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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, a housewife called Mary Brondele reported that her husband, Hansel, died in an explosion.
Alan Smith: We don't have many details, but we told her to leave the crime scene right as it was when Hansel died. You and Evan are in charge of investigating what happened.
Alan Smith: Go there and interrogate the wife, understood? I'm trusting you this case, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Dining room
Evan: <Name>, what on Earth happened here? What does this blown-up cake and this man with a burnt face mean?
Evan: Well, let's send him to the lab and hope we can get answers. Also, let's see what happened to the cake.
Evan: You're right. Hansel's wife might know what happened with this cake.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: You've got a special case this time, <Name>. Good luck on catching the killer!
Daniel: An explosive device was detonated right in front of this man's face. And judging by your description of the crime scene, it was inside that cake!
Daniel: You know, it's not possible to buy a cake and put the detonating device inside. Everybody would realize the cake had been cut.
Daniel: So your killer is in fact who baked it!
Evan: Then our killer can cook. Thank you, Daniel!

Examine Exploded cake
Evan: This green substance you found on the cake must be related to the murder.
Evan: Let's send both things to the lab, <Name>. We need to know what happened here.

Analyze Green substance
Sabrina: This substance you collected from the cake is in fact mucus, <Name>!
Evan: That is so disgusting! Who sneezed on it?
Sabrina: It was the killer. I found more mucus inside the cake, there's no doubt.
Sabrina: I guess they didn't care about it as they knew nobody would eat that cake. That's horrible...
Evan: Alright, we just have to keep an eye on our suspects which have a cold.
Sabrina: You guessed correctly this time, Evan, it's a cold. But don't do it again, it could also be a flu.

Analyze Exploded cake
Lindsey: I can tell for sure that the murder weapon was dynamite, <Name>. I found an exploded piece of it buried inside the icing!
Lindsey: Of course, a very very small explosive. The dynamite big companies sell would have blown up the whole district.
Lindsey: There were more pieces made of plastic, some gunpowder... Definitely this cake took a long while to make.
Lindsey: Your killer has really knowledge in physics!
Evan: Let's write it down!

Ask the victim's wife what happened
Evan: We're sorry for your husband, Mrs Brondele. But we need you to talk. What exactly happened?
Mary: Today was Hansel's birthday. And we had bought his favorite cake.
Mary: Then we lit the candle and after that there was an explosion. Right when our son put his face in the cake!
Mary: He often does that in birthday parties, but this time his father died! Is he guilty, <Rank> <Name>?
Evan: Of course he's not! The culprit is the one who prepaired a cake that was meant to kill Hansel.
Mary: That's not possible. The one who baked the cake was Johanna. She would never do something like that!

Evan: She said "Johanna", <Name>! I saw a shop called Johanna's bakery near the victim's house.
Evan: Why don't we interrogate her? Her shop is some blocks away from here, near the Commercial Area!

Talk to the baker who cooked the cake
Evan: Mrs Wickle, one of your cakes exploded.
Johanna: Huh? What are you saying?
Evan: There was a device inside it to make it explode. And it killed Hansel Brondele.
Johanna: WHAT?! You mean there was a bomb inside one of my cakes? And Hansel is dead?!
Johanna: Please, leave me alone. I have to check all of my cakes, there could be more bombs here!
Evan: Johanna, you baked the cake. Please, confess.
Johanna: I don't work alone here, there are more people who bake the cakes. And if I had done it, I couldn't know which cake had the bomb.
Johanna: Many cakes look the same. And Mary would've noticed if it that one, which was Hansel's favorite, looked different.

Evan: This case isn't as easy as it seems. It thought we would arrest Johanna.
Evan: <Name>, why don't we investigate the shop? It's a good idea.

Investigate Bakery
Evan: I didn't find anything suspicious. But you found a torn card.
Evan: I think I've seen it before, but I don't know where. Can you put it back together?

Examine Torn card
Evan: Oh, not again! Pablo Sount? Is it serious? We arrested his father, remember?
Evan: Let's ask him if he sold anything to Johanna.

Talk to Pablo Sount
Evan: We're REALLY sorry to bother you again, Pablo. But we found your card in a crime scene.
Pablo: My business card? That's weird, practically nobody takes them. Where did you find it?
Evan: In the bakery of a woman called Johanna.
Pablo: Johanna Wickle, yes! She's my neighbor. Why is her shop a crime scene?
Evan: One of her cakes turned out to have explosives inside. Didn't you sell anything to her?
Pablo: No, I didn't. But I don't think she would do that. She wouldn't ruin her carreer with a murder!

Back again at the police station...

