to see if this mugshot is relevant to the case.

Analyze Mugshot
Jerry: Could you see who's the one in this mugshot, Hans?
Hans: Of course, everything is registered in these heavy books which I had to read, Bryar. Be glad you're not an Internal Issues Officer, boy, thank God you're not one.
Hans: This is Anna Goldman's mugshot. That stubble youngster told me she's one of the suspects in this case.
Jerry: His name is Thomas... What did Anna do to be arrested?
Hans: Our records say that Mark Hilton sued her for hitting him with a golf club.
Jerry: That was so snob! I wonder why she didn't mention her quarrel with the victim. Let's go and ask her.

Confront Anna Goldman about her arrest
Jerry: Put your cigarette away for a minute, Anna. We want to talk to you.
Anna: What... What happened?
Jerry: We know now why you were so nervous when you had your golf club back. You used it to attack Mark Hilton!
Anna: I can explain that, just listen! I needed to defend myself! I was alone one day in his club's golf course, waiting for my uncle to arrive.
Anna: He saw me there and grabbed me by the... you know... by there! He was like twice my age, how could he do such a thing?
Jerry: Oh, sorry... We didn't know he had done that. Just... did you cause any major injuries to him?
Anna: No, not much, only a few bruises. I can't believe the one who got arrested for assault was ME! His wife was just fifty feet away or so!
Anna: I know this can be suspicious now that he's dead but I swear I didn't kill him! I would have never gone so far!

Examine Saliva
Jerry: The saliva on that snail shell belonged to Alicia Appleton, <Name>! I don't think she went around sucking snails, this must mean she eats escargot.
Jerry: This makes her more suspicious so why don't we interrogate her again?

Have another chat with Alicia Appleton
Jerry: Sorry for bothering you again, Alicia. We just wanted to talk to you one more time to make sure you are not hiding anything. So...
Alicia: Nope, I did not kill Mr Hilton. Sorry if you can't find the culprit but that's not my fault.
Jerry: What about Montgomery, your husband? Do you think he could have done it?
Alicia: He is a very cold person but... murdering someone? Isn't that too much? We didn't have any problem with Mr Hilton, you can trust me.
Alicia: We just like to play golf in his club but that's it. We weren't friends or anything.

Back at the headquarters...

Jerry: I think we can say we've made our progress but... the sky is getting dark already and the killer could be any of the suspects!
Jerry: What can we do, <Name>? You are the expert!
Jerry: The murder scene? Fine, let's go there and hope we find more clues before midnight!

Investigate Reception desk
Jerry: What is that PET bottle, <Name>? Let me see... Wow, I know this scent. I've felt it in that piece of cotton, this is the scent of chloroform!
Jerry: The killer was reeeally careless! We should collect that grey dust on it with our vacuum.
Jerry: There is also a surveillance camera? This is what we need! Could you unlock it, <Name>? We need to do it real quick to avoid controlling the traffic...

Examine PET bottle
Jerry: Cool! That is, hm, ashes. And judging by my perfect nose, I can tell for sure they come from a cigarette! Remember, the killer smokes, <Name>.
Jerry: Let's see if we can find more evidence within these ashes.

Examine Ashes
Jerry: You took a DNA sample from those ashes? That just just superb, <Name>! I hope Kyle is able to analyze this before we're demoted by Everett.

Analyze DNA
Jerry: Hurry up, mate! If we don't arrest the killer before midnight, we'll be demoted by Everett!
Kyle: I did what I could, Jerry! The killer's DNA was not enough to get big results.
Kyle: I'm glad I could find the blood type alleles, which I know by heart. The murderer you need to arrest has an AB- blood type.
Jerry: You made me worry in vain, that's a lot of help, buddy!

Examine Surveillance camera
Jerry: Nice, <Name>! Now that we've unlocked the club's surveillance camera, we should view its content with Thomas' help, of course.
Jerry: THOMAS!
Thomas: You need my help again? What can I do for you?
Jerry: We need to watch this surveillance footage.
Thomas: Come with me, we'll watch it on my computer.

