Hasuro Haku (holding a coffee cup): Hello <Name>!! A new working day have started! Did you have a good sleep yesterday?
Hasuro: Eh? Where are Jones and Gloria? They are usually the earliest people to come to the station!?
Hasuro: I see, Jones are taking Gloria for a tour of Grimsborough...
Hasuro: And you already knew a lot about Grimsborough since the death of Hari Tono, right? I don't expect that Sploder Science was the killer in that case...
Hasuro (yawning): Well to be honest. Now I'm too lazy to solve cases.... You know, I stayed up late yesterday to play games... And now I'm sleepy...
Hasuro: Eh? Is the police telephone ringing? Don't tell me there will be a case!
Hasuro (holding the police telephone): Anyways, let's answer the call!
Hasuro (on the phone): Hello! The Grimsborough Police Department here!
Philip (on the phone) (sweating): Thank god the police! There's a brutal... murder...
Philip (on the phone): Arghhhhhh!!!!!
Hasuro (on the phone): Calm down mister! Can you please tell me the place where the murder happened?
Philip (on the phone): I'm sorry, I was so shocked. A student was...killed in NBK school...
Hasuro (on the phone): Thank you! We will rush there in a few minutes!
Hasuro: So we've got a new case in NBK school! You know what, it was a student there!
Hasuro: Ah I'm sorry! Let's go to the crime scene!

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