Bonnie's Motive

Liam: Bonnie, it has appeared you've lied that you hardly known the victim. We found your painting-
Bonnie: The painting I did for him, nice try but it wasn't for him. It was for me to try and cope
Liam: Cope? Cope with what?
Bonnie: You wouldn't understand. You said yourself that you didn't know real love but here we go
Bonnie: A few weeks ago. My boyfriend, Quinn, was murdered by some idiot. I loved that man so must, he always known how to make me laugh and made me happy
Liam: I'm sorry to hear that. Losing a love one is always hard
Bonnie: Indeed, we did everything together. We went climbing, even if we won't good at it a few days before it happened.
Bonnie: We did have our own time of course. I went to Luzaguay like 3 weeks ago.
Bonnie: But your victim learned about me and Quinn and thought it was a good time to tease us for being gay
Bonnie: If that's not bad enough. He teased me after Quinn died saying horrible things like "This is what god does to gay people"
Bonnie: I was in tears for ages after that and it's hard...It's hard without my sweetheart being here with me.
Liam: You were teased? Did you do anything to get back at him
Bonnie: No, I wish I did do something though. I hard this feeling I have right now...

Charles's Motive

Charles: Oh, It's you again, what do you peasant want!
Liam: It would be nice to hear about why you had a fight with your dad
Charles: Oh, you found that blashed CD did you. Fine. My dad was thinking of ending my pocket money after I finish college
Liam: You were fighting him over that? Why?
Charles: Because I need the money. I can't work a day without my daddy being there
Liam: Your dad wouldn't have always been hear. Millions of people don't have enough money to put food on their tables and you were fighting your dad because you didn't have enough!
Charles: Who cares about the people. They would have voted dad in again
Liam: Maybe they would have but maybe it's time for you to think about something over then your dad's money. And it's two words, A JOB!
Liam: I've seen you climbing, smoking and going to Luzaguay and you need to learn that maybe a job is the right thing for you!
Liam: And if you think we're not coming back. You're about to have a shock to your systems when we come back!

The Queen's Motive

Liam: Mrs, we think we found something interesting. We found out that the victim tried to pasted a law illegally
Mary: You're right. I managed to found out that the prime minster was trying to pass a law which would give him all the power that he needed to become king
Mary: That man couldn't couldn't rule a government so what are the chances of him running a country
Mary: I smoke like my father and I've been to Luzaguay to meet the people there
Mary: One also climbs to show I am still fit to run this country
Mary: If that man thought he could beat me. One would need to take me to court with a ton of proof to get me off that throne
Liam: Well if it turns out that you murdered the prime minster to stop him taking over the country, you crown will go to the next in line because you'll be in prison!

Tammie's Motive

Liam: Tammie, we found out that the victim thought you were lying about your research
Tammie: I knew I shouldn't have lied to you <name>. Jackson thought I lied about my research because of how many mistakes there were
Liam: But did you lie?
Tammie: Of course not. I may be a smoker and a climber but not a lair.
Tammie: I did go to Luzaguay to do my research
Tammie: But that idiot never believed me!
Liam: Well if it turns out that you murdered him to shut him up for good, you'll be researching your next book from prison!

Ivan's Motive

Liam: Ivan, we found out that the prime minster was thinking of stopping you coming into the country. Do you know why?
Ivan: Oh, you found them rejected tickets did you. Well ever since that problem. We've been blamed for everything. Norope was a real problem for tourist coming in
Ivan: They would conplain about everything I did. Me smoking, me climbing and me going to Luzaguay to learn more about art
Ivan: But no, the prime minster always found a problem with me coming in
Liam: Well if it turns out that you murdered the prime minster, you'll be in a lot more trouble when you get home