Thomas: Alright, here it goes. I'll look for this morning's footage, which must contain the images of Mark Hilton's murder.
Thomas: A person with a black coat and a mask? It has to be the killer!
Jerry: Yes, look, they're giving the chloroform to Mark with that cotton. Can you identify the person on the footage, Thomas?
Thomas: Are you crazy? Not even their body type is clearly visible, it could be anyone. Maybe Annabelle can deduce a thing or two after watching this.
Jerry: I hoep she deduces a thing or two before midnight...

Analyze Surveillance footage
Jerry: Annabelle, tell us you have something for us! If you don't, we might not be teammates anymore.
Annabelle: I think Everett needs an enemy here to satisfy his thirst for power, maybe he won't demote you.
Annabelle: However, I do have info for you. It has been observed many times, in other criminal investigations, when suspects do this thing. Look.
Annabelle: See, the killer holds the insecticide, then the chloroform... everything right in front of their face.
Annabelle: When criminals do this, it's to make sure they're doing everything right because they don't trust their eyesight very well.
Annabelle: Thomas helped me confirm it with a tiny reflection in the footage. The killer wears glasses, <Name>!
Jerry: That must be of great help! Thanks a lot, Annabelle!

Right after that...

Jerry: What can we do now, <Name>? I don't want to control the traffic, I hate taxi drivers!
Jerry: OH MY GOD, are you saying we CAN arrest Mark's killer now?! Hahaha, hold on. I need to make a call and guess who I'm calling... Everett!
Everett: Commander Sanderson here.
Jerry: You can demote somebody else, Everett! We'll send you a text message with the killer's adress if you want. The Hilton & Hilton Club case is already solved!

Arrest killer
Jerry: Clive Goldman, you're under arrest for the murder of Mark Hilton! Your disguise for the surveillance camera didn't work, we know you did it!
Clive: Me? It must have been Anna, my niece! Mark did horrible things to her.
Jerry: Anna doesn't wear glasses, unlike you. The surveillance footage made it clear that you can't read pretty well.
Clive: What about Vaninna Hilton? She had the chance to kill him whenever she wanted.
Jerry: Mrs Hilton doesn't seem to smoke, play golf, or eat escargot. We know the killer did those three things and you told us about the three of them.
Clive: What have I done?! It was me, sorry! Don't... Don't hit me!
Jerry: What the-? We're just here to put the handcuffs on you, we're not interested in beating you up! Maybe your cellmate is...
Jerry: Our profiler will have a brief talk with you and a judge will try you tomorrow, Clive.

The next morning...

Annabelle: <Name>, Jerry! Here I am! Did you get the time right? Judge Constantin isn't here yet.
Jerry: He's already retired, Annabelle. I wonder who'll replace him...
Peggy: Sorry, I'm late! Excuse me. The traffic is a chaos and my taxi driver was even worse. I am Judge Peggy Jasmine, this is my first trial in fact.
Jerry: Peggy? My gosh, you can't introduce yourself by your nickname in a Court of Law...
Peggy: No, my given name is Peggy. So, Clive Goldman, you're here to be tried for... murder?! Oh my God! The report says you plead guilty. Well, I'm glad you did!
Clive: Yes, I killed Mr Hilton. But, before we go on, Miss Chashire needs to explain something.
Annabelle: I'm Annabelle Chashiroua actually. My interview with Mr Goldman shows that he really needs to show off and get attention, always trying to do his best to impress himself.
Annabelle: That's why the murder method was so unusual. However, it's clear that he had no real motive or intention to see Mr Hilton dead. The murder was not his idea.
Peggy: Mr Goldman, somebody told you to kill Mark Hilton, right? Who was that?
Clive: I can't speak, your Honor! What if they are in this room?!
Peggy: Ok, it's left for the police to find this murder's mastermind. Now, the perpetrator... being that you, Mr Goldman... will receive a sentence of-
Peggy: Wait, let me read Blue Coasts' criminal code. Oh, yes. 50 years with no parole yet. That... that's a lot of years! This trial is over now, ladies and gentlemen.
Peggy: Er... Session adjourned, sorry.
Jerry: Oh, dear.

