In the police office
Arther: As you know <name>, We found a cafe that might be owned by The Darkness and we should investigate it at once!
Arther: We need to understand "The Darkness" a bit more but we know nothing as everyone's keeping quiet about them
Amir: If it might help sir, I could go with <Name> to check the cafe since I know things about the cafe myself
Arther: I'm not sure Amir as this is a very dangerous investigation, I don't want you getting hurt
Amir: I understand that chief but don't forget I did work in Parinaita asylum for 12 years before moving to Gottingham
Arther: If you believe you can do it, then go ahead, but remember to call back up if it's needed
Amir: Yes chief, go on <name>, Let's head to the cafe and see what we can find on the Darkness!
Arther: Go to The Dark Cafe for your first lead and then report back to me, okay, go now!

Chapter 1: The Grim Find

Investigate "The Darkness's Cafe"
Amir: Very interesting cafe, There seems to be a dark theme to the whole buildin-
Amir: OH DEAR LORD, That man has had his skin and origins ripped out of him
Amir: It shows signs of this being someone eating the body, which is cannibalism, How horrid
Amir: You're right, we can see the bone, just put it in a body bag already!
Amir: Oh thank god the body is gone! Onto the leads
Amir: You found a bag with the Parinaita asylum logo on it, Let's unlock it
Amir: And I agree that these broken pieces could be useful. Let's put them back together!
Amir: Let me just get some fresh air before we carry on, that scared me!

Examine Broken Pieces
Amir: These broken pieces turned out to be a camera, Let's send it to Holly and see what she can find on it!

Examine Parinaita Asylum bag
Amir: You unlocked the bag in record time, Let's see how fast you can unpack it!

Examine opened bag
Amir: You found a work badge in the bag and it belongs to Harrison Oswald, wait, I know him.
Amir: He was a fellow doctor at the Parinaita Asylum with me years back, If he was here, Let's go and talk to him!

Talk to Harrison Oswald about the body
Amir: Harrison, Been some time since we last talked, how are things going with you
Harrison: Oh my god, if it isn't Amir Agalwal! It has been some time
Amir: Remember treating that person back in '07?
Harrison: Do I ever, what do you need my old friend
Amir: Well we found a body and we were wondering if you knew anything about it
Harrison: Nope, not that I know of
Amir: Very well, do you see anything that could be a lead?
Harrison: Well since I'm now the asylum owner, after the former owner went mad, I haven't noticed anything strange, I did see someone going upstairs
Amir: Wait, the asylum owner! You moved up in the world!
Amir: Anyway thanks Harrison, We'll investigate upstairs at once!

Investigate Arcade Room
Amir: So according to Harrison, the killer came up here. What did you find?
Amir: A safe? Maybe opening it will give us a new lead
Amir: And that open book will tell us something, Let's just dust it!

Examine Faded Book
Amir: The book reports that someone was meeting with a Miss Emily Turnover. Maybe asking miss Turnover some questions will help us figure out who the victim is!

Ask Emily Turnover if she knows the victim
Amir: Miss Turnover, We have some questions for you, We found someone murdered downstairs but we're having problems figuring out who it might be
Amir: We were hoping you might know
Emily: Someone been murdered? Like I care, I just came here for my birthday but I came up here to play some games
Amir: Your lack of feelings for a dead body is troubling. A man died and you don't care?
Emily: Why should I care? No one is as famous as me around here and my mummy and daddy will make sure of that
Emily: Now if you're done, Please leave me alone. I'm busy trying to find my 7 dogs, 17 cats, 5 parrots, 3 horses...
Amir: Let's go before we're here for 9 hours listening to her pets, We'll talk to her later

Examine Safe
Amir: You found some money in the safe but it's unofficial version of the Parinaita money. I know this because it doesn't have the seal of the Parinaita bank on it.
Amir: Luckily I know who the suspect is. It's Elsa Cupboard. Let's talk to her

Talk to Elsa Cupboard
Elsa: Sorry officers but I'm kind of busy eating lunch. Can this wait?
Amir: Sadly not, a man has been murdered and it's important that we find his murderer.
Elsa: Do you know the victim's name?
Amir: No, we don't...
Elsa: Well how am I meant to help if you don't know the name?
Amir: But we thought you may know the victim?
Elsa: Sadly I do not, now leave me in peace!
Amir: We will do that but please be ready just in case we have to talk to you again!

