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A Death Will Set You Free
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Aftermark
Case # 63
Initial release date 26. V 2020.
Partner(s) Mia Diaz (All Chapters)
Leonidas Lupo (After the Smoke 3)
Case Chronology
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Fool to Cry Web of Lies

A Death Will Set You Free is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 155th case of the game and the 63rd case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Aftermark, a district of Fario.


Days after the last events, the team still worked hard to find the buyer of purple diamonds and discover that target of history will be LUMIA's next shot. Chief Filipovich watched thought the window as the rain started to be louder, every now and then a lightning will light up the sky. Then he received a call from a female voice, visibly shaken, who said that her car broke while she was passing returning from from the saloon she was working for and decided to rest in the nearby cabin on the Fario Hill where she found a dead body. Chief Filiiovich then sent the layer and Mia to the hill to inspect the scene. Upon arriving they noticing tire tracks, river of blood and family body. They came closer only to discover that the victim is non other then Julia Lawson, Aqucius herself...

The team then picked up the body and sent it to the morgue before proceeding to talk with the person who made the call, a certain saloon girl Monica Castillo. After interrogating her the team proceed further into the mystery, eventually discovering reasons to suspect a self-proclaimed supervillain Goatman Wall who had a head of the goat but also an university girl and LUMIA's fanatic Muriel Cove. After the autopsy, Matilda revealed that the killer stabbed the victim right into the heart with a saber due to the crescent shape inside the wound before saying that she found traces of Niagara cocktail over the victim's clothing, meaning that the killer enjoyed the cocktail before the murder.

As the team step back to recap the case, they discussed about why would anyone want Aqucius out before Abbi approached the team, saying that LUMIA's supporters are about to break into the prison. After hearing that, the team with the back up from couple other officers went to the prison where they tried to suppress the riot. While supressing it thy heard from the guard that someone paid giant amount of money for Aqucius to re released. After the riot was suppressed the team questioned the leader of it, a LUMIA supporter Morty Vercetti who said that he is very disappointed that the police locked up the future of America behind the bars and then murdered her and now making a murder investigation. The team then sighed and searched around where they discovered that the victim was often visited by a TV manager Lincoln Redmoney but also that that victim sent letters to Muriel in order to made her become one of the supporters. As they they discovered that Goatman Wall intended a prison break to help his fellow villain to escape.

As the team later recap the case while Chief Filipovich still worried about LUMIA's next plans, one of the officer entered the floor bringing cuffed Monica with her hands bloody, explaining how they discovered a murder weapon among her belongings. Detectives let a team to interrogate her where Monica swore that she didn't knew that a knife is in her purse as she explained how she left her purse at the cabin and that the killer might've put it there during that time. The team still needed to lock Monica in the custody cells. The team returned to the cabin where they discovered that Morty collected pictures of the victim to deface them as he explained how Aqucius betrayed the whole supporter group before discovering that Lincoln attempted to have illegal interviews with the victim.

With all evidence discovered the team was ready to arrest Lincoln. Lincoln tried to deny the accusations, telling the team that he is a capitalist and that he would never make his hands dirty with some murder but the team was strong to backfire the evidence who stacked against him who on the end took his jacket off and confessed the murder, saying that Aqucius needed to go because she became a treat to entire order. After asked how Lincoln scratched his beard and explained how he is art of LUMIA, no less then the main in charge for media propaganda. He then said that LUMIA has a pyramid of hierarchy and control an that Destroying history was done by the layer above him as he needs to spread propaganda but he explained how lately Nerocius and Aqucius contacts started to be cold and how he noticed that many reporters bring him news about prisoners plotting to speak against LUMIA he new that Aqucius could be behind it so he asked Nerocius himself to take down Aqucius before something comes wrong and that with their permission he picked up large amount of money so Aqucius could be set free. He then laughed, remembering how Aqucius was so naive to think that she was saved and that she and Nerocius would make the city burn before making a smirk, telling the player that with Aqucius gone and after their minions destroy history and start to fabricate it entire city will be in their control before he got handcuffed. As Mia did that he laughed again, saying that it was so easy to manipulate little hustler and frame her At the trial, Judge Gilmore asked him if he would like to be cooperative but Lincoln rejected the offer, expressing his loyalty for a new order. Judge then sentenced him to life in jail with a comment that media will now breath a sigh of relief and hopefully end of the propaganda era.

