A Death Wish
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Far West
Case # 7
Initial release date 6.9.2020
Partner(s) Parker Colton
Case chronology
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Head for a Fall Bull-Time Job

A Death Wish is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the seventh case of Secrets of Yahatu and the thirty-seventh case overall. It's also the second case to take place in Far West district.


After Autumn Crimson revealed that she found Rosa Chapman's former house, chief Clint Russo told everyone to rest since tommorow they are heading there. When they arrived, Parker approached the player and suggested that they should take a walk and see if someone knows anything about Rosa or her old home. As they were walking through the town, they got approached by a woman who introduced herself as Ada Strickland, who said that a woman fell into the town's wishing well and that she needs help. No second to lose, Parker and player investigated the scene and found a dead body of young farmer Taylor Bates, who was tied up and dumped in the well. When Parker offered to call the police, Ada sighed and said that they police never come here due to town's bad reputation. Knowing that they can't let a murderer roam around free, Parker and player investigated the scene once again and found enough clues to suspect Ada, Carpenter family heir and novelist Archibald Carpenter and victim's brother, former cop Carson Bates. When they got back to the well, Autumn approached them, saying how their victim was also working as a prostitute.

After Autumn told them Taylor's secret, Parker and player decided to search victim's room where they found enough evidence to suspect land buyer Dylan Cobbs, who was Taylor's latest client, along with oil tycoon Joshua Ashridge. Later on, after investigating the town marketplace, Parker and player discovered that Ada was Taylor's college professor and that Taylor treated Ada like garbage, despite being her professor. The duo also learned that Taylor catfished Jordan on the dating app for six months, pretending to be man. After all of these events, Parker and player returned back to victim's room, where they got approached by drunk Carson, who blamed himself for Taylor's death.

The team then spoke to Carson, who broke in tears and revealed that Taylor had a dangerous stalker who probably killed her. Carson blamed himself for failing to rescue his sister, prompting Parker to calm him down and reassure him that they'll find her killer. The duo then investigated Taylor's room once again and discovered that Carson and Taylor argued about their parents's will and that Dylan wanted to take his and Taylor's relationship to another level, but instead Taylor saw him as a creep. They also learned that Joshua was good friends with Bates family, but cut all ties with them due to their problematic past. Later on, the team found enough evidence to incriminate Carson as Taylor's killer.

After getting confronted with evidence, Carson explained that, on his deathbed, his father told him and Taylor to take care of their house and continue to be good, caring children. His death affected Carson a lot, who took his father's last words very seriously and took good care of their old house, along with becoming a cop in process. Few months later, Carson discovered about Taylor working as a prostitute and confronted her, telling her that their dead father expected much more from her. Carson facepalmed, saying how Taylor crossed all lines when she decided to sell their house to Dylan Cobbs in order to get enough money to escape to Hollywood. Angry at Taylor for betraying their father, Carson found her by the wishing well, tied her up and dumped her in the water to drown before dropping a coin in the well too, wishing for their father to forgive him for taking Taylor's life. Parker and player then took the former police officer to chief Russo, who alerted the authorities.

After Carson's arrest, Parker and player approached Ada Strickland for help with understanding the symbols on Rosa's silver box. Ada shrugged, saying how she's never seen something like that, but some of her books might be able to help them. The team then investigated the wishing well once again and found Ada's bag with books inside. After unveiling the faded cover books, the pair sent the books to both Rudy and Ada. Few minutes later, Rudy and Ada explained how the symbols seem to be some kind of riddle. Disappointed with the outcome, Parker and player thought about returning the box before Autumn approached them, saying how they need to keep the box. Autumn revealed that she researched about the silver box and the dagger and discovered that, if they stab the dagger into the box and return the box back to Yahatu Goddess's temple, they might be able to stop the hurricane and return home. When Parker reminded her that the crystal cave has been closed down by the police, Autumn revealed how the real temple is nowhere near that and that they need to find it. Suspecting that the rididle might be important, Parker and player informed chief Russo about it, who took the box to safety and suggested that they should search the town marketplace and try to find a way to translate the riddle. Parker and player then investigated the marketplace and found a torn old scroll featuring the Yahatu alphabet symbols. After putting the pieces back together, they sent the scroll to Rudy, who managed to translate the first part of the riddle. Scratching his neck, Rudy revealed that the first part of the riddle mentions a bloodletting chamber. Caroline then stood up, saying how the riddle must be referring to Casey farmhouse. After getting weird looks from both Parker and Rudy, Caroline revealed that Casey farmhouse was used as a hideout of a creepy cult who worshipped Yahatu Goddess and event went that far to sacrifice each other in that exact farmhouse. Autumn then nodded, saying how she'll locate the farmhouse so they can investigate it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Logan and player helped Archibald find his notebook, claiming that Taylor probably took it while she was still alive. After finding and returning Archibald's notebook, exicted Logan asked him for an autograph, making the novelist smile and sign Logan's book.

After all of these events, Autumn told them that she located the Casey farmhouse and that one of the Casey family members is waiting for them. Ready to solve the riddle and find the temple, the team headed to the Casey farmhouse, hoping to stop the hurricane and finally return home.



  • Taylor Bates (found tied up and drowned in the wishing well)

Murder Weapon:

  • Drowning




Killer's Profile

  • The killer has heartburn.
  • The killer collects "KILLER CARDS".
  • The killer is fit.
  • The killer weighs 132 lbs.
  • The killer is a man.

Crime Scenes

Wishing Well Steps Wishing Well Bonus
Victim's Room Coffee Table Victim's Room Bonus
Town Marketplace Food Stand Town Marketplace Bonus
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