Analyse Victim's body
Amir: Right, What did you manage to find on or in the body?
Amy and Clara: Well the murder was quite horrifying as their's nothing to say who the victim is
Amy and Clara: But we did manage to find something interesting about the cuts on the victim's body
Amir: The cuts? I thought the killer would grab the organs and just eat them
Amy and Clara: And that couldn't be true as the cuts prove that the killer pulled out a knife and cut out the organs to eat them!
Amy and Clara: And it turns out that the cuts were made from someone with a doctor's degree
Amir: So the killer has a doctor's degree? Interesting. We'll have to give them a doctor's test to see how they do!

Analyse CCTV camera
Amir: Holly. We were hoping you could have found something useful on the camera
Holly: I did but it's confusing to say the least. The victim and his killer seemed to be blacked out, so I can't tell you who they are
Holly: But I did see something on the killer which helped find out who they might be. I saw a hot dog in the victim's hand.
Amir: A hot dog? Well that might help a little but try and find out who the victim is!
Holly: On it, It should take 30 minutes. I'll come and tell you when I can
Amir: Thanks Holly, We'll have a look and see who eats hot dogs!

Later; In the police station
Amir: Well this case is horrid. We found a victim, who is yet to be named, and 3 suspects who don't seem to care
Amir: We have my friend, Harrison Oswald, who didn't know the victim
Amir: And the same can be said about Emily Turnover, who seems more worried about her pets
Amir: Also Elsa Cupboard, who couldn't help us at all
Amir: The fact that we don't know who the victim is really worrying me, If we don't know who the victim is. How can we question suspects
Holly: Well I think I've found out for you and it's not good
Amir: Not good? What's wrong Holly? Who's the victim?
Holly: I really don't want to say this but I ran the face though the database and it turned up
Holly: The victim is the city Judge, Alex Holiday!

Chapter 2:

Amir: This case is horrifying. We have a dead body that was eaten to death
Amir: We also have 3 suspects who couldn't seem to care who have died
Amir: I'm just glad we don't have to listen to Emily's list of pets again
Amir: While we have an asylum owner, my old friend, and the Parinaita bank owner as a suspect
Amir: But without a name to the body, We can't carry on.
Holly: You two. I just did a cross examine on the victim and I know who your victim is
Amir: Who is it Holly?
Holly: The city judge, Alex Holiday!
Amir: The judge is dead. Oh god, that's not good. We need to get a new judge and fast
Arther: I'll inform the mayor about our problems, you go back to the cafe and see if you can find any clues in the basement of the building!
Amir: Yes chief, come on <Name> to the basement!

Investigate Cafe's Basement
Amir: This basement seems to go down a long way, you better have found something good.
Amir: You found a checklist, good point, maybe dusting it will give us another suspect
Amir: That phone could be unlocked to see what we can find on it
Amir: That ripped paper looks like it could be important, Let's piece it back together

Examine Faded checklist
Amir: The checklist seems to be some type of attendant record to see who came in the cafe. There seems to be a few on the list
Amir: Alex Holiday, Emily Turnover, Elsa Cupboard, Harrison Oswald and also this man called "Derrick Johnson"
Amir: Oh yes, I know who this Derrick is, he's an art critic from Rose Hill. He's ruthless and doesn't care how many hearts he breaks. If he was here, we much question him at once!

Question Derrick Johnson about being at the cafe
Amir: Mr Johnson, we found out that you went to the Dark Cafe earlier on tonight.
Derrick: Of course I was, what is it to you? All I had were hotdogs
Amir: It's everything to us because the city judge was found murdered there earlier tonight
Derrick: And you think, just because I went there, I could have murdered that young man? You are seriously deluded
Amir: We must follow every leads we have. Did you know the victim at all
Derrick: I don't have any time for this. Please leave before I force you out.
Amir: We will take our leave but please remember that we always find the truth even if you don't want to tell us!

Examine Ripped paper
Amir: So the ripped paper looks like some type of bank statement, but there's something written on it; "How dare you try and bankrupt me and then think you can just mess more things up"
Amir: It's clear that Elsa blames the victim for something, We should go and question her right away

Question Elsa about the disagreement with the victim
Amir: Elsa, It seems you had a disagreement with Alex, how come?
Elsa: Oh, Alex is the victim is he, well I'm not amazed by that, that man was veil!
Elsa: I was arrested for eating a Hot dog near someone who doesn't eat meat and I was the one who got arrested and not that...that...UGH!
Elsa: That's not the end of it. I was sentenced to 20 years in prison because of "Racist behaviour", luckily someone bailed me out before it was too late but we went bankrupt thanks to him!
Elsa: I also had to show my doctor's degree and all my other rewards to prove who I was. That man was a nightmare and I'm glad he's gone!
Amir: Well let's hope you didn't murder Alex because there's no one anyone is bailing you out if you did!