After the trial, the team freed Monica from the custody cell, but they still needed to work to discover who is the mastermind behind all this attacks on history but then Morty came into the station, before Goatman Wall with Morty came inside and grabbed Leonidas under the hostage, wanting the player to surrender and stop the investigation of the history erasers. Mia, Bruno and Abbi pulled the guns right after telling the goatman and Morty to stop the act and let him go but both of them laughed and said that now they rule, demanding for freedom of Lincoln or Leonidas brain would be all over the place but then a bright blast blinded the criminal due for a second, making enough time for the team to react and handcuff them. Then Aurora made an appearance saying that she discovered more about the LUMIA's plans for the history erasing. Aurora then explained how she didn't stop after she downloaded the shutdowned LUMIA's site and that she decided to go deeper where she discovered a bounties on all incarcerated LUMIA's members posted on the dark web and that she tried her best to execute the IPs from them but failed except for the one bounty on William Blanco posted from the location that matches the one where the team found Lincoln's car. The team rushed there where they discovered a broken laptop that the team tried to repair. After that they sent it to Arif who discovered that the laptop was indeed used to connect to TOR and deep web but that the user totally destroyed the external data except for one folder that had files of all incarcerated members, their profiles and that one them was labeled with "Cove" where inside were pictures of Muriel. The team then went to speak with Muriel who on first said that no one was stalking her but the she said how she remembered someone int he long black coat following her one time but that she never saw the after she noticed them to follow her. However in that time, she got a message from the unknown number saying "shut your mouth or i will", making the obvious threat the the possible mastermind behind the site and history destruction was threatening Muriel. The team took her phone for the analyzes where Arif (with Aurora's help) tracked the IP to the prison where they found a burner hone with only Muriel's message and a voice call who said that their time is ticking, that soon all important players will be free and a dark times will come. This made the team to tell chief Filipovich to contact a prison warden about the better security before it's too late.

In the meantime, Mia and the player talked to Morty and goatman, wanting to know why they attacked the station on what they said that LUMIA will live and that thy won't allow anyone to keep the propaganda manager locked. Mia sighed and told them to make it better for themselves and be cooperative or they would face prison on what Morty said that they got a letter from one chick and that in the letter were orders from Nerocius to make a chase and make Lincoln out of the prison and they will be granted to join the the organization but they also said how they left the letter at the cabin. After searching the place up and down they found the letter and fingerings on it that belonged to Monica. The team curiously asked her why she had a LUMIA's envelope on what she shockingly said that she never knew she was helping the bad guys. She explained how to her saloon came one guy in a long black coat and told her to give to give this envelope to Morty witch precisely given address, sighing and saying that that was the real reason about her being on the hill but that she just wanted to get it over with so she could get home and call her long-distance girlfriend Celine Harper who works for the mysterious enforcing agency of Ravenedge. She apologized again but she said that she never remembered how he looked like.

Back to the station, the team showed everything what they discovered and connected that the man in the long coat could be the one behind the purple diamonds, but as well the on who runs the operation behind the erasing of the history. Chief Filipovich sighed and said that this won't be good as they didn't attempted anything huge and told the team to be on alert but then Matilda came to the desk and turned the TV on where the reporter said that the fire broke out in the internet cafe, a historical library and old state university, burning servers and priceless books. At the same time, Abbi runs to the team saying that while the fire division fought the fire at the internet cafe they found a body below the broken tables....



  • Julia Lawson (Stabbed in heart on the Fario Hill)

Murder Weapon

  • Saber


  • Lincoln Redmoney



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer reads Dante's Inferno.
  • The Killer drinks Niagara Cocktail.
  • The Killer had a manicure.
  • The Killer has a scar.
  • The Killer wears fur.

Crime Scenes

Fario Hill Wooden Cabin Fario Hill Bonus
Abandon Car Backseat Abandon Car Bonus
Prison Yard Priosn Gates Prison Yard Bonus


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Chapter 3

After the Smoke 3



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