Matthew: Good morning {Name}
Matthew: That report about Justin Martyn bombing the post office of Quebec has me worried. We are dealing with a dangerous person. We should have known that from the very start
Matthew: Also Tom is nowhere to be seen. I'm getting worried for him with Justin running around.
Matthew: Anyway. We need to head to Beeson's Freak show to investigate the way Beeson treats his workers
Matthew: Don't give me that look. I already tried to get Emily and Edward to go. Emily doesn't want to go because of her mother or grandmother being in one
Matthew: And Edward is flat-out refusing to go so you will have me as a partner today. Let's go shall we?
Just around the corner from Beeson's Freak Show
Matthew: According to our files. Beeson has been mistreating his workers for years with unfair pay and other things
Matthew: It just makes me sick that someone would do this. We better get there fast
Matthew: A fire at Beeson!? That man must have heard we are going there and must have burned everything. Let's get there right now!
At Beeson's Freak Show
G.P.Beeson: My beautiful building. Years of work all for nothing! Whoever did this will feel the horror of the freak show!
Matthew: Mr. Beeson, I sure hope you didn't burn your building to get rid of everything. Is anyone in there
G.P.Beeson: I think there was some government official in there. They haven't come out yet.
Matthew: Someone is still in there. {Name}. Get your fire safety suit on and get them government officials out of there!

Chapter 1

Investigate Burning Circus Ring
Matthew: Oh my god. There is the government official under that pillar. She seemed to have been pinned while the flames burned her alive
Matthew: Oh dear. You're right. That woman is Theresa April. The Norope party leader. We need to get her body to Amy as fast as possible
Matthew: You found some broken pieces. Maybe fixing them back together will help
Matthew: And that locked safe might give us a new lead.
Matthew: Let's get out of here before we become like Theresa.

Examine Broken Pieces
Matthew: So the pieces belonged to a kind of toy?
Matthew: What in the word. Who would leave a toy in a burning freak show. You think you can find a match on the data base. Go right ahead

Examine Toy
Matthew: So he toy belonged to a series called Five Days at Fredrick. I can't say I've heard of it
Matthew: Wait. Oh yes. I remember now. The name was mentioned by it's creator, Wasn't his name Andy Coffin. If he was here. We better question him.

Ask Andy why he was at the freak show
Matthew: Andy. We have reason to believe that you were at the Freak Show. Why?
Andy: The building was on fire. I needed to help people get out before the building fell down.
Matthew: Indeed. Well we found a dead body in there. The body of Theresa April
Andy: Oh dear me. I didn't think that would happen. I must have missed her. I'm sorry about that
Andy: Please update me how things are going.

Examine Locked Safe
Matthew: You have unlocked the safe. What was in it. A letter you say. The letter reads
Matthew: "I, Crystal Havens, allow my voice to be used for the queen party".
Matthew: You say you know a Crystal? She was a suspect in your first investigation in Life Rivers
Matthew: If she was signing this contract. We better talk to her right away

Ask Crystal about the contract
Crystal: Oh hello once again {Name}.
Matthew: Crystal. We heard that you were going to sing for the queen's birthday. Who set you up for this
Crystal: It was that Norope's leader. I think her name was Theresa April. Why do you ask?
Matthew: We found her burned alive in the Beeson freak show
Crystal: Wait. She's dead?
Crystal: I was hoping she would hear me sing. How sad. I was going to her office next week
Matthew: Her office you say. You say here and we will investigate her office

Investigate Victim's Office
Matthew: You're right. That painting does seem out of place. Maybe looking at it will help us
Matthew: Also what is that burned wood doing here

Examine Painting
Matthew: The painting was a puzzle. What in the world do you mean it was a puzzle
Matthew: Also what is this cube. Let get It to Adam right away!

Examine burned Pieces of wood
Matthew: Under that burned wood was a gift card with the message
Matthew: "Thank you for giving me this building" and it's signed by Beeson. If he was thanking the victim. We better talk to him right now

Ask G.P.Beeson about the victim
Matthew: Beeson. It has become clear that you gave a gift card to our victim be giving you the building
G.P.Beeson: Wait. Is that government official dead. That's horrible. I would have given her a free tour of the frea-
Matthew: Don't you dare call them freaks!
G.P.beeson: Fine. My workers. It's a shame to see her go. Please give me more information when you can

Analyse Victim's Body
Amy: I know Theresa was a figure that offended some and loved by others but this is a horrible way to go
Amy: I think something fell on her and implied her but she was still alive. It was the fire that got to her and killed her however I did find something
Matthew: What would that be Amy?
Amy: There was something in her hair. Sawdust
Matthew: Sawdust. How strange however it's possible that the dust from the roof got on her
Amy: Indeed. Maybe look for someone with sawdust on them
Matthew: Alright. I don't see why.

Analyse Strange Cube
Adam: This cube is a strange but amazing things
Matthew: What is it Adam?
Adam: It is a remembering cube. It helps people remember thing that they might have forgotten
Matthew: Interesting. What does it show
Adam: Well it shows the death which is strange however it might have been recorded because someone forgot something
Matthew: So the person who owned this cube has problems remembering things. Interesting.
Matthew: Let's carry on {Name} before the commissioner annoys me anymore.

In the police office
Matthew: We found Theresa April burned and implied in Beeson's Freak show
Matthew: We also have talked to 3 people
Matthew: Andy said he was helping people get out
Matthew: Crystal was meant to be helping at the queen's party
Matthew: Beeson is trying to hide the truth
Edward: Sir. I have something to say
Edward: Well remember that cube. I had a look and this isn't an accident. This was a murder!

Chapter 2

Matthew: We found the dead body of Theresa April. We also have 3 suspects, 2 clues and a very confusing box
Matthew: We already know how Beeson is hiding the truth. I think we need t-
Edward: Sir. I had a look at the footage from the cube and this wasn't an accident. It was murder
Mathew: A murder. Whatever make you think that?
Edward: I had a look at the footage and saw a hand cutting down the pope that pinned the victim down and then the hand set the circus on fire!
Matthew: So this was murder. What should our next move be?
Archibald: If I might. I suggest you go back to the crime scene since we now have proof of a killer!
Matthew: Very well Archibald. {Name}, It's time to go back to the circus!

Investigate Preforming area
Matthew: What in the world is that rope. There seems to be something on it. Maybe taking a sample will help
Matthew: And I agree. That camera might be hiding something. Let's unlock it right away!

Examine Camera
Matthew: You've unlocked the camera. Let's press play and see what is going on!
Start of Recording
Beeson: What do you think to the show Theresa?
Theresa: It was good. It's just the safety of your workers that I am worried about
Beeson: What about them. They are freaks. No one will feel sorry if they die. Will just add more money to the circus
Theresa: They may be freaks to you but they are normal people to me. Give them a safety net before a real accident happens!
Beeson: Accident. I'll show YOU a real accident
End of Recording
Matthew: Well then. I didn't think to see Beeson and Theresa talking like that to else other
Matthew: But you're right. It seems Beeson wasn't bothered about keeping his performers safe. We should go and have a word with him

Speak to Beeson about his performer's safety
Matthew: Beeson. It has come to our attention that you haven't been keeping your performer's safe. You better hav-
Matthew: Why don't you care about them. It seems the victim cared about them a lot and s-
Beeson: Freaks are god's mistake. They shouldn't be around. Who cares about their safety
Matthew: WHO CARES!? They are people who have just had the wrong cards in life. They are people who live normal lives
Beeson: I don't care what you have to say. I might have a problem remembering thing but whatever. I don't care about what you or anyone has to say about safety. GET OUT!
After leaving
Matthew: That Beeson sure knows how to annoy people and his performers is worrying.
Abigail: Indeed. Maybe you can help me.
Matthew: Help you...Sure...

See what Abigail wants
Matthew: What do you need miss? We are doing an investigation at the minute
Abigail: I know and I believe I might have something that might help you. Theresa was seen with another man. I think he might have been from the show as well
Matthew: A man from the show. Who? He might be able to help us
Abigail: I don't know but you'll notice him. He's really small and like horses
Matthew: Interesting. Where did they head?
Abigail: To Theresa's office. It might be best if you head there as well
Matthew: Then we will do that at once miss?
Abigail: Oh wait. Is that the bell. Got to go!
Matthew: How strange. Anyway. To the victim's office once again

Investigate Office Windows
Matthew: You found a bag of mail. Let's have a look though it shell we?
Matthew: Also what is this thing. Let us open it and see

Examine Bag of Mail
Matthew: You found some letters. They seem to be from Crystal and it smells of something
Matthew: Wait. That white substance is colchicine. What was Crystal trying to do. We better ask her

Ask Crystal about the drugs on the letter
Matthew: Crystal. Why were there drugs on the letter you send to the victim. Can you please explain
Crystal: Oh...That lot...Well she told me to give it her. She didn't care If anything bad happened to me. She wanted it
Matthew: Really now. Why did she want it?
Crystal: Because....I can't remember...
Matthew: Crystal, Carrying drugs is illegal and if you can't remember why she wanted you to get drugs. We are going to have to arrest you
Crystal: Whatever. See what I care

Examine Strange Device
Matthew: This thing seems to be a bell. Let's ring it and see what happens
Matthew: (Rings the bell)
Tom: You calle-
Tom: Wait... You're not Theresa. Who are you?
Matthew: I am Matthew and this is {Name}. Can we please have a word with you

Talk to Tom about the victim
Matthew: Mr. Tom, We were hoping to ask you about if you knew the victim
Tom: Wait. You say the victim but I work at the freak show and with Theresa. I don't know which one it might be
Matthew: Theresa was the victim. Did you know her well?
Tom: Kind of. I didn't know her any better then I know you.
Matthew: That is a bit strange
Tom: Not that strange. I worked for her but that doesn't mean I knew her. I'm sorry I can't help
Matthew: Very well. Please stay here

Examine Rope
Matthew: Those little things look strange. Let's send them to Richard right away

Analyse Little things
Matthew: Richard. What were them little things that we found on the rope?
Richard: Well the little "Things" you were was corn. but it can make something else
Richard: I found some other kind of corn on the rope and they were more soft
Richard: That in itself is strange and then I noticed that we were in a circus. People do sometimes have popcorn with them which means that your killer much have had popcorn with them
Matthew: So our killer eats Popcorn. Well we about to bust them like a busted corn

In the office
Matthew: After all of that, We are still no where near to finding the killer
Matthew: And we have 2 angry suspects for very different reasons
Matthew: And two new suspects who we don't know much about
Matthew: This inve-
Alex: Matthew, Did you interrogate my sister Abigail
Matthew: Wait. Abigail's your sister!

Chapter 3

Calm down, Friend. This section is soon to be added.

Arrest Killer

Matthew: Mr Beeson. You murdered Theresa April and set your freak show on fire
J.P.Beeson: What the hell are you going on about man. Them freaks make me money and hat lady didn't do anything wrong
Matthew: But we saw you yelling at her because you didn't want to install safety nets
J.P.Beeson: Young man. That wasn't me and you have no proof
Matthew: We do. We know that you have problems remembering things and that you eat popcorn
J.P.Beeson: But so does that's judge's sister. It might have been her
Matthew: It very well could have been but you leaving one of your gold buttons gives you away since miss Holiday doesn't have buttons!
J.P.Beeson: Fine. I murdered that government official but she kept trying to get answers on Tom
Matthew: Wait. You knew Tom?
J.P.Beeson: Of course I did. I was his headmaster one time when he came to my school
J.P.Beeson: And she tried to get answers about him however when I didn't tell her. She got all mad and tried to convince me that Tom was "Dangerous". I laughed in her face
J.P.Beeson: But then she came back more and more not stopping until she had more and more answers. I haven't seen Tom in years and yet she thought I known everything about his were abouts
J.P.Beeson: She annoyed me so much that I snapped and set my freak show on fire. I felt free for a long time in ages.
Matthew: Wow. I just don't know what to say. You're under arrest
At J.P.Beeson's Trail
Alex: Jack Beeson. You are standing here for the murder of Theresa April and the mistreatment of people you call freaks, Which include MY sister
Alex: I am horrified by what you did to them, Locking people in cages and other things, Burning them with your cigar scared me the most
Alex: I feel that your motive is also quite weak and I demand that you hand over ANYTHING you have on Tom Smith to help them.
Alex: and I senteces you to about 60 years in prison for your crimes
J.P.Beeson: 60 YEARS! Are you mad!?
Back in the police office
Matthew: I always had a feeling that man was up to something but I didn't know what
Matthew: But withholding information on Tom sounds bad and luckily we now have it.
Matthew: I'm worried about what may come of the future and I think we much be rea-
Troy: Hello. I think my brother knows Tom more then he lets on!

Gone in a Minute (3/6)

Emily: Hello {Name}. Sorry I couldn't join you...Just this case creeped me out
Emily: Anyway the chief can't join us as he is filling out reports about that Canadian attack that happened last week
Emily: But we seem to be out of lead
Troy: Out of leads? You don't need to be. My brother has be withholding imformation
Emily: And you are?
Troy: Troy McCarrot. I'm Beatie's brother
Emily: Ah yes. We met your brother before. Please wait in the interrogation room and we will talk to you in a minute
Emily: Wait. You want to talk to Mr. Hottie first. Fine. Don't look at me like that. Edward would also think he's hot

Ask Troy about his brother
Emily: I'm sorry for fangirling...I just really like your music. So does Edward
Troy: It's fine. Just don't scream. I've already have has about 2,000 people yelling my name at the Parinaita singing place
Emily: So about this information
Troy: Ah yes. My brother knows Tom and Justin. They were at his singing thing earlier this month
Emily: So why didn't he tell us anything
Troy: Well according to him you didn't ask. Anyway I told him to give some things to me
Troy: But he placed the things in the backstage I believe.
Troy: Maybe cheeking there will help with your search for your friend
Emily: Thank you Troy. We will do that at once
Troy: Oh before you go. Please let me help you with your investigation

Investigate Backstage
Emily: How strange. You found an old book however the pages have gone faded with age. I'll grab your dusting kit
Emily: And that locked box has Tom's name on it. Let's unlock it and see what is in there

Examine Locked Box
Emily: You've unlocked and found a whole lot of things. Let's have a look through the book shell we

Examine Opened box
Emily: What the hell is this!?
Emily: I thought the freak show freaked me out but this takes the biscuit! The message reads "I can't handle things without the truth revealing itself. Come on Tom. Keep it to yourself. Don't let them know your secrets"
Emily: How strange. So Tom is hiding secrets. You're right. I think we better update the chief
In the chief office
Emily: Sir. We found something quite creepy about Tom. It's this piece of paper
Matthew: On may's planet. That is quite scary but I can't do anything about it.
Emily: That is what you always say when seeing something about Tom. You always say you can't do something about it. Why?
Matthew: I....No answer
Emily: No answer. NO ANSWER. Are you kidding me? You know something and we want answers
Emily: Fine but if you are hiding secrets. We will find them!

Investigate Victim's Office
Emily: What is that picture you found. It's labelled "January 2006"
Emily: Maybe dusting it will reveal a better image

Examine Picture
Emily: Oh my. This seems like something we won't meant to see. Tom is in a wheelchair and...
Emily: Wait. That boy next to him is our very own chief, Matthew, I always thought they knew each other from somewhere else.
Emily: I don't know about you but all these lies about Tom is really making me angry. We need a word with our chief right now. He will have no where to go now!

Question the chief about the image
Matthew: I guess you found something have you? What would that be?
Emily: Chief. I always has the feeling you and Tom knew each other from somewhere else and we found this
Emily: Please explain in as must detail as possible. You can not lie. Only the truth and nothing but the truth
Matthew: Where the hell did you find that picture? Fine. I think you need a clue or two
Matthew: Me and Tom were children and we were playing with Beatie and Troy, Everything seemed to be going fine until...
Matthew: ….Until Tom got hurt really bad when he crashed something. I can't remember where but it was something
Matthew: Both his mother and father were dead so we had to take him to the studio's care place
Matthew: He hasn't been able to walk right ever since. He has mostly been in a wheelchair or what not
Matthew: I look after him to make sure he is alright
Matthew: I was really hoping you wouldn't find out
Emily: Well that seems reasonable but why did you hide the information from us
Matthew: Because I needed too. Tom's request
Emily: Very well chief.
Matthew: Listen. I might be able to get him to phone us but let's have something to eat first

Examine Book
Emily: Now that the book is unlocked. It seems clear that the book belonged to Justin Martyn
Emily: You want to send it to the lab. I agree with you there. Let's send it to Adam

Analyse Justin's Book
Adam: Well this book was a puzzle since it's not your normal everyday book
Adam: It's one of them recording books that seem to be very popular these days
Adam: Here. Let me play a page
[Adam pressed a page and a video of Justin appears}
Justin: What the hell do you mean Lawrence is looking for me. I don't care about him
Justin: Don't you listen. I don't care about that old nitwit!
Justin: What do you mean you're recording. YOU IDIOT. TURN IT OFF!
[Video Ends}
Adam: See what I mean. Strange huh
Emily: Wait. Justin thought Lawrence was an nitwit. How strange. You're right we should question him
Edward: That won't be possible. Lawrence went on holiday last week to Mexico.
Emily: Oh please tell me you are kidding me! How come he went on holiday. You know what. Let's just talk about this later

Later, In the office
Emily: What in the world is going on with this case. We found some information on both Tom and Justin but both lead to nothing. Why?
Emily: I wish I knew. Justin seems to be alive at least and so is Tom. I'm glad he is alright
Emily: Also we have no where to lea-
Matthew: Emily, {Name} I've managed to get Tom on the phone. Be fast though. He said he can only talk for a short amount of time

Speak to Tom on the phone
Emily: Tom. Are you still there
Tom: Ah {Name}. I was wondering when you were going to ring me. I missed you
Emily: Tom, This isn't a time to joke. A killer is on the run and we need to find him and you
Tom: Ah yes, Wasn't his name Justin? I know the man. He was an animator at the Sunny Rivers animation studio.
Emily: Wait. You know him. Why didn't you tell us Tom
Tom: I have problems remembering things after that accident of mine
Tom: Anyway. I must go. I'll meet you at the LGBTQ+ pride event tomorrow. Edward and Taylor will be there I believe
Emily: No. Please don't go.
Tom: Sorry E-ly. L-e's Brea-ng u-. T-lk S-n
Emily: The line broke. Anyway. He said he would be at the pride event tomorrow. We will meet him there and hope to get more answers!
Emily: We know out next step. To the Pride Event tomorrow!

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