Evan: Definitely, this case is complicated, <Name>. Let's summarise.
Evan: Hansel Brondele died on his birthday due to the dynamite inside the cake. The cake was made by Johanna, a baker.
Evan: We also have Pablo, who works in an armory. It's also suspicious, though I don't know if he sells dynamite.
Evan: Then we know our killer has a cold, can cook and knows about physics.
Evan: You're right, Johanna can cook! She matches this profile.
Gino: <Name>, the victim's son wants to see you!
Evan: Let's go, <Name>.

Evan: You're the victim's son, right? What happens?
Louie: I know who killed my father!

Chapter 2

Louie: I know who killed my father, <Rank> <Name>! I know it!
Louie: Please meet me at Johanna's bakery. It'll be better if I explain it to you there. There's something about the Wickle family you should know.
Evan: Ok, we'll meet you there.
Evan: Besides going to the bakery, <Name>, why don't we take a look at Pablo's armory, just in case?

Ask the victim's son about the Wickle family
Louie: At last you came, <Rank> <Name>! I had to stop doing my physics experiments just to meet you.
Evan: Physics?
Louie: Yes, I love physics! I'm young but I know a lot about it. In my free time I read and talk to physicists on the Internet.
Louie: Well, forget that. Just open that door behind the counter and see for yourselves.
Evan: Ok, let's do it.

Evan: One, two, three.
Evan: Townville Police Dep... WHAT?! Mary? Who is this guy?
Mary: I just... Um...
Mary: Louie!!! What are you doing here?! You can't see this!
Louie: I knew it, I knew it! Ian just wanted my father dead and you too!
Ian: Damn boy!
Evan: Louie said he wanted to tell us who the killer is and something about the Wickle family. And he came to show us this scene.
Evan: Mary, go home for now. We want to talk to this certain Ian. Please put a shirt on.
Evan: Besides that, we'll investigate the primary crime scene again. We might have missed something.

Interrogate the baker's husband
Evan: As Louie wanted to tell us something about the Wickle family, I guess you're Johanna's husband.
Ian: Yes, I am. But I didn't kill Hansel, I swear!
Ian: That boy is just so clever. He realised my affair with Mary. I knew I shouldn't have done that.
Evan: I'm glad we arrived here soon. Just five minutes later and it would have been disgusting...
Ian: Do you think it's easy for me? I also love Johanna, but Mary is really amazing!
Ian: You can be sure of it, I can't live without Johanna. Making those cakes together makes me so happy.

Investigate Table
Evan: This cellphone should be the victim's one. But it asks for a password. I know you can do it, <Name>.

Examine Cellphone
Evan: I knew you could do it! Let's see what...
Evan: Uh?! <Name>, the battery ran out! Quickly, find a charger!
Evan: Well, forget it. Let's see if Lindsey can get anything from it.

Analyze Cellphone
Lindsey: You won't believe this, <Name>! I checked this cellphone's browser history...
Lindsey: And I found out that Hansel watched a video in a page... of hot and nasty videos.
Evan: Lindsey, I understand it calls your attention, but we don't mind about Hansel's private moments.
Lindsey: It's not that. He watched a video in which Johanna Wickle appeared!
Evan: OH DEAR! Maybe Hansel found out about Johanna's secret and blackmailed her!
Lindsey: Maybe. Though I didn't find any message directed to Johanna.
Lindsey: There was another thing. Hansel took a photo of him with Pablo Sount in the Brondeles' house.
Evan: So we have to talk to Johanna and also talk to Pablo. Let's go.

Talk to Johanna about the victim
Evan: Johanna, wait! We want to talk to you.
Johanna: I've spent all afternoon slicing cakes. I can't talk now!
Evan: Hansel found a... filthy video of you in the Internet. What's that?
Johanna: I needed money, understand me! I had to get money, my life is not easy.
Johanna: I have to pay my physics studies. I want to stop baking cakes and get a real job. But Hansel started molesting me since he found out about that video.

See if Pablo has been to the victim's house
Pablo: Yes, that's true. I visited Hansel once. But that doesn't mean I killed him!
Pablo: In fact, his family was really nice to me! I helped Mary with the cooking, and we had a really fun time. We weren't friends but we lived in the same neighborhood and they've always been good neighbors.
Evan: Didn't you even fight? At least once? Did you have any reason to dislike him?
Pablo: No, I've never gotten into a fight with him. Hansel was a really good guy.

Investigate Armory
Evan: WHAT?! So he sells dynamite after all. I didn't expect it to be true.
Evan: It's weird anyway. Who would buy dynamite in Townville? Let's examine this box.

