A Shock to the Core
General information
Season 3
City Rosenoque (The Mystery)
District Horizon Station
Case # 62
Initial release date 2nd April 2020
Partner(s) Diana Osborne (All Chapters)
Case chronology
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Protocol 666 Deciding Your Side
Investigating the Cult's second recruit laboratory in Horizon Station, we near the truth step by step, but a supernatural victim is claimed, electrocuted to death! Don’t bolt away from the scene, and catch this killer guilty as charged!
—Case Teaser

A Shock to the Core is a case featured in Criminal Case as the one-hundred and seventy-seventh case of the game. It is the sixty-second case of The Mystery and the fourth case in Horizon Station.


After the team discovered more of the Cult's plans, Diana and the player hurried to the second recruit laboratory to find out more on the Cult and their motive behind their plans, as well finding the final four members. They then entered the Gaulstone Cult, where they found paranormal investigator Jay Bagans, strapped to a chair and electrocuted to death. After discovering the murder, Ethan and Janice confirmed per the body and a stained handkerchief that the victim was chloroformed before he was strapped to the chair and electrocuted to death. before Diana and the player investigated the laboratory and the victim's paranormal van to find clues to suspect businessman Labeeb el-Omar, reporter Polly Walker and animal caretaker Clark Moore in the homicide. Soon after, Diana and the player felt chilling winds before they heard the victim's voice speaking to them.

They then followed the voice to an abandoned puppet shop, where shelves of dolls were watching the detectives as they investigated, suspecting interim mayor Nancy Teagan and grieving former mayor's daughter Ophelia Oakley in the homicide. They also traced the voice to an antique gramophone playing in the shop. They then discovered that the victim had been trying to scare Labeeb away by putting holograms to imitate ghosts in properties that the businessman was trying to purchase and that the victim reported Clark for abuse of his wolves. Soon after, they were informed by Maxwell that he had been studying the puppets in the shop and that he had discovered a puppet of the interim mayor. After they discovered the doll, they then questioned Nancy, who told them that Jay had sent her a photo of the doll, which led them to believe that Jay made the creepy puppets in the shop. They also found out Ophelia asked for Jay's help speaking to her father's ghost and that Polly asked for Jay's help in finding an actual ghost for news publicity, only for Jay to reject both of them. They then eventually uncovered enough evidence to close the occultist case and arrest Clark Moore for the homicide.

They then confronted Clark about the homicide, the animal caretaker initially denying the accusations against him. Then Clark snapped and told them that Jay was destroying his family’s property and that Jay deserved it. After Diana asked Clark what he meant, Clark then told them that his grandfather and uncles were owners of the creepy puppet shop that the team had investigated during the case. He then explained that he had kept it preserved in memory of his predecessors after the last of his uncles passed away two years before, even through the collapse of the district they now called Horizon Station. One day, a couple months prior, he had noticed that some of the dolls had been disturbed, some of them mimicking people he knew, and it angered him. He then set up cameras in the doll shop, hoping to catch the one behind it. After weeks, he soon discovered that Jay was the one behind the alterations of the dolls. Clark then confronted Jay the next time Jay had been caught by the animal caretaker himself, mere days before the murder, and Jay told Clark that he was doing it because he had to. Jay then told the caretaker that he had to go and find out more about “them”, before the paranormal investigator ran off. Soon after, Clark was sent a message, telling him that he should stand for himself and not let people ruin his family’s legacy, which prompted Clark to follow Jay to a secret laboratory, where Jay mentioned that he had left a message for the police, in the hands of the deputy mayor, before Clark knocked him out. Clark then proceeded to electrocute Jay to protect his family’s legacy. Disturbed by Clark’s insanity, Diana arrested Clark and took him to trial, where Judge Brighton sentenced Clark to a lifetime sentence in Gaulstone Asylum. Clark then told them that it was for his family’s legacy before he then coughed blood and collapsed unconscious.

After the trial, Chief Tempest told the detectives that paramedics was able to discover that Clark was given a small dosage of belladonna poison, which helped them administer him a cure. The Chief then told them that Clark would be put in the asylum immediately after he was deemed to have recovered from the poison. She then tasked the detectives to investigate Clark's poisoning and the killer's claims about Jay trying to find out more about "them". Diana and the player then headed to the laboratory, where they found a faded folder that revealed a series of notes written in rapid French. They then sent the file to Diego and Maxwell to decipher. Diego then told them that the folder was actually a roster of the cult, noting all the members including The Pyromaniac, the Beast and the Warrior, as well the final four members, nicknamed the Silence, the Wind, Gamma and Alpha. Diego then said that notes under the Silence suggested that they were behind the poisoning of Clark Moore, the murder of Noah Wilton and the exposure of evidence that incriminated several killers in the city that they had arrested, including Alesandro Costas, Mirembe Adebayo, Alexander Weiss and Connor Thompson and a few others.