Everett: Hahaha, you'll be demoted now! You haven't found this murder's mastermind!
Jerry (puzzled): What the-?! We arrested the perpetrator, Everett! We sent Mark Hilton's killer to jail!
Everett: The case is not closed, Bryar. Traffic control, guys. You-will-be-demoted!
Jerry: We solved a murder in less than one day, Everett! Chief Nearnight would promote us back to where we are now.
Everett: Argh, you win this time! But, <Rank> <Name>, you still have a few things to learn about Blue Coasts.
Jerry: Yeah, like the fact that it's full of idiots. Good luck I'm not one of them! See you tomorrow at the HQ, <Name>.

Mobsters and hackers 1

George: I knew that making you come here was a great decision! We've solved Mark Hilton's case in no time! Anyway, we still have to find out who told Goldman to kill him and why.
Jerry: Now, will you tell us why you had to come to Blue Coasts, <Name>?
George: I wanted to talk about that, Jerry. I've already told the rest of the team about one of our new priorities and it is <Name>'s investigation.
George: Our friends from the Townville Police Department have recently arrested a crazy criminal called Barbara Thacks. She killed a certain Linda Farren over a family feud traced to our city.
George: It seems the Farren family killed one of Barbara's ancestors on November the 27th in 1918. The problem is that Blue Coasts was founded in 1915 by immigrants who escaped from the World War.
George: That means that we couldn't find any info about 1918, <Name>. There's practically nothing about those days. Chief Smith told me that it's related to cyanide.
George: Barbara Thacks heard the story about her ancestor when she came here on holidays. For some reason, she feels the need to know how and why that ancestor died.
Jerry: But is it actually important to know that?
George: A certain Gary Perkins from Townville came to Blue Coasts to investigate "something big", and <Name> says his family is involved in that issue as well.
George: Unfortunately, since Perkins said he was here already in May and now we're in September, well... in these months nobody with that name came here, at least legally.
George: Nevertheless, we'll take care of that later. <Name> and Jerry, I need you to interrogate Clive Goldman in jail. We must know who ordered the hit on Mark Hilton and why.
George: And <Name>, since you're currently our best element and as you know about the case and also taking into account what Alan Smith told me about your duties...
George: I'll send you and James Robert to investigate the theft that Mr Goldman mentioned. Now, go!

Make Clive Goldman say who ordered the hit on the victim
Jerry: Clive, we need to talk to you now. Please tell us, who told you to kill Mark Hilton?
Clive: We're alone now, so I can speak. Well, you know... It never rains but it pours.
Jerry: <Name>, it seems this man has gone crazy. Let's leave!
Clive: No, wait! I'm not crazy! I'm part of a secret society called MAFIA, they told me to kill Mark! That sentence was to check if you were MAFIA members too.
Clive: MAFIA members are expected to answer "of course it does, my very dear fellow" after you say "it never rains but it pours".
Jerry: Secret society? The chief said you had brought one down in Townville, <Name>! But, WHO told you to do it, Clive?
Clive: I... I don't know! Someone approached me at the club's tennis court, wearing sunglasses, a knitted hat, and a scarf. I don't know who it was.
Clive: This person said "it never rains but it pours" putting on a clearly fake voice, and after I replied, they gave me a note saying what I had to do.
Jerry: Was Mark in MAFIA?
Clive: I have no idea, we don't meet many members, just a few. We don't use that sentence unless we really need to know if someone is in MAFIA or not.
Jerry: What did you do with that note, Clive?
Clive: I tore it up and left it hidden at the tennis court. I wanted someone to find it and stop this madness before I could kill Mark...
Jerry: Finding that note will help us, <Name>. We're going to the tennis court and we'll grab something to eat on our way at the club's restaurant.

Investigate Tennis court
Jerry: This torn note must be the one that Clive was talking about. We need to restore it to know who ordered Mark's murder, <Name>!

Examine Torn note
Jerry: This note is just a bunch of printed letters arranged to spell out "Kill Mark Hilton". Who did it?
Jerry: Annabelle would say something like "the fact that they didn't use their own handwriting could indicate that they are a cold and careful person who doesn't want to leave evidence behind".
Jerry: Wait, <Name>... The logo of our police department is on the corner of this paper. This is from OUR police department, I'll give this to Hans.