Examine Box of dynamite
Evan: Fingerprints? Perfect, <Name>! I'm dying to see who they belong to.

Examine Fingerprints
Evan: I can't believe this! We found Mary's fingerprints on that dynamite box!
Evan: <Name>, we have to ask her right now!

Question Mary about the armory
Evan: Mary, we found your fingerprints in a box of dynamite.
Evan: And Hansel was killed by dynamite, precisely. What were you doing in Pablo's armory?
Mary: Pablo is our neighbor and he knows my family, I just visited him. What's the problem in that?
Mary: Atishoo! Excuse me. I just put all the food I cooked in the fridge and I caught a cold yesterday. Sorry for that.
Evan: But exactly, why did you touch a box of dynamite?
Mary: I don't know, I might have done it by mistake. Now, please let me go. I have to leave.

A few minutes later...

Evan: Ok, we need to stop here. I'm getting stressed out.
Evan: Mary and Ian are lovers. That kind of shocked me. And Louie knows about it. In fact, he's sure that Ian killed his father.
Evan: Hansel was molesting Johanna because he discovered a forbidden video of her.
Evan: And it's presumed that the murder weapon came from Pablo's shop.
Evan: With this information, who do you think the killer is?
Evan: Really? Yeah, it's probable. But we don't have prooves to make an arrest.
Evan: You're right! Saying something like that isn't a proof of having killed Hansel, but it's a proof of being the killer's accomplice!

Chapter 3

Evan: <Name>, we need to advance more in this case. Why don't we check the armory once again? You agree? Fine!
Evan: I just can't stop thinking about Louie. Knowing your mother has a lover must be awful.
Evan: Why don't we ask Johanna about this, <Name>?

Talk to Johanna about Louie
Evan: Johanna, we have to tell you that Ian has been going out with Mary.
Johanna: Yes, I know! We're trying to get divorced. But I would lose everything!
Johanna: I'm already poor and I can't run the risk. Do you understand?
Evan: How did you find out?
Johanna: That boy Louie told me. He's really nice, not like his parents! He came crying to the bakery just to tell me about it.
Johanna: Oh, God! It's so hard working with a cold. Excuse, but I need to keep checking these cakes.
Evan: Suuure...

Evan: Johanna really disliked the Brondeles, except for Louie.
Evan: I wonder what Mary has to say about them. She really looked like Johanna's friend!

Talk to Mary about the Wickle family
Mary: I know you're working, <Rank> <Name>, but can't you stop bothering me? Life goes on and I still have to cook for Louie.
Evan: It won't be long. What happened with Johanna? You seemed good friends, but being Ian's lover...
Mary: That woman would never suspect anything, haha! Always so stupid.
Evan: Actually, she already knows. Louie told her.
Mary: WHAT?! That boy, I spent years teaching him physics, all my life was spent with him and this is how he pays me back!

Investigate Armory counter
Evan: <Name>, these are the armory keys. Why did you pick them up?
Evan: Oh, you're right! Maybe someone else had access to this shop too. Let's examine them.

Examine Keys
Evan: You found some DNA?! That's great! Let's send it to the lab, <Name>.

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: At first I expected that DNA to belong either to Pablo or Ignace. But no.
Sabrina: It was easy to determine that this DNA belongs in fact to Ian Wickle!
Evan: So he had access to the armory? <Name>, it's like Pablo was everyone of our suspects' friend!
Evan: We need to interrogate Ian. Thanks, Sabrina.
Sabrina: You're welcome. If I were you, I'd also talk to Pablo.
Evan: That's right. Let's go!

Tell Ian about the keys you found
Evan: Ian, do you often go to Pablo Sount's armory?
Ian: Sometimes. I used to get drunk with Ignace, but I heard you arrested him. So I visit Pablo, usually at weekends. That boy is always sad.
Ian: How do you know about it?
Evan: We found your DNA in a set of keys. Besides, we presume the murder weapon came from that armory.
Ian: Look, you should focuse on Hansel's murder. I think you're desperate to find a clue and take too seriously everything you see.
Ian: If you want to hear my opinion, Hansel took Mary away from me. It was in the University Prom Ball. I had just finished my physics studies...

Ask Pablo about the Wickle family
Pablo: Couldn't you interrogate me later? I need to sleep, this cold is killing me...
Evan: How much do you know about Ian Wickle?
Pablo: He's a good man, but he seems to have second thoughts about Hansel. Johanna hated him too. Even if Hansel was nice to me, he did have the reputation of being a bit problematic so I understand that they dislike him.
Pablo: Mary is nice, but Hansel had a really complicated personality. It's the opposite to the Wickles. Ian is easy-going, but his wife is crazy!