Meanwhile, Major recalled that Diana mentioned Jay leaving them a message for the police, in the hands of the deputy mayor. Major and the player then headed back to the creepy puppet shop that Clark claimed to own, soon searching through a pile of dolls as Diana had thrown the creepy doll away, soon finding Nancy's doll. They then noticed a lock in the doll's hand, soon deciphering the lock and unlocking a secret compartment that revealed a secret message. They then sent the message to Erika, who revealed that Jay was actually helping the team by altering the dolls, despite paying with his own life. She then explained that the message revealed that Jay was a double agent in the Cult, trying to discover the various experimented recruits that the Cult had already created and released into the city. She then told them that Jay had stamped his paranormal symbol into the heads of the dolls he changed to confirm the dolls as recruits. She then told them that she, Janice, Joshua, Alexandra and Jacob had started searching the doll shop and finding out identities of the dolls in order to find the recruits so they could send officers out to arrest them for their unknown involvement with the Cult. Afterwards, the Chief and the player informed Nancy of their discoveries, Nancy telling them that she would help with the efforts, promising them that once the police eradicated the Cult's leader and members and destroyed their plans, Rosenoque would become a better city.

Shortly after, animal caretaker Shawn Barlow came to Major and the player, asking for their help. He then explained that now his father was dead and Clark was going to Gaulstone's asylum for the rest of his life and after learning of the Moores' past, he remembered the old family animal partnership from over a century ago. He then told them that he wanted to restart with the Moore family's last alive and free member, Zane Moore, and create a new future for the Moore and Barlow families. Shawn and the player then went to see Clark about where he left the ancient plaque of the family's partnership, where Clark initially refused to let his son partner up with the "bastard's son", but let slip that he left it in Jay's van. Shawn, Major and the player then found the broken plaque, which the player restored before Shawn went to see Zane, who agreed with the animal caretaker in reuniting their partnership to create a better business environment for any animal they came across. Soon after, Zane's group of wolves came to give Shawn, Major and the player some wolf kisses by licking their faces.

After all the eventful discoveries and helping Shawn reunite his family's partnership with Zane, Erika revealed that local police officers had been able to arrest a few recruits, but a few more aware recruits attacked them and fled their residences into hiding. Chief Tempest then revealed that Nancy would be working on the manhunt for the hiding recruits while they searched the final four members of the Cult. Soon after, Erika got a message from Marcus Wellington, with a beckoning to a series of coordinates, which revealed a cult temple in Horizon Station. Wanting to face his father's former ally, Major and the player headed to the temple to speak to Marcus, where they found fresh blood splattered across the temple's altar, a mutilated person slowly dying, the word 'TRAITOR' written in blood on the stone walls.



  • Jay Bagans (found dead in a laboratory, electrocuted to death)

Murder Weapon

  • Electroshock


  • Clark Moore


Labeeb el-Omar
Height 5'6"
Age 45
Weight 184 lbs
Eyes green
Blood O+


  • The suspect drinks expresso
  • The suspect eats chocolate
  • The suspect suffers from heartburn


  • The suspect has facial hair
Polly Walker
News Reporter
Height 5'6"
Age 42
Weight 159 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A+


  • The suspect drinks expresso
  • The suspect eats chocolate
  • The suspect suffers from heartburn


  • The suspect wears glasses
Clark Moore
Animal Caretaker
Height 6'0"
Age 42
Weight 173 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+


  • The suspect drinks expresso
  • The suspect eats chocolate
  • The suspect suffers from heartburn


  • The suspect wears glasses
  • The suspect has facial hair
Nancy Teagan
Interim Mayor
Height 5'6"
Age 39
Weight 152 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+


  • The suspect drinks expresso
  • The suspect eats chocolate
Ophelia Oakley
Grieving Mayor's Daughter
Height 5'6"
Age 19
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-


  • The suspect drinks expresso
  • The suspect eats chocolate
  • The suspect suffers from heartburn


  • The suspect wears glasses


Shawn Barlow
Animal Caretaker
Height 5'10"
Age 19
Weight 139 lbs
Eyes black
Blood A+
Zane Moore
Clark's Son
Height 5'9"
Age 19
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B-

Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks expresso.
  • The killer eats chocolate.
  • The killer suffers from heartburn.
  • The killer wears glasses.
  • The killer has facial hair.