Examine Locked phone
Amir: You unlocked the phone, Brilliant. Let's get it to Holly and see what she can find on it!

Analyse Phone
Amir: What did you find on the phone we gave you Holly
Holly: Well at first it took me ages to get through the logging in station but when I did it, I manage to download everything I needed
Holly: There were some interesting things but what was really interesting was the fact that an old friend of Alex's kept trying to ring him
Amir: Who is this old friend, She could help us with some leads
Holly: Well the name is "Thalia Kingson", She's a dancer at the Parinaita dance hall
Amir: So this Thalia Kingson was ringing the victim, we better question her and see why

Talk to Thalia Kingson about her phone calls
Thalia: Hello, are you here for the show. I can assure you that the show will start soon
Amir: Sorry but we're here on police business, we found out that you rang Alex quite a lot of times. Why?
Thalia: Oh, that was years ago, I've moved on to better things then just ringing boys
Thalia: Anyway. He came out as gay and I understand that but we didn't talk much after that
Amir: I'm sorry to say but Alex was found murdered this morning
Thalia: What...Alex w-was m-murdered. Oh god, I didn't even say my final goodbyes to him, we were meant to be eating hot dogs there...I guess I'll never see him again...
Amir: We must demand that you stay here. Me and <name> will go back to the arcade room and try to find your friend's killer!

Investigate Key-master Arcade Machine
Amir: You found Alex's cane. It's covered in blood though, Let's get a sample of it
Amir: And that doctor's report should tell us something new about one of our suspects, Let's see what it could tell us

Examine Doctor's Report
Amir: So the doctor's report is for the parinaita asylum but it says something about a lawsuit filed by the victim. I agree, if Harrison is hiding something, we better go and question him

Question Harrison about the Lawsuit
Amir: Harrison, we found the Doctor's report that claims that the asylum was facing a lawsuit from the judge. Care to explain
Harrison: Oh that, that was just something stupid the judge did, It was for his mother spilling her tea all over herself
Harrison: But then he blamed us because we gave her the tea and he choose to sue us for it
Harrison: Luckily we manage to get rid of it as it was just a misunderstanding
Harrison: We went for hot dogs and talked about my doctor's degree afterwards.
Amir: Harrison, I would hate it if you were lying so I hope that you are not lying just to hide a darker secret

Examine Bloody Cane
Amir: You got some of the blood, that's good, let's send it to Holly right away

Analyse Blood
Amir: Holly, We hoped you found something in the blood that might be able to help us find our killer
Holly: Not to worry. I did find something that will help and it's quite an important clue
Holly: The blood, of course, belonged to your victim but then I found something that was blue in colour
Holly: I had a look to see what it might be and it contented a blue ink and so I noticed what it was
Holly: It was a blue ink ball-point pen
Holly: And if the killer lost their ball-point pen. I bet you they would have got another one
Amir: So we're looking for a killer with a blue ball-point pen. Well you could say that this murder has their name written all over it!

Back at the police station
Amir: So this investigation has gotten a bit more confusing
Amir: We have two more suspects, One is Derrick Johnson who says he didn't know the victim and couldn't care less
Amir: And one is Thalia Kingson, who claims to have not been in touch with the victim for years
Amir: While Alex bankrupted the bank owner when she was sentenced to jail for racist behaviour
Amir: And he also threatened to sue Harrison for dropping tea on his mother
Amir: I really don't know what to d-
Amir: (Fighting) Wait. What's that sound?
Amir: (Crash!) ARGH!

Chapter 3: All You Can Eat Body

Amir: So this investigation has gotten a bit more confusing
Amir: We have two more suspects.
Amir: While Alex bankrupted the bank owner And he also threatened to sue Harrison for dropping tea on his mother
Amir: I really don't know what to d-
Amir: (Fighting) Wait. What's that sound?
Amir: (Crash!) ARGH!
A few minutes later
Amir: Is everyone alright? What was that
Amir: And what is this bloody knife doing here. It must have come in though the window, there also seems to be something on the knife, Let's grab a sample!

Examine Bloody Knife
Amir: You got something clear from the knife, We should send it to the lab
Amir: And you're right, we should check out the crashed car and make sure everything is alright. We have reports that it's parked outside of the cafe now!