A few minutes after that...

Evan: Wow, it looks like the Wickles and the Brondeles hated each other! But is the killer a Brondele or a Wickle? Or is it Pablo?
Evan: I'm confused! Could we get back to Johanna's bakery? There's surely something in that shop.

Investigate Bakery corner
Evan: <Name>, I didn't know Johanna had put a camera in her shop. I wonder if something suspicious was recorded by it.
Louie: <Rank> <Name>, what are you doing here?
Evan: Louie? Why aren't you at home?

Ask Louie what he's doing in the bakery
Louie: I came here to have a piece of cake. Johanna says I can have some as long as I don't eat a whole cake.
Louie: But why are you here?
Evan: We're investigating. Your eyes look wet, Louie. Were you crying?
Louie: No, I just caught a cold. I think my mother passed it on to me.
Louie: Well, see you! Good luck arresting dad's killer.
Evan: That boy takes his father's death too light, <Name>.
Evan: Forget it. Let's take Johanna's camera to the lab.

Analyze Surveillance camera
Lindsey: <Name>, this camera used to be directly above the cakes stand. Johanna must have moved it from there.
Evan: How do you know that?
Lindsey: Because it recorded from directly above the cakes stand, Evan. And I saw someone adding some dynamite to a cake. It can't be coincidence!
Lindsey: From above them, I could only see their brown hair. But I also managed to find out the killer is 5'3 tall!
Evan: Lindsey, that's fantastic! Thank you.

Evan: It's time to arrest the killer, <Name>. That camera was the final clue we needed.
Evan: Let's see if our prediction was right.

Arrest killer
Evan: We knew it from the second time we interrogated you. You killed Hansel Brondele!
Johanna: Yes, and I would do it again if I had the chance! But why did you say you knew it?
Evan: In fact it was <Rank> <Name> who realised it. You wouldn't dare cut those cakes if you thought there could be a bomb inside. It might blow your face up if you cut a bomb.
Evan: You just sliced those cakes because you knew that the only bomb had already killed Hansel.
Johanna: Pretty clever of you. I'm so sad you have to arrest me. I protected many people from that scum.
Evan: Was it just because of your video?
Johanna: I didn't care about it. I knew he didn't have the guts to tell people what I had done.
Johanna: It was Mary's fault! She took Ian away from me. If I killed her, she wouldn't suffer. So I decided to kill Hansel, as I didn't like him, like everybody else.
Johanna: But she just DIDN'T CARE! She just became happier. Can you believe it?
Evan: You're crazy! <Name>, let's take her!

Esteban Gonzalez: I had never seen such a weird case. So you killed a man because he was married to your husband's lover? Is it real, Mrs Wickle?
Johanna: Yes, and I don't regret it, your Honor. That woman deserves it.
Johanna: Breaking into the armory was worth it. I found what I needed, dynamite! I had to kill Hansel, your Honor.
Johanna: I'm only sorry for Louie. But I think he didn't like his father as well.
Esteban Gonzalez: Lady, you're sentenced to 10 years in a psychiatric institution. And you should spend more years there in reality!
Evan: What will happen to the bakery, <Name>? Do you think Ian will become its owner?
Ian: My wife is going to a nuthouse and you can only think about a BAKERY?!

Evan: Poor Ian, I think he was devastated. But a killer is a killer. Johanna had to be arrested.
Evan: I think I won't have a cake again for a really long time. Maybe someone tries to kill me!
Evan: Hey, the Evergreentown Falcons are playing a match next week. I don't know if you like soccer, but everyone watches the Townville Championship. So are you coming with me to the stadium?
Evan: Yes? That's great!

Additional Investigation

Gino: You solved another case, <Name>?
Evan: Yes, Gino. Why do you ask?
Gino: Pablo Sount called and asked for you. It always happens after you solve a case.
Evan: I'm tired of our suspects calling Gino just because they lost their wallet. But I guess we have to go.
Evan: By the way, we could see if Louie is ok. I think he was crying during the trial.
Ian: Sorry to bother, but could you come to the bakery? I lost one of Johanna's most precious belongings.
Evan: Ugh... Ok, let's go.

Check up on Louie Brondele
Louie: <Rank> <Name>, you arrived just in time. My mother has gone crazy! I think something I told her made her cry.
Louie: And she tore my physics drawings up! I've been trying to find them, but they seem to have disappeared.
Evan: We're going to look for your diagrams. Please go and try to calm your mother down.
Evan: Let's go, <Name>!