Crime Scenes

Abandoned Laboratory Collapsed Machinery Abandoned Laboratory Bonus
Victim's Paranormal Van Inside Jay's Van Victim's Paranormal Van Bonus
Creepy Puppet Shop Shelves of Dolls Creepy Puppet Shop Bonus


Chapter 1

  • Investigate Abandoned Laboratory. (Clues: Victim's Body, Torn Pieces, Box of Equipment)
  • Examine Torn Pieces. (Result: Property Request)
  • Question Labeeb about locking up properties in the district.
  • Examine Box of Equipment. (Result: Victim's Keys; New Crime Scene: Victim's Paranormal Van)
  • Investigate Victim's Paranormal Van. (Clues: Handkerchief, Locked Recorder, Wolf Cub [Faded Collar])
  • Examine Locked Recorder. (Result: Recordings Unlocked; New Suspect: Polly Walker)
  • Interrogate Polly about questioning the victim about the paranormal.
  • Examine Faded Collar. (Result: Information Revealed; New Suspect: Clark Moore)
  • Return the wolf cub to Clark Moore and ask about his presence.
  • Examine Handkerchief. (Result: Brown Substance)
  • Analyze Brown Substance. (03:00:00; Attribute: The killer eats chocolate)
  • Autopsy Victim's Body. (18:00:00; Murder Weapon Found: Electroshock; Attribute: The killer drinks expresso)
  • Go to Chapter 2. (No stars)

Chapter 2

  • Investigate Creepy Puppet Shop. (Clues: Gramophone [Record], Torn Pieces, Box of Doll Parts)
  • Examine Box of Doll Parts. (Result: Mayoral Pin; New Suspect: Nancy Teagan)
  • Ask Interim Mayor Teagan about being in Horizon Station. (Attribute: Nancy drinks expresso)
  • Examine Torn Pieces. (Result: Memorial Speech; New Suspect: Ophelia Oakley)
  • Check on Ophelia about her presence. (Attribute: Ophelia drinks expresso and eats chocolate)
  • Examine Record. (Result: White Powder)
  • Analyze White Powder. (09:00:00; Attribute: The killer suffers from heartburn; New Crime Scene: Inside Jay's Van)
  • Investigate Inside Jay's Van. (Clues: Locked Hologram Device, Letter Tray)
  • Examine Locked Hologram Device. (Result: Device Unlocked)
  • Analyze Hologram Device. (09:00:00)
  • See Labeeb about the holograms. (Attribute: Labeeb suffers from heartburn, eats chocolate and drinks expresso)
  • Examine Letter Tray. (Result: Faded Letter)
  • Examine Faded Letter. (Result: Official Letter)
  • Question Clark about the victim's complaint. (Attribute: Clark eats chocolate, drinks expresso and suffers from heartburn)
  • Go to Chapter 3. (No stars)

Chapter 3

  • Ask Nancy about the doll of her. (Attribute: Nancy eats chocolate; New Crime Scene: Shelves of Dolls)
  • Investigate Shelves of Dolls. (Clues: Locked Recorder, Crystal Ball)
  • Examine Crystal Ball. (Result: Fingerprints)
  • Examine Fingerprints. (Result: Ophelia's Fingerprints Identified)
  • Ask Ophelia about the crystal ball. (Attribute: Ophelia suffers from heartburn)
  • Examine Locked Recorder. (Result: Recorder Footage)
  • Analyze Recordings. (09:00:00; Attribute: Polly eats chocolate and drinks expresso)
  • Question Polly about Jay helping her find a ghost. (Attribute: Polly suffers from heartburn)
  • Investigate Collapsed Machinery. (Clues: Snapped Lever, Scrap Bin)
  • Examine Snapped Lever. (Result: Clear Substance)
  • Analyze Clear Substance. (09:00:00; Attribute: The killer wears glasses)
  • Examine Scarp Bin. (Result: Victim's Bloodied Googles)
  • Analyze Victim's Goggles. (15:00:00; Attribute: The killer has facial hair)
  • Take care of the killer now!
  • Go to The Blood of Those Purest (4/8). (No stars)

The Blood of Those Purest (4/8)


  • Investigate Abandoned Laboratory. (Clue: Faded Folder)
  • Examine Faded Folder. (Result: Folder Text Revealed)
  • Analyze Folder Text. (06:00:00)
  • Investigate Creepy Puppet Shop. (Clue: Pile of Dolls)
  • Examine Pile of Dolls. (Result: Nancy's Doll)
  • Examine Nancy's Doll. (Result: Secret Doll Message Unlocked)
  • Analyze Doll Message. (06:00:00)
  • Inform Nancy of their discoveries. (All tasks must be completed beforehand; Reward: 20,000 Coins)
  • See what Shawn Barlow needs help with.
  • Question Clark about where the plaque is. (Reward: Burger)
  • Investigate Victim's Paranormal Van. (Clue: Broken Pieces)
  • Examine Broken Pieces. (Result: Antique Plaque)
  • Go see Zane Moore about ending the family feud. (Reward: Paranormal Ghost Shirt)
  • See what Marcus's message says. (All tasks must be completed beforehand)
  • Go on to the next case! (No stars)


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