Investigate Car Crash
Amir: The person who crashed into the police station must have been drinking this alcohol when they crashed into it. Maybe getting some fingerprints will help us
Amir: Wait. That's the judge's gavel. What is it doing in the car, maybe getting some fingerprints will help

Examine Alcohol bottle
Amir: Wait what. there were no fingerprints on the bottle. How are we meant to find the person that crashed into the police station
Amir: You want to send it to Holly so she can find something, Okay then, I won't stop you

Analyse Alcohol Bottle
Amir: Holly, We are hoping you can put an end to this nightmare about who this bottle belongs to
Holly: It took some time but I managed to find out who did it.
Amir: Who was it?
Holly: It was the victim's friend Thalia Kingson. She has a criminal record for hitting Alex before but the police couldn't get her fingerprints because she's Adermatoglyphia
Amir: Aderm-Adermat...what does that even mean?
Holly: It's a very rare disorder that means that you don't have fingerprints. I had to examine the swear to get the DNA for her
Amir: Interesting, Let's go and talk to her!

Question Thalia on why she crashed into the police station
Amir: Thalia, We found out that you crushed into the police station. Why?
Thalia: I-I didn't mean too young lady. I-I was just angry
Amir: Angry at what?
Thalia: A-angry at that good for n-noth-nothing f-friend who promised me hot dogs!
Amir: Are you talking about Alex?
Thalia: Alex? m-maybe that's his...or her name...but he made my family disown me
Thalia: While he was up on his little fluffy chair judging people like he was god or something when I have a doctor's degree!
Thalia: I h-Hat- Didn't like his guts for what he did
Amir: It's clear we won't get an answer from you right now Thalia. You're coming with us so you can sober up!

Examine Judge's Gavel
Amir: So you found some fingerprints, Let's send them to the lab and see who they belong to

Analyse fingerprints
Amir: So did you find anything on that gavel Holly?
Holly: Indeed I did and I found three sets of fingerprints. One was Alex Holidays, of course, but then we come to the interesting part.
Amir: What would that interesting thing be Holly?
Holly: Well I found both Emily Turnover AND Derrick Johnson's fingerprints on it
Amir: How very interesting. I think it's time we had another talk with them both!

Ask Derrick about why he took the judge's gavel
Amir: Derrick. We found your fingerprints on the judge's gavel. care to explain how it got there
Derrick: That fool thought he could outsmart me.
Derrick: Fine. I admit I took it but you can't blame me when real art was on the line.
Amir: What do you mean Derrick?
Derrick: There was a 17th century painting on display at a gallery and I was going to buy it for my house but then that judge came and said it was a fake
Derrick: and what do you think he did. He destroyed it. a £10,000,000 painting destroyed by an idiot who didn't understand art!
Amir: Is that why you killed him. Because he destroyed a painting that you wanted for your collation?
Derrick: I would have killed him if someone didn't get to him first!
Amir: Well you might have not murdered him but you're under arrest for taking the judge's Gavel!

Question Emily about why she took the gavel
Amir: Emily. It seems you took the judge's gavel. Why would you do that?
Emily: Does it really matter why?
Amir: I'm sorry but it does matter. We want answers and now!
Emily: I took it because he put one of my pets to sleep!
Amir: Really. You took a gavel because Alex put one of your pets to sleep?
Emily: But it was a young dog that I had since I was a child. me and her grew up together and then she started acting strange
Emily: Later on. We found out that it was cancer and I was heartbeaten
Emily: Alex was the only one to save Fluffy and he put her to sleep!
Emily: I was so sad that I started eating hot dogs
Emily: I'm glad that idiot judge is dead and I hope Fluffy is getting her revenge in heaven
Amir: Even if you didn't kill Alex. You're going into the police station for taking the judge's gavel

A little while later
Amir: Well then. We now have 3 suspects in the police station, one for drunk driving and 2 for taking something that didn't belong to them
Amir: But what do we do now?
Amir: You want to have another look in the creepy basement, alright then, let's g-
Holly: Before you go. I found out that both Derrick and Emily has a doctor's degree
Amir: Interesting. We'll add that to their profiles, let's go to the basement!

Investigate Chairs and tables
Amir: You found a locked safe, Let's open it at once

Examine safe
Amir: What the hell, You found some organs in jars! I agree, we should send them to Amy and Clara right away!

