A Cancer of Deaths
Victim Weapon
Ariana Cotilla Man-made Virus
General information
Case # 3
Released April 6, 2017
Partner(s) Kaitlyn Ahrens (All Chapters)
Thom Collins (The Rise of the Enemy)
Preceded by Cranial Scalpel
Succeeded by Through the Fire and Flames
A disease has plagued the city and a citizen is found dead murdered inside her hotel. Who's the one behind the murder? Who made the murder weapon? Investigate to find out.
—-Case Teaser

A Cancer of Deaths is the third case of the Criminal Case collaboration The Lone Enemy. It takes place in the city of Nefarion in the country of Halcyon.


Previously, Diana informed the team about the deadly epidemic spreading around the city. She received a call from the Halcyon Medical stating that one of the victims of this disease is located in a hotel. Thus, she ordered Thom and the player to head there as soon as possible.

Upon discovery of the victim's body, they found out from Jessica that the victim, citizen Ariana Cotilla, did die from the disease, but at the hands of a killer. They soon found out that famous actress Andrea Orian was in the hotel as well, putting her under suspicion. They also took Christopher Brazzo as a suspect after they discovered that the victim had a secret romance with him. They soon discovered the location of the virus' laboratory, leading them to find Faith Andrews, a private detective and Quincy Gerland, a storm chaser both somehow involved at the lab. A return to the hotel lobby allowed them to suspect hotel barman Jerome August, who was lurking around the crime scene.

After finding the motives of the five suspects and the evidence, they finally caught Jerome guilty of the murder. At the trial, he told them how he discovered the victim was a scientist, surprising Thom and the player. He thought that she was the one who made the virus and he thought that killing her with the same experiment was ideal. However, Judge Alice Bautista had disagreed, sentencing him to 25 years in prison.

After the trial, Clarissa requested Thom and the player for help. She discovered something interesting in the laboratory and asked the two if they could find out what it is. When the duo headed there, they found a video file in Ariana's computer that was very interesting. It was shown that Waldheim Rhodium, the scientist who was contacted by Diana, was the one who created the virus. In the video, he pointed out a massive hurricane that will harm the region of Nefarion. When Thom realized that this could be a new lead about the enemy, the two came back to tell the Chief about this shocking discovery.

After Thom told Diana regarding the video file, she agreed that they should investigate more further about it. When Jessica told the two that the disease is still spreading around the city, the Chief created a new order: to find a cure that will stop the epidemic. Realizing that Waldheim is the only one who knows how to stop it, the team decided to go to the scientist via the Nefarion Express.


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Killer's Profile

  • The killer has chemistry knowledge.
  • The killer drinks coffee.
  • The killer eats spaghetti.
  • The killer wears white.
  • The killer is blood type A-.

Crime Scenes

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