A Pre-Meditated Kill is a case appearing in the Hidden Missions season. This case is the second case in the Sunshine Resort district and the eighth case in the entire season.


Director Fellowes assigned the player and Agent Cruz to attend a séance in Sunshine Resort to investigate the function room. However, upon arriving, the two agents encounter the murder of renowned medium Dylan Thayer, who was stabbed in the neck in the function room.

During the investigation, the player encounters an old friend from the Pacific Bay Police Department - Russell Crane. The two agents also calmed down the séance attendees and stopped them from entering the crime scene. In the denouement, Agent Cruz and the player managed to arrest rich widow Helen Wyler for Dylan's murder.

Helen admitted into killing Dylan, as well as being the con-artist who mentored him. Helen claimed that Dylan became jealous of her success when she pulled off her biggest con, which involves marrying a rich young oil magnate and stealing money from him. Dylan made it his mission to expose Helen, a threat she took lightly. But when Dylan found a 'smoking gun' evidence, Helen confronted him and stabbed Dylan in the neck with a pair of scissors and then act as a hysterical gullible widow during the investigation. In court, Judge Bishop sentenced Helen to 40 years in prison for the murder and her confidence crimes.

After the trial, Agent Cruz and the player head back to the hotel's function room to find out more about the event Carla Hagan and Alastair Hahn had been attending. They found a crumpled pamphlet with a unique symbol printed on it. According to Cecile, the pamphlet belonged to the supposedly defunct Utopian cult from Pacific Bay, it is coded and can only be decrypted by a member of the cult, plus the meeting date matched to those of Dr. Hagan and Alastair's visits to the resort. Russell helped Cecile decrypt the message on the pamphlet, revealing that the Utopian cult has been revived and has established a new base in the city of Acropolis. The two agents spoke to hotel owner Cynthia Sinclair about holding a meeting for a cult infamous for their criminal activities, Cynthia simply brushed the two agents off, claiming that the meetings were none of her business. Agent Cruz and the player come to Russell to ask him for his help in exposing and taking down the cult, to which Russell agreed.

Meanwhile, Dylan's wife, Myra Thayer, asked for the player's help in locating the money that he had hoarded from her. Agent Wong joins the player to the hotel garden to investigate. They found a security camera that recorded Dylan handing a suitcase full of money to his agent, Sid Donovan. Sid was then grilled by the two agents about the money, he revealed that Dylan wanted the money to be handed to a charity belonging to the late Robert Wyler. The two agents spoke to Robert's widow, Helen, in jail. She explained that her late husband opened a charity for the homeless, which she suspected was a front for a con trick. Afterwards, Agent Wong and the player gave the money back to Myra.

The team gathered to summarize their investigation, it is now determined that Carla Hagan and Alastair Hahn were part of the Utopian cult and, according to Russell, their scheme with the Valencian virus could be part of the cult's plan to take control over the city. Director Fellowes then gave the team the initiative to investigate further into Sunshine Resort's activities to oust the revived cult.



  • Dylan Thayer (bled to death in the hotel function room)

Murder Weapon

  • Scissors


  • Helen Wyler



Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks limeade
  • The killer watches Cooper's Peak
  • The killer take Misterine mouthwash
  • The killer wears a brooch
  • The killer has green eyes

Crime Scenes

Primary Crime Scenes Secondary Crime Scenes
Function Room Refreshments Table
Victim's Hotel Room Bedroom Vanity
Hotel Garden Nursery Trolley


Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Additional investigation: "Back from The Dead (2/6)"

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