Analyse Clear substance
Amir: Holly. I hate to remind you but we're on the clock so you'll need to be quick!
Holly: Lucky for you. I did manage to find something interesting in the clear substance.
Holly: I found that it has anti-UV, which helps protect against sunlight. I can't tell you what what type is it but I can call you one thing
Amir: Which is?
Holly: Your killer much have been a banana because they forgot to put it on, They'll have sunburns by now
Amir: So we're looking for a killer with sunburn, well they better get that sunscreen ready because we're about to burn them even more!

Analyse jars of Organs
Amy: Yes, thank you for taking them. I'm sure they'll be able to help many people
Amir: Amy. What are you doing? Where are the organs
Amy: On their way to the hospital.
Amir: But we need those to get our killer!
Amy and Clara: Don't worry, we've already analysed them and we found some fibers on the led
Amir: Fibers?
Amy and Clara: Indeed and they belong to the killer and we can tell you that the killer must have a scarf on because that is what the fibers belong to.
Clara: But not just any scarf, one from the Highland's. Your killer wears a highland scarf
Amir: Is that so. We better go and find them in the high lands.

Before arresting the killer
Amir: So we have everything we need to arrest Judge Alex Holiday's killer. Even if the judge did some wrong. We can't leave him without the justice he needs.
Amir: It's time to arrest the judge's killer once and for all!

Arrest Killer

Amir: Thalia, you murdered your own friend by eating him. Why would you do that!
Thalia: Oh don't be silly. I would never do something as stupid as that. Why would I murder my old friend
Amir: We found out that you eat hot dogs and your cuts were so good that you must have a doctor's degree
Thalia: So. I don't see how that will help you. I'm not the killer
Amir: Really now. What about that scarf you're wearing and that sunburn and blue pen you use!
Thalia: Fine. I'm your killer but I needed to murder him for the safety of someone
Amir: The safety of someone, who would this person be?
Thalia: I'm not telling you, but if Alex would have banned me from coming back into the country. I wouldn't be able to look after the child of time
Amir: The child of Time. but that's just a legend. It's not real
Thalia: They're real alright and not here anymore
Thalia: They are in Rose...I've said too much
Amir: Rose. Is the child of Time in Rose Hill!
Thalia: Yes. They are, just arrest me already. the Child of Time is one step towards their mission on this earth because of me looking after them and you'll never find out what it is!
Amir: As you wish. Thalia Kingson, You're under arrest for the murder of Alex Holiday!

At the trail of Thalia Kingson
William: I will be stepping in as judge as the young whippersnapper has been killed. How is everyone. I have some sweets for everyone!
Amir: Judge Justice, the trail.
William: Ah yes, of course, Thalia Kingson, you stand here after you admitted to kissing Alex Holiday. I don't think he was right for you Thalia, since he was gay.
Thalia: I murdered him, not kissed him
William: and why ever would you murder a judge. Just talk about your problems with your mum or dad
Thalia: Because I was assigned a job to protect the Child of Time and Alex got in the way when he threatened to ban me from the country but luckily The Child of Time is safe now
William: I see, well murder is never the answer, you should have told him the truth, even if he didn't believe you, showed him the proof you have, but now you've murdered a high ranking official and murder is never the answer to any of your problems
William: Therefore, this court sentences you to 20 years in prison for the murder of Alex Holiday. The court may rise
Thalia: I don't care about prison. The Child of Time is safe thanks to me and they're on their way to complete their mission!

After the trail; at the police station
Amir: I can't Thalia killed the city judge just to keep the Child of Time safe
Edward: I know what you mean but it seems like Harold was right about The Child of Time and we should really look into it
Tom: Well that will have to wait guys. I've just found where The Darkness lair might be!

New Blood: The Choice of Trust (5/6)

Amir: I can't Thalia killed the city judge just to keep the Child of Time safe
Edward: I know what you mean but it seems like Harold was right about The Child of Time and we should really look into it
Tom: Well that will have to wait guys. I've just found where The Darkness lair might be!
Edward: What do you mean you've found The Darkness's liar, How?
Tom: Well it took some time but I saw that some of the hills were different near the end of Raven's Head
Edward: Interesting. Do you have anything to back this up?
Tom: I did...but I dropped it when I was in the Arcade room
Edward: Very well. We'll go and grab it for you
Arther: Before you go. There's someone here to talk to you
Edward: Who is it sir?
Arther: It's this worker at Light.Co, she seemed panicked about something
Edward: Alright. We'll talk to her when we can. What do you want to do first <Name>, talk to the worker from Light.Co or go and look for Tom's Camera

Talk to the Light.Co's worker
Rebecca: You've got to help! He's gone!
Edward: Who's gone?
Rebecca: Joshua Dixon, the CEO of Light Co. He went to get some dinner at the Dark Cafe and he hasn't been seen since, You have to help him!
Edward: Please calm down. We will find Joshua, you said he was at the Dark Cafe?
Rebecca: Yes sir. He went there at 2PM and hasn't come back since
Edward: I see, Well me and <Name> will look for him there, Please try not to worry. We'll being him back if we can
Rebecca: Thank you. Please take this money to help you find him!