Analyze Mysterious note
Hans: This mobster put their death message on a fine for speeding violation, <Name>. I'm tired of issuing at least three of these every week, you know.
Jerry: Blah, blah... I hate my job... Blah, blah... I wish I were a real lawyer.
Hans: SHUT UP, BRYAR! I am a real lawyer!!!
Hans: This fine was for a new car that didn't have a license plate in that moment, so it doesn't say who it is for. However, our database says this speeding ticket has been delivered anyway.
Jerry: How will we be able to know who ordered the hit on Mark Hilton then?
Hans: Our database does show a photo taken by a surveillance camera, of this car, when they were speeding in our streets. Perhaps it is useful.
Jerry: That car must have its license plate now so it must be useful. Can you see what car it is, <Name>?

Examine Speeding car
Jerry: That car was a Vealorghini TX-335, <Name>! Our database says that it costs around... five or six of Jerry's salaries.
Jerry: Wow, look, there are only five of these luxury cars in Blue Coasts! Three are for sale, one is owned by this famous guy who became well-known for having a cars collection...
Jerry: I don't think he'd drive them so carelessly. The other one belongs to... MONTGOMERY APPLETON?!
Jerry: Could he have told Clive to kill Mark, <Name>? We need to find Montgomery now! He may be in MAFIA!

Confront Montgomery Appleton about the murder
Jerry: Mr Appleton... It never rains but it pours.
Montgomery: Did you come here to say that?
Jerry: Hm... No, sorry. Were you given a speeding ticket shortly after you bought your Vealorghini TX-335?
Montgomery: Yes, and I've already paid the fine. Why do you ask?
Jerry: What did you do with the ticket?
Montgomery: How am I supposed to remember that? I must have left it somewhere or tossed it in the trash.
Jerry: So we have no idea how that ticket ended up in this case, <Name>. Well, maybe we could count on the great Thomas Ravens to help-
Montgomery: THOMAS RAVENS?! How do you know that guy?
Jerry: Thomas? He's one of our team's analysts.
Montgomery: I'm leaving! Goodbye.
Jerry: What???

Investigate Hilton & Hilton Club
James: <Name>, sorry about not saying hi to you yesterday. I was too focused on my paperwork. Old George said you had info about this case. What is it?
James: I see, it's a break-in. And you say this person didn't apparently steal anything. Based on my experience, I'd say this criminal was looking for something and didn't find it.
James: Maybe if we know what they were looking for, we'll know who it was! They could have tried to open this safe so let's look for fingerprints on it.

Examine Safe
James: Great, <Name>, you did it perfectly! I'll see if I can examine this person's prints, wait a minute!

A minute after that...

James: We're in trouble, <Name>. These fingerprints are not in our database! Who is this mysterious person?
James: This looks like some task for Thomas, have you met him yet? I'll tell him to help us with this.

Analyze Fingerprints
Thomas: <Name>, you're really lucky! You have just come to Blue Coasts and you've already made progress in your investigation.
James: What do you mean, Thomas? Who do these fingerprints belong to?
Thomas: I found a match for them in Townville's database and they belong to Gary Perkins! Isn't that the guy from your city who said he was here investigating the same thing as you?
Thomas: It looks like the Hilton & Hilton Club had something related to it but you didn't have luck, <Name>. Gary found it first.
James: I don't think so, the victim had said that nothing was missing after the break-in. Maybe Gary wasn't able to unlock his safe.
James: <Name>, we should talk to Vaninna Hilton and ask her to show us what Gary was looking for in that safe!

Talk to Vaninna Hilton about the break-in
Vaninna: <Name>, what do you need now? I'm very busy, this club is moving away.
James: The Hilton & Hilton is leaving?! But... what will you do with the golf course and everything? This place is gigantic!
Vaninna: Maybe someone will want to buy it. By now, the club won't exist anymore. I need to let go of Mark...
James: It's a shame... Mrs Hilton, could you please open that safe for us?
Vaninna: These are Mark's things, I can't do that! And there's no reason to use that name anymore. Vaninna Ballaffinte is my maiden name and that's what I'm called now.
James: We understand that you miss your husband but we need to check that safe's contents anyway, Miss Ballaffinte.
Vaninna: I know my rights! That safe is staying locked and you won't make me open it! I'll donate money to your police department if you want but please, LEAVE ME ALONE!

