Previously on Gottingham A little while later, back at the station
Amir: I hope the whole body armour thing went well but I can't help thinking that the chief wanting a talk with Allen Salt is a little strange.
Amir: I know we shouldn't worry but nothing seem to make sense in this town.
Amir: I agree. We must also look into more of the disappearance of Anna Love. Something is off
Amir: And who is this Gloria Hancock? We'll need to talk to her as soon as possible.
Amir: But where is sh-
Person: Sorry for interrupting but are you the police?
Amir: Yes. what's the matter?
Person: Someone's threatening to blow up the tube station!
Amir: Wait what!
Back to now
Person: This happened about 5 minutes ago. I don't know if the bomb has exploded or not. Oh god. All my family are meant to be coming from Parinaita today!
Liam: A terrorist threat. I thought you just got rid of the main root <name>.
Amir: I thought we did as well. Liam and <name>. Go to the station and make sure you arrest that terrorist!
Liam: Right, we're on it. Even though it's only 4am in the morning!
At the tube station
Liam: Oi. We've arrested your leader, Emily Love, yesterday. Go and play with your toys some place else
Liam: Wrong question sir. Do you want to go to prison for the rest of your life for the murder of thousands. It's 4am and I don't have time to deal with things like this!
Terrorist: Then die (He sets the bomb)
Liam (Shooting and shouting): EVERYONE DOWN!
A few minutes later
Terrorist: I-I've been shot
Liam: That shouldn't be the least of your troubles sir. You're under arrest!
Liam: <name>, investigate the scene and make sure everyone is safe!

Chapter 1

Investigate Tube station
Liam: Now that the terrorist is in the car. We can carry on with our investigation
Liam: There's the bomb dumbo used. Can you please disarm it
Liam: And who's that man on the floor...he seems to be dead. We better get his body to the lab
Dylan: Hey police...I have a confession to make...
Liam: A confession. Shouldn't you go to church to confess your sins?
Dylan: No...I murdered that man
Liam: Is this some type of April fool's joke!
Dylan: Test the blood on my shirt. You'll soon see it's his
Liam: Well this is confusing. Please wait over there. We'll need a motive from you!
Liam: What the hell. The killer just out right reveals themselves?
Liam: Do the bomb and we'll talk to the 'killer' later

Examine Bomb
Liam: So is the bomb disarmed? I really hope it's not
Liam: Good, now that it's off. We should talk to Dylan about why he murdered that woman

Question Dylan about why he murdered the victim
Liam: You know what you are doing with incriminating yourself. Don't you Dylan?
Dylan: Of course I do
Liam: Did you or did you not murder that victim we found in the tube station
Dylan: I can confirm that I murdered him
Liam: But why?
Dylan: Because some things in the world isn't right and he was the core reason for it all. His business is the reason we are all poor here!
Liam: How did you kill him?
Dylan: I stabbed that monster 100 times all over his body. Gordan Jelly needed to die!
Liam: No he didn't Dylan and with you murdering him. It just proves how corrupt this world really is. You have the right to remain quiet but anything you may say might and will be used against you. Understand?
Dylan: Just take me away...
At the courtroom
Judge Forest: I am not used to the nature of this case. Dylan, you stand acused of murdering Gordan Jelly. How do you pleased?
Dylan: I killed him your honour. There's no other way of putting it...
Judge Forest: I see. I can't believe how quick you were with handing yourself in to the police and that will be taken into account.
Judge Forest: For all the chances above. I sentence you to 40 years in prison
Dylan: I gladly take my sentence.

A few minutes later, back at the police station
Judge Forest: Look. What I'm staying is that this murder makes no sense. Why would someone hand themselves in so willingly
Mark: Possibly a good turn of heart
Judge Forest: Maybe. I just think we should do a lie detector test on him
Mark: A lie detector test is often wrong
Judge Forest: Mark. I know it seems like a stupid idea but it will put my mind at rest
Mark: Very well...Liam and <name>. Go and do a lie detector test on Dylan will you...
Liam: Yes chief...

Do the Lie Detector test with Dylan
Liam: Dylan. Do you approve of us doing this
Dylan: I do. Ask away...
Liam: Did you murder Gordan Jelly willingly?
Dylan: Yes. I did
Liam: Did someone order you to murder the victim?
Dylan: No. I did it of my own accord.
2 hours of questioning later
Liam: You are free to go Dylan. Please wait around and we'll talk to you later
Liam: And we better get these results to Holly and see what she says

Analyse Lie Detector results
Liam: So Holly, what can you tell us about the results?
Holly: Well I can tell you that he got all the questions but one right. He did murder the victim with a paper knife in the tube station but...
Liam: But what?
Holly: Well when you asked him "Were you ordered to kill him". He lied on that question
Liam: So he was ordered to kill Gordan Jelly... We better go and tell the chief about this...
In the chief's office
Mark: Ah. I see you're back from the result. Enlighten me
Liam: Well he told the truth on every question but one...
Mark: And which one was that?
Liam: According to the test. He was ordered to kill the victim...
Mark: I see. A murder in plain sight but an order behind. There's nothing for it. You'll have to go to the killer's house and look for clues and don't leave any stone un-turned!

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The Beginning of the Night (4/7)

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