Chapter 1

Liam: So as you know <name>. the prime minster was found murdered at the art contest this monring
Liam: We have three suspects in his murder investigation
Liam: Bonnie said he hardly known the victim since he came from america
Liam: While Charles had nothing respect for his father
Liam: And Ivan didn't know the victim at all
Liam: We also found the murder weapon in the victim's mouth
Liam: Now all we need is the queen to come in and tell us off
Mary: One is here to talk to you <name>
Liam: Oh...That's not good
Mary: What isn't good?
Liam: Sorry for sounding rude but what do you need
Mary: One believes they have information on the victim that might help you with your investigation
Liam: Oh, you do? Well please come and talk to us as fast as you can

Chapter 2

Liam: We have learned some interesting things about the victim and we have come quite far with this investigation.
Liam: We have the queen as a suspect. She claimed to know a lot about the PM
Liam: And we have Tammie Joke, who we last saw in Rochester Road. Who claimed that she somewhat liked the victim
Liam: While Charles hated his father for not giving him money after he leaves college
Liam: And Bonnie was teased by the victim for being gay
Edward: Bad timing guys. I just got a call from Bonnie. He's wanting to kill himself to be with Quinn!
Liam: Wait what! We can't let him kill himself. He's a suspect!
Edward: Indeed, <name>, With me NOW!
Liam: But what about me
Edward: No Liam. Bad idea, you might say something that hurts him
Edward: Come on <name>, let's go and help Bonnie!
On King's Hill Cliff
Bonnie: Quinn, I'll be with you soon. I know what you said but there's really no point in living anymore
Edward: Bonnie? There's no point in jumping. Think about your family, friends and many other people who will miss you
Bonnie: I have no family or friends. My family died in a house fire years ago and all my friends left me because I was gay and dating Quinn
Edward: But what good will it do if you jump?
Bonnie: I don't know...I just don't know anymore. I miss Quinn
Edward: Of course you do, he was your boyfriend. but would he want you to jump?
Bonnie: Maybe...I don't know though. My whole head has been a "I don't know" ever since it happened
Edward: Listen, we can help you. I lost my boyfriend to murder as well and I know how you feel. It's just not worth jumping
Bonnie: B-But i can't...I-I miss him!
Edward: There's no such word as can't Bonnie. You can step away from the cliff. You can talk about it with me. You don't have to worry about your inner demons ever again
Bonnie: B-But...
Bonnie: F-Fine...
Edward: Please step away from the cliff for me Bonnie.
Bonnie: (He does so and then cried) I-I'm so sorry
Edward: Thank you, listen, you're going to come with us and we'll try to help you but you have to agree not to kill yourself
Bonnie: I'll try
Edward: Good. Come on Bonnie, let's go to the police station.
Liam: I was watching from the car and that was quite scary
Liam: You want to investigate the cliff, very well, Let's do it

Arrest Killer

Liam: Your majesty. You murdered the prime minster. Why?
Mary: One did not murder Jackson and you have no proof that I did
Liam: But we found the fact that you smoke and climb
Mary: A lot of people smoke and climb. Doesn't mean one killed the poor soul
Liam: Then explain how we found your threat to the victim where you said "Keep your mouth shut"
Mary: One does not write her own letters, one simply pasts it onto someone else
Liam: And here is the last clue. The book we found had YOUR DNA on it and you can't say it wasn't you as we have proof that it was!
Mary: Well it seems one is truly stumped. I killed Jackson but he was about to do the worst thing possible
Liam: What is that? Get you off the throne?
Mary: No, he was about to stop the country being soled!
Liam: What the hell? You were going to sell the country. Who too
Mary: I don't know the man's name but he send a letter to me asking me to sell the country.
Liam: Wait. So you were going to sell the country to a mystery buyer without knowing anything about him?
Mary: Indeed, Jackson thought it was wise to call me unfit for the job and threatened to throw the crown to my son!
Liam: So you murdered the prime minster because of a mystery buyer and now the country is left without a queen. I'm sorry your majesty. But what you did was wrong and you're under arrest.
At the courtroom
William: So you join us here today for the sentencing of the queen. My question is why? You could have just fired him and moved on with your day
Mary: The mystery buyer told me to murder anyone that found out
William: I think you came across a scammer or whatever the kids call them nowadays
William: I, however, am shocked that you, our queen, would do this.
William: Of course. We will need to learn more information about this
Mary: Don't think one is talking
William: It's too bad that I can't send a royal to jail. I sentenced you to a mental hospital to be checked on and for your crown to be passed to your son!
Mary: Curse you <Rank><name>. I would have gotten away with it if you didn't come around.
Back at the police station
Liam: I'm shocked at what just happened, the queen murdered someone because a mystery buyer told her too
Liam: This isn't good at all. We need more information on what is going on
Arther: I agree. It seems we have a new task ahead of us. Find out who that mystery buyer is and what they are planning to do!