Back at the police station...

Jerry: I'm shocked, <Name>. We know now that Clive was a member of MAFIA, a secret society that told him to kill Mark. We just don't know who wanted him dead and why.
Jerry: The execution order was on a speeding ticket issued to Montgomery Appleton but he didn't reply to our sentence the way we expected, so he's not in MAFIA.
Jerry: Besides, he was very shocked when we mentioned Thomas! How did your investigation with James go?
James: Terribly! We know that Gary Perkins, the Townvillian who investigates the same story as <Name>, and who supposedly was not in Blue Coasts... IS here, and looked for something in the club.
Jerry: Supposedly? Does that word exist? It sounds fake.
James: Vaninna didn't want to show us what she'd hiding there and she seems desperate to leave that place!
Everett: <Rank> <Name>, we have a problem! Trust me, I DON'T want to ask for your help but I have to. I went to the victim's club to find clues about the murder's mastermind.
Everett: And I saw Montgomery Appleton running away from the golf course!
Jerry: What is that man hiding? <Name>, let's go to that golf course now!

Investigate Golf course
Jerry: Everett is a jerk, but this time he did the right thing. Montgomery is a suspicious person and if he came here he must have done something... suspicious too.
Jerry: You're right, that pile of sand was not here before. Let's see what we can find here!

Examine Pile of sand
Jerry: Montgomery left some kind of device here. What does this thing do? It looks like those "99 in 1" videogames.
Jerry: Well, it's obviously not that. I'll ask Thomas to take care of this.

Analyze Unknown device
Thomas: <Name>, where did you find this?! This is mine!
Jerry: Montgomery Appleton had it. It also seems he knows you well, Thomas.
Thomas: MONTGOMERY?! Jerry, this is a device I made and it's meant to find secret microphones and similar devices. I had no idea that it was in that snob's hands!
Thomas: He... He does know me, Jerry. He's the reason I was able to join Old George's team! It's actually because of his company, Appleton Light Industries. I hacked his company.
Jerry: First time I ever hear that story, Thomas. You have to explain it.

Ask Thomas Ravens about his ties to Montgomery Appleton
Thomas: I'll tell you what happened. About two years ago, I had learnt how to hack whole networks so I decided to try it out. I thought "why not start with Appleton's company".
Thomas: After a few days, I realized that Appleton Light Industries was avoiding taxes at any cost so I exposed them. That was not correct!
Jerry: Hacking them wasn't right either, Thomas.
Thomas: What I did is not worse than avoiding taxes! Old George asked me if I'd like to join his team and of course, I said yes. I would be working with the Chief of police!
Thomas: I noticed someone trying to hack us a few weeks after that but I controlled it. It was Montgomery's company! I thought he had forgotten about that.
Jerry: But judging by the way he reacted to your name's mention, I'd say he still has that in mind.
Thomas: I'll have to make sure nobody tries to hack us again! By the way, <Name>, the Chief told me to give this to you. You are now one of us!

George: James and Thomas told me about your investigation, <Name>. I want to congratulate you. In two days, you gave us info about a secret society we had no idea about!
George: So, are you enjoying your new team? Jerry is the most friendly one, as you must have noticed. I can't believe that you didn't bring any complaints about Hans yet.
George: About your night shift partner... I'm very sorry for you having to deal with such a problem. I'll try to assign you to day shifts as much as I can.
Thomas: <Name>, I have news about the Hilton & Hilton Club! It's all empty now, Vaninna sent all of it via mail to over 100 different places!
George: What?! Are you sure, Thomas? The club can't move to so many places!
Thomas: It's more than obvious that she's not interested in opening a new club, Old George. After she refused to co-operate with <Name> and James, I'd say that what she wants is to distract us.
Thomas: We couldn't find what we wanted in the club, and now she's making sure we don't even know where it is!
George: I said that <Name>'s investigation is one of our priorities. Thomas, please investigate all those adresses and ask James to help you. Vaninna wants to play and we'll win!