Investigate Dark Cafe
Edward: That bag belongs to Joshua maybe it will have something helpful inside. Let's open it

Examine Joshua's bag
Edward: Those broken pieces may be able to help us see where Joshua went. Let's put them back together and fast

Examine Broken pieces
Edward: What are these pieces you found. I think it's a mini voice recorder. Let's hand it to Holly and see what she can do

Analyse Mini voice recorder
Edward: Holly, did you manage to do something with the mini voice recorders?
Holly: Of course I did Edward but we'll have to wait for the right time to listen in on what they are saying
Edward: And how long might we have to wait?
Holly: One or two hours. I will let you know when I have something
Edward: Awesome. Hopefully we'll get something good
Holly: I sure hope so too
Edward: We'll have to wait. So call us when you find something and me and <name> will wait in the break room

Investigate Arcade Room
Edward: I can't see Tom's camera anywhere. Can you?
Edward: You think it might be under them pillow cases. Let's have a look then!

Examine Pillow
Edward: There's Tom's camera...but it's locked. Let's unlock it at once!

Examine Locked camera
Edward: You unlocked the camera. Let's send it to Holly and see what she can find

Analyse Tom's Camera
Holly: I had a look at the camera you send me and it does seem that the mountains are a bit strange. For some reason, when I zoomed in, some have doors
Holly: So I think Tom has found The Darkness lair. It's just the fact that three of us need to get in
Edward: Ah yes. that will be a problem. How will we get in
Holly: By hacking our way in!
Edward: Really? But you would think that a evil group like that could have a high focus on safety
Holly: And you're right Edward. It will take some time to get in but I can do it!
Edward: Amazing, We better go and tell the chief!

Update the chief about the progress
Edward: Sir. We think we've managed to find a way into the lair of The Darkness
Arther: Interesting. How do you think you can do that
Edward: Well Holly's working on hacking the systems
Arther: Hacking won't do it. We need to dress up to hide from them
Edward: That makes sense. What now chief?
Arther: Now we wait till something happens!

Later on; In the break room
Edward: This is very strange how Joshua disappears and there's nothing to say where he's gone
Tom: Ah. there you two are. Holly's been looking for you. She's got something!
Edward: That was fast, Let's talk to Holly and fast!

Ask Holly about what she has found
Edward: Holly. You said you found something. What did you find?
Holly: Well for one. I managed to hack into The Darkness's system and they haven't noticed
Holly: second of all. I think I've got something coming from the basement and it sounds like fighting
Edward: Fighting. How strange, how can you explain it
Holly: Well one voices was Joshua's and the other one is yet to be confirmed
Edward: Joshua's voice was heard in the cafe's basement. How strange
Edward: I totally agree. We should check it out and fast

Investigate Cafe's Basement
Edward: JOSHUA. Are you alright
Joshua: D-Don't c-come any closer. He's going to kill me
Edward: Who's going to kill you
Patrick: Me if he's not careful
Edward: And who are you?
Patrick: I am Patrick Peterson. I believe you've heard of me
Edward: You're not going anyway. We need answers and now!

Speak to Patrick Peterson
Patrick: What do you want to ask me before I blow your friend's brain all over the wall?
Edward: We thought you were dead. What happened there
Patrick: Well that good old friend of mine Sammy Blue knew too much so I flamed him for murder
Edward: But you're might to be dead
Patrick: Am I? I don't remember having to be dead
Edward: TELL US!
Patrick: Fine. I cut my own finger off and ran for it. No one saw me because I can change into an animal of my choosing
Patrick: Now if we're done here. I have to go and talk Joshua to The Dark Lord. Bye bye
Edward: How are you going to get out when police are around this building
Patrick: Like this
(Patrick and Joshua then disappeared in a flash of white lights and was gone!)
Edward: Where did they go!
Arther: I heard shouting. What happened?
Edward: There's no time for questions. We need to grab some team mates and head to The Darkness lair RIGHT NOW before Joshua dies!
Edward: Just be ready <Name>...Anything might be around the corner and every tree might be listening it. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Good luck!

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