Let the Brush Tell the Story (1/6)

Later on, in the police station
Liam: I'm still having a hard time believing that our queen would murder someone over a deal with a mystery buyer
Liam: It seems clear that we must found this mystery buyer and fast
Liam: But the only problem is that we don't know where to start
Louis: Hello. I heard about what happened to Mary and the secret email and I have to confess that I've been send the same email
Liam: And you are?
Louis: Oh sorry. I'm Louis Brochu, the Canadian prime minster
Liam: I see. Please wait in the interview room and we will come as fast as we can
Edward: May I also have a word <name>. It's really important!
Liam: Very well Edward.
Liam: Who do you want to start with <Name>, the Canadian prime minster or Edward

Talk to Louis about the email he got
Liam: So Louis, you mentioned about getting an email from this mystery person
Louis: Yes, I did. It was on the 2nd July of this year
Liam: Interesting. What did the email state?
Louis: Only that the person wanted to buy Canada, not sure what for
Liam: Did you reply to the email at all
Louis: Of course not, I never reply to emails with a cute puppy picture as their profile picture.
Louis: Well then again. I'll only reply if it's my wife or my children
Liam: You don't happen to have the email with you?
Louis: Indeed I do. I brought my laptop with me
Louis: Just one problem though
Liam: And that would be?
Louis: I seemed to have misplaced it
Liam: Not to worry, just tell us where you left it and we'll go and found it.
Louis: I left it at King's Hill, oh, and thanks for the help. Please take this as a token of thanks

Investigate King's Hill
Liam: Did you find the laptop Louis left here
Liam: Excellence! Let's unlock it and see what's on it

Examine Louis's laptop
Liam: You've unlocked the laptop but there's too many files for us to look through, you're right, we should send it to Holly right away

Analyse Laptop
Liam: Holly. Did you find the email on Louis's laptop
Holly: Indeed I did. I've just transferred it to my computer to see what it's all about and I started to hack it
Liam: And what can you tell us
Holly: Sadly I can't tell you much about the email but remember when that Quebec bomb happened ages ago?
Liam: I've read the files on it. Seemed worrying
Holly: Well it seems it was a threat to Louis to try and make him sell the country
Liam: Wait, Justin Martyn made that happen. Are you saying he wasn't alone when doing the bombing
Holly: Sadly not. I would suggest questioning him for answers!
Liam: Oh we will. Time to meet an old friend <name>!

Question Justin Martyn about the bombing
Justin: Ah, you're back are you, I'm not happy you left me without letting me tell my stories
Liam: Now's no time for jokes Martyn! We know someone told you what to do in them bombings you did
Justin: Did I? I swear I just did it myself
Liam: Who was the man or woman who did this
Justin: You know better then you ask me kid. No comment
Liam: Who do you work for?
Justin: No comment
Liam: Do we know them?
Justin: Yes but I'm not saying who it is
Liam: You're completely mad
Justin: I know I am. Thanks for reminding me
Liam: You're part of a group aren't you. How far does this group go back
Justin: All the way back to your very first case in Gottingham. It's been a 3 year jounry and it will end soon. You may have arrested some of our members but you'll not win the war. come and found us but we'll keep hitting you down again and again. You'll not win!
Liam: Not win? NOT WIN! You're little group will fall as fast as you can say "Cheesecake" when we find your leader!
Justin: I would like to see you try. Take the burger. I've lose any feeling of being hungery since your ugly face showed up
After interrogating Justin Martyn
Liam: That Martyn really annoys me. but at least we got some answers. I agree, we need to warn Louis NOT to do anything

Tell Louis about the team's findings
Louis: You looked stressed, what ever did you find on my laptop
Liam: The bombing was a plot to try and make you hand over the country to this evil group
Louis: Oh geezs, Do you have a name?
Liam: Sadly not. We will need you to stay in the country, for your own protection
Louis: Of course. I will also tell the Wilenbrough police department to look into it as well
Liam: Good idea. We also advice not replying to any of them emails
Louis: Don't you worry. I wasn't planning too anyway
Liam: Good, police officers will take you to a safe location. Please stay there and don't move
Liam: The Gottingham, Parinaita and Wilenbrough police will work together and try to see what we can find out
Liam: I have a feeling this rabbit hole goes a lot deeper then we last thought. We need to wait till everyone is back to have an emergency meeting!

See what Edward needs
Liam: Edward, is everything alright, you seemed a little worried when you came to us
Edward: That's because someone warned me about something strange in the paints
Liam: In the paints. What on earth do you mean Edward?
Edward: I don't know. I warned William and he doesn't even know what it meant
Liam: How do you know about this?
Edward: I was send a letter by a contestant.
Liam: Do you happen to have the letter with you?
Edward: I think I do.
Edward: Nope. Seemed to have dropped out of my pocket when I went to my tent to draw
Liam: Not to worry Edward. We'll find it and see what is going on

Investigate Artist's Tent
Liam: You found some ripped up pieces of paper, let's put them back together and see what we can find

Examine Ripped up paper
Liam: This seems like the letter that Edward got, it reads: "Edward; Don't use the paints whatever you do!"
Liam: That's a little strange. I agree, let's send the letter to Holly and see if she can tell is to whom this letter is from

Analyse Letter
Holly: So I had a look at the letter you found and I think I've managed to match the handwriting
Liam: Who does it belong to Holly?
Holly: It belongs to a Miss Mia Larinpo. She's the American contestant in the contest but she's waiting for you in the station
Liam: How does she know about the police station
Holly: Because I called her
Liam: Oh... Let's question her then

Ask Mia about her theory
Liam: Mia, We think the letter you gave to Edward came from you. Is this correct?
Mia: I can confirm that it is my handwriting on the letter. I noticed something about the paint that was very strange
Liam: And what was that?
Mia: I was going to use some of it and then I noticed it moving. I called Bonnie over and he told me to use another type of paint
Mia: I did so and that one was moving as well, like it was alive or something
Liam: Moving paints. That sounds like something out of a show
Mia: I'm not lying. I want you to look into it as fast as possible. Whatever it is isn't good and I feel in danger from it
Liam: We'll try but we can't make any promises
Mia: Thank you. Please take this for helping me. I would suggect going to the old building at the edge of Rose Hill.
Liam: We'll try our best. Thank you for your team

Later on; At an emergency meeting
Liam: We found some information contenting to a group that has been around since our Gottingham days but we don't know anything about them yet
Liam: We also found out that the bombing was a try to make Louis sell the country
Arther: I've heard. Any news from Gottingham?
Mark: Not of yet. It seems that everything is calm here for now
Liam: Hello chief Jaffacake
Arther: Any news from the Wilenbrough side of things?
Jenna: I believe we've found some of the people in this country already. I'm not sure though
Mark: If you can. Can me and Arther have some information on the evildoers?
Jenna: Of course. I'll ask one of my men to send it over to you
Liam: What do we do now
Arther: We wait and see what is going to happen. You have an investigation on the paints right?
Liam: Yes sir.
Arther: Investigate every lead you have. Start off with the old building that Mia told you about. Go now
Liam: Very well sir. Come on <name>, Let's go!
(Suddenly, out of nowhere, you have a vision)
???: Come to me <name> I need to be set free. I've been waiting thousands of years for this
You: Who are you
???: (Laughter) no time to EXPLAIN
(A hand came for you from a painting and pulled you in and the screen goes dark)
Text: To be continued in "Impossible Drawings"; Coming soon

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