In the Berrini Police headquarters of Queen's End, in the final stand against the Mayor’s schemes...
Luke: It’s going to be hard for us, but we can’t let the mayor destroy everything we know in this beloved city!
Edward: We know that Mayor Osborne wants us to surrender three of us, at the choice of our own. If our request is failed, we would lose everything we know…
Jordan: But we won’t let that happen to Berrini! We’re the true law enforcement agency here and we won’t let injustice destroy those we love!
Duncan: I just wish you guys didn’t have to do this, but I respect your decisions in volunteering for the greater good!
Astrid: Be safe out there boys! Make sure you come back to us alive!
Nikolai: We’ll keep an eye on you with the emergency trackers, be safe out there!
Edward: We will watch each other’s backs...
Jordan: We’ll be safe from the enemy...
Luke: Farewell, mes amis…

Six hours later....
Astrid: I’m still worried about Luke, Edward and Jordan…
Astrid: I just hope they haven’t gotten themselves in trouble…
Nikolai: <Name>, Astrid! I have news!
Astrid: What is it, Nikolai?
Nikolai: I just saw our men separate at some hidden laboratory and one of them just vanished at the hidden laboratory! I fear that one of our brave men has been caught…
Astrid: No. NO. NO!
Astrid: We are not going to let Mayor Osborne take any more of our friends! WE HAVE TO go to the laboratory and find our missing friend!
Nikolai: But, what if it’s a trap-
Duncan: I agree, regardless of whether it being a trap or not, we have backup that the Mayor believes is in her pocket! They can help us in case we are incapacitated or captured!
Duncan: Astrid, <Name>, you need to go to that laboratory and find our missing colleague! Make it quick!
Nikolai: As the Chief orders it, here’s the coordinates, <Name>!
Astrid: Let’s hurry to the laboratory and save our friend, <Name>!

Chapter 1 - After All He Had Done…

Investigate Utopian Laboratory.
Astrid: Oh my god, no! Luke! LUKE!
Astrid (crying): No! NO! This can't be true!
Astrid: Luke… He's… he's dead <Name>... I can't believe it...
Astrid: Someone murdered him… his body is frozen with an icicle in his body!
Jordan: Astrid… <Name>, what are you doing here?
Jordan: Oh my god! NO! LUKE!
Jordan: I shouldn’t have left him all alone…
Jordan: I can… give a good reason! Edward ran away and I went to look for him…
Jordan: But… Now Luke… will never be able to walk this world again…
Astrid: And you know that means, Jordan! You’re a suspect in this murder, we’ll talk to you more about it later!
Astrid: You're right, we’ll need to get Luke’s body to Beatriz… We need to find whoever did this to him!
Astrid: And the first thing to do… is to investigate the crime scene again! Luke’s killer will never get away!

Investigate Utopian Laboratory again.
Astrid: It’s a tragedy that Luke is gone…
Astrid: But you’re right! We won’t let his killer get away! What did you find on the scene?
Astrid: You’re right, that locked camcorder could provide a clue! Could you unlock it?
Astrid: And you’re right, that gun belonged to Luke! He had carved that horse insignia into his gun for luck…
Astrid: You’re right, there could be clues on that gun! Let’s dust the gun for clues!
Astrid: Hey, you’re right! That’s Luke’s cowboy hat!
Astrid: It seems to be stained with a white dust, let’s collect a sample of it!
Astrid: And you’re right! We’ll need Charleston’s explanation on how he, Luke and Edward got separated… and how Luke got killed!
Astrid: It’s a dark hour, but we’ll avenge Luke!

Ask Jordan Charleston about what happened to the victim.
Astrid: Alright, Jordan. You better explain what happened that led to Luke losing his life!
Jordan: Of course… We had trekked to the utopian laboratory like the Mayor demanded… but things got dire from there.
Jordan: Edward downright refused to stay around after sitting for so long, so he bolted!
Jordan: I went after him, leaving Luke alone… which would be my biggest mistake I’ve ever done…
Jordan: I was so sure he would be fine all by himself… but I didn't think he would be found… dead….
(Jordan then cries into his hands.)
Jordan: I’ll be holding on this burden of regret for the rest of my life after this, <Name>!
Astrid: What I hope is that you weren’t lying and you left Luke alive!

Examine Luke’s Gun.
Astrid: Great work on dusting Luke’s gun, there’s some clear fingerprints on there!
Astrid: Jordan won’t be able to analyze these, let’s send them to Nikolai!

Analyze Fingerprints.
Astrid: What did you find out about the fingerprints on Luke’s gun, Nikolai?
Nikolai: I did find that some of the fingerprints belonged to the victim…
Nikolai: But the rest makes me wonder if we can really trust those around us!
Astrid: What do you mean, Nikolai? Tell us!
Nikolai: Well, the other fingerprints on Luke’s gun belonged to our own lab chief, Edward Daniel Chandler!
Astrid: Wait what?
Nikolai: I can confirm so, they belong to him.
Nikolai: Imani and I tracked him, told him the bad news… He’s recovering with Kendra if you need to talk to him.
Astrid: We’ll have to do that. He needs to explain why he had Luke’s gun!

Confront Edward Daniel Chandler about his fingerprints on Luke’s gun.
Edward: Please <Name>, please tell me it’s not true...
Astrid: I’m sorry Edward, but it’s true. Luke is gone.
Edward: No… it was all my fault…
Astrid: Surely it wasn’t! You ran away from the laboratory!
Astrid: But while we know that, why did you have Luke’s gun? We found your prints on them!
Edward: Oh… that.
Edward: Well I feel ashamed about it now, but I wanted to get away from that scary laboratory!
Edward: Luke tried to comfort me, but I grabbed his gun from his holster and told him to stay away!
Edward: As soon Luke stepped away, I dropped the gun and bolted! I couldn’t stand being there a minute longer!
Astrid: Well, Jordan tried to find you… and Luke ended up getting killed…
Edward: Oh my god… why must this world be so cruel…
Kendra: It’s okay Edward, just have some warm cider and let your tears fall.
Kendra: I’m sorry about Edward, but you should go on and find Luke’s killer!
Astrid: Right Kendra, you have a good point! We’ll go!

Examine Locked Camcorder.
Astrid: Great work on unlocking the camcorder!
Astrid: But you’re right, this camcorder has a single video…
Astrid: Alright, <Name>. Let’s press play.

The video starts...
Luke: Is this thing working? Gosh, I should have listened to Charleston's explanation on how camcorders work…
Luke: Is it recording? Okay, yeah it is...
Luke: Hey <Name>... I decided to borrow this camcorder off Penelope when I found her truck while we were heading to the laboratory… But if you're watching this, it's probably because I was killed.
Luke: When I arrived in Berrini, it was to start a new life away from the horrors in Switzerland and I did, finding a spot in the police.
Luke: But when you arrived, you started gaining more reputation than me and I… I can't deny I was quite jealous.
Luke (tearful): But then came Adrianne's death… and then Christina with that murderous legend who killed so much innocent people, including my friends, Jérémy and Michael...