Investigate Dining room
Evan: Maybe this torn page is what Louie is looking for. We should put the pieces together and see.

Examine Torn page
Evan: Well done! I'd say these complicated diagrams have something to do with physics, but I don't know.
Evan: <Name>, we have to make sure it's not an evil plan! Maybe he wants to do something bad to Ian! We know that Louie doesn't like him.
Evan: Let's just make sure by sending it to the lab.

Analyze Physics diagrams
Sabrina: Is Louie really a teenager? I can't believe he is so good at physics!
Evan: So it's not a plan for a bomb, or anything bad?
Sabrina: Of course it's not. This is just an experiment he did himself. It's about colors. A school project.
Evan: Colors?
Sabrina: The colors are a very important part of physics, Evan. Don't you know physics also studies light and spectrums?
Evan: No. But if it's not harmful, let's return it to Louie.

Give Louie his school project back
Louie: You're late, <Rank> <Name>? Did you find my diagrams?
Evan: Yes, here they are! It's a school project about colors, isn't it?
Louie: Oh, so you understood it! I didn't know you liked physics, Inspector Evan! You don't look like... clever.
Louie: I'm going to do this at the science fair and I'll win!
Evan: In fact, our phorensic told us about it. However, is your mom ok?
Louie: Yeah, kind of. She told me to get rid of my "trash". I think you should take it, <Rank> <Name>. You do seem to like physics!

Ask Ian Wickle what he lost
Evan: What did you lose? And tell us where you last saw it.
Ian: Johanna was working on her best idea ever. A new recipe for a wedding cake!
Ian: I'd like to find it, but I lost it. It was on our table, I left it there. So Johanna must have been the one who took it to another place.
Ian: Could you find it? It could surprise you! Johanna has really good ideas.
Evan: We'll do our best to find it. But we're not saying we WILL find it.

Investigate Bakery
Evan: <Name>, you know I hate dealing with a safe. Could you try to open it?

Examine Safe
Evan: That was fantastic! I think you beat your own record, <Name>.
Evan: Now why don't we see if that cake recipe is inside here?

Examine Open safe
Evan: Well, it looks like a wedding cake. So I think this recipe must be the one.
Evan: As long as it makes Ian happy... To me, it's just a cake.

Return Ian the cake recipe
Evan: The cake looks really beautiful, Ian! Congratulations, I'm sure it'll be a great success.
Ian: See? Johanna's the best at designing cakes. Do you like, it <Rank> <Name>?
Ian: Oh, great! Maybe I can give you one of these for your weddings!
Evan: In fact, I've just got out of a hard relationship. But I'm sure <Name> is going to find love.
Ian: Sorry, didn't know! I don't have cakes now, but I can give you a burger. Johanna loves burgers!

See what Pablo needs
Pablo: <Rank> <Name>, I've started a new business. I'm designing guns now. But something happened.
Pablo: My notebook got wet and I lost them all. I know you've got that powder which reveals fingerprints, so could you use it on my notebook?
Evan: Pablo, I can't believe you're asking us to do this! We'll see what we can do, fine?
Pablo: Thank you, Inspector Evan! I'll be waiting for you! The designs looks like Fontezo Guns!

Investigate Armory
Evan: This is the only notebook I see, so it must be this one. I want to see what Pablo's desings are like. Don't you, <Name>?
Evan: Ok, let's use our "powder which reveals fingerprints".

Examine Notebook
Pablo: Oh, you found the gun designs! They look nice. But I think I know Pablo and he must spend lots of hours drawing guns.
Evan: He said the designs looked like Fontezo Guns. Why don't we see if they match?

Examine Gun designs
Evan: It looks similar to a Fontezo gun, so it must be Pablo's design.
Evan: I wonder where he got this idea from. If there's a similar gun with copyright, Pablo will be in serious trouble! Let's have Lindsey check it just in case.

Analyze Gun designs
Lindsey: I can tell you that these designs are REALLY similar to Fontezo Guns.
Lindsey: However, the company went to bankruptcy and the copyright expired. So it's oficially legal if Pablo manufactures these guns.
Evan: I wonder how successful these will be. Personally, I don't think Pablo can be a good businessman. He's really naive.
Evan: But well, not my problem. Let's tell him we found his designs.

Give Pablo his designs
Evan: Here you are. These are your designs. Good luck with it.
Pablo: Did you like them? What do you think of them?
Evan: When you said that they looked like Fontezo Guns, you didn't mention they were an exact copy. But it's legal, so forget it.
Pablo: What a bad mood. However, take this reward. <Rank> <Name> deserves it.

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