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A Fallen Star from Heaven
General Information
Season -
City Crimestone
District Sinner Groove
Case # 17
Initial release date 19 VI 2021.
Partner(s) Alfonso Calconi (All chapters)
Case Chronology
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Excuse Me, There is a Body in my Soup All Father's Sins
As the mafia factions rush to take the effect another murder peaks the head in as the skilled police officer had been killer in the middle of the melting pot. With it the chances for the smooth operation falls to zero so it's time to act like a good person and help the officers with this murder!

A Fallen Star from Heaven is a case featured in Criminal Case: Mafia's Secret Diary as the 17th case of the game. It is the second one to take place in Sinner Groove, a district of Crimestone.


After obtaining plans from Jason so they can be ahead of their enemies, Calconi Family began to arm in order to defend their legacy in the district but operation got cut short as Marcus alerted the family that police is surrounding the square because of the dead police officer. Giuseppe then told him to keep hold and inform them with any new discovery as the player and Alfonso will make their way there to inspect the area too. Upon arriving at the scene, Marcus sighed and said that the coroner already took the body and some evidence but he will make sure to send reports to Lawrence as soon is possible. Before he left he said that the victim was the officer named Lincoln Combson.

Soon after the police presence became lesser then sneaked behind and began to search for what police missed. Soon they discovered that the victim had a letter from a pimp Zeuz Vulz before discovering that the victim was supposed to go on a date with a socialite Charlotte Polaris but also reasons to suspect a priest Father Jebediah Crane. Soon after listing all the people they suspect, a duo returned to the mansion where they were met by Lawrence who said that Marcus sent them report. He then said how the victim died from a hard push onto the hard statue, breaking their spine and making them fall onto the edge of the statue holder and down to a hard concrete. He also explained how the police found beeswax on his uniform and that the killer probably has contact with it.

Discovering all that a duo sit in the main hall and anxiously waited how police to move away and no one to fire any shot. Then, Camilla tapped the player's shoulders and said how her friends who spy near the prison told them that Mancio Tortorelli is free from prison. Alfonso, widen his eyes and forming an angry expression asked how is that possible on what Camilla said that she doesn't know but that they should keep the cool heads of the entire operation of achieving domination would be for nothing. Alfonso clutched his fist and said that he will try to be polite as they will go to see where Mancio is. With Camilla's help they soon discovered that Mancio is hiding in the abandon yoga studio. There they discovered his coat and right after ended up on his gunpoint. Mancio laughed as he said that it has been a while and that he would love to kill them both but that his parole would be destroyed that way. Her smirked and moved the gun away, demanding from them to go as soon is possible or he will call police on them. After that king a deep breathe, Alfonso turned towards Mancio and said that they have business here to find someone before beginning to argue with Mancio, making a diversion for the player to search around. The player then came across a discovery that the Charlotte left the victim long ago but because of his abusive nature he forced her back into a relationship before suspecting a local peanut butter maker Horatio DeCapronni. They also discovered how Zeuz paid large amount of bribe to the victim so he would be silent about the brothels he own and their conditions.

Shortly after that, Marcus approached the family, saying that police is coming to collect legal documents of the player to verify their claims of them being detectives. Giuseppe, with Lawrence, said that they will take care of everyone as he told Marcus to give them his documents as he surprisingly did. After a while, Lawrence returned with newly forged documents and told Marcus to show them to his chief. After Marcus left, Giuseppe said that the player and Lewrence should go and do the investigation as Mancio's return would make Alfonso go by feelings. Lawrence, grabbing his jacket left with the player where they decided to search the place where Mancio was again. There they discovered that the person who paid for Mancio to be free was the victim himself as soon they found how the victim arrested Horatio without any proof, thus destroying his image he had in the community.

Finally, when all evidence was present, the team alerted Marcus who went to arrest Horatio. Howatio narrowed his eyes as the police surrounded his workplace, asking for his surrender. Horatio told them that they have wrong guy but Marcus told him how that is not the case and that is the best for him to step out and confessed. He sighed and seemingly with no exit stepped out, saying that he did killed Lincoln and that his motive is much more then just a simple murder. Horatio smirked and said that his work has been completed as he serves to serve and flame the war. He confessed his involvement with the "organization" who wants to make the war of powerful families in the city. He also stated how all this is happening because Calconi Family doesn't want to stand down. Continuing his talk he mentioned how this city has a secret layer, not accessible to many and how his boss is the and only who should control the city but that many other people here wants to stop that from happening so he decided to take the easy bait and make police come here and crush the rebellion. He said how his boss, a now free man, told him to take Lincoln as the bait and kill him on that place so police would come so the plan can be set in motion. Old man smirked as Marcus and the officers had their guns raised towards him as he stopped a bit forward and from behind activated a bomb who blew up couple of police vehicles and created a diversion for him to escape. While the police tried to regroup, Horatio began to flee but didn't knew that from a distance the player and Lawrence watched. They started to run after him and cut his escape as Lawrence's punch knocked him down. The player then tied him up and put in the van as the duo drove off to the mansion.

As Lawrence and the player drove their van inside the grounds of Giuseppe's mansion, a duo took unconscious Horatio inside the mansion's basement and tied his arms. As he woke up, he was welcomed by the player, Lawrence and Diokleziano. Diokleziano then raised his head as Horatio spit on him, saying that he will not speak to them and that his boss will be angry when he discover all this. Diokleziano then kicked him with his knee and said that he will speak. Coughing for air, Horatio made a chuckle and said that he is old and hard hits will make him dead, therefore useless to Giuseppe. Lawrence then said that if he knows Giuseppe's name then he probably works for Mancio on what he nodded and said that someone in the room is finally smart. He then said how Mancio had a free time in prison to plan, plan and plan, saying how he made so many operations and tactics to kill Calconis and be the leading mafia boss. Trying to escape his chains, Horatio said how the plan is already running and while everyone is trying to get answers from him, Mancio and his people are killing and lurking others on their side as his plan was to make police be intense here because Calconis are always loud with their murders. Not wanting to listen more a trio left upstairs where Diokleziano said that he and the player will need to search where Mancio hid and wire it carefully with Ludovica's help as they will catch him and this time prison won't help him. The player, Rosetta and Ludovica with her surveillance kit went to old studio and searched it deeply, tapping everything that is possible. During the process, the player discovered an agenda that had the meeting between Mancio and Zeuz. After checking the watch they found that the meeting started 3 hours ago and probably ended by now. A trio then went to their black SUV and drove to the location of the meeting - Building rooftop. From below the team used binoculars to see that Zeuz was already picking up sniper, meaning that the deal was about killing. Rosetta and the player quickly went inside as Ludivocia was watching Zeuz's moves, trying to be unspotted. Soon the arrived to the roof . Then, the player and Rosetta began to fight Zeuz who handle himself good but during the fistfight he threw his sniper down as Rosetta finally overpowered him and with the player tied him on the vent pipe with the iron rope. Holding gun onto him, she demanded an answer who was he supposed to kill and why. The pimp just laughed at them, telling them that he would never speak which made the played punch him in the nose. With the blood dripping out of his nose he said that with violence he would never speak on what the player demanded a gun from Rosetta that she gave him. The played them kneeled down and pushed the gun between his legs, saying that he will shoot his companion if he doesn't speaks before he did it anyway. Groaning in pain he told them that he need medical help on what Rosetta said that he will get it when he say who was he supposed to kill, making Zeuz sigh and confess hat it was the priest Jebediah because he recently got ownership of this district from the mayor and wanted to make it better but then some people, organization who called themselves avengers began the war with Calconi gang because of Mancio's arrest but now that he is free the group will grow even stronger and he wanted to talk with priest for him to give Mancio partial ownership as he could invest and make it better so he was asked to assassinate him and signing the agreement so Mancio could be the owner. Hearing that the player rushed back down as Rosetta alerted paramedic unit.

Returning down, the informed Ludovica who quickly opened her laptop and began to listen to what is going on in the studio as the player picked up the sniper while Rosetta alerted her father Alfonso who said that he will deal things with Diokleziano. Ludovica said that the two just met and began to talk. Still on the line Rosetta was saying what Ludovica was catching. The second team rushing into the car and towards the studio. While on the road Ludovica told the her companions that they just got a company as the two unknown voices joined the conversations and how threats started to happened. Hearing that Rosetta transmitted it to Alfonso who broke the break and rushed to the studio but, to their bad luck, it was too late. Lucdovica then said how she heard glass breaking and gun shots before screeching of tires was heard as 5 minutes later the duo arrived to the crime scene, finding nothing but room full of struggle and blood. Alfonso quickly found the tire tracks and took picture of them for Ludovica to search as Diokleziano turned the room upside down, only discovering the blood stained documents of power sharing as well as the bracelet that Charlotte wore. Musclemen then went to Charlotte's house who was strangle opened and with their guns out search the house where they found Charlotte cleaning the gun. She raised her look and said that is the time for her to finally meet her associates as she with a smirk said that she is the the grand daughter daughter of Giuseppe's wife, the late acting boss and that she heard around the district what team is looking for, saying that she had close ties with Mancio during her undercover days when her family was taken away for ransom. Charlotte then said that she heard about the struggle at the studio, pointing to her hi tech hacking equipment. Alfonso then said why she never said anything on what she said that secrecy here meaning everything before mentioning that her car has been used and that if they don't trust her they can track her GPS in the car, or well, their hacker can even if she is already on it. Not trusting her a little bit Alfonso took the USB and left alongside Diokleziano.

After re-grouping Alfonso have USB to Ludovica who compared all that to tire tracks and found a match, meaning that Charlotte did said the truth. Alfonso told her to dig deeper as he and the player has to talk with Giuseppe. The went inside his study and questioned him about Charlotte and Alfonso's voice raised and wanted to know did he had a sister or brother who he never met, making Giuseppe to narrow his eyes and say that he should not raise a voice at him and that a lot of family from his mother's side are in witness protection program and that no one of them can be trusted but hunted down. Slowly turning around he said that is Charlotte was truly is wife's granddaughter then she has to be annihilated as her family was cop family which could've explain all the equipment and setups. Before Giuseppe could've say anything more Ludovica entered inside and said that she found the car - in the river, 15 kilometres from the city.



  • Lincoln Combson (Pushed on the city statue)

Murder Weapon

  • Pushing


  • Horatio DeCapronni



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer listens to Luna Del Regina'.
  • The Killer uses beeswax.
  • The Killer practices yoga.
  • The Killer has freckles.
  • The Killer wears gloves.

Crime Scenes

Calconi Square Statue Calconi Square Bonus
Building's Rooftop Emergency Exit Building's Rooftop Bonus
Abandon Studio Staff Room Abandon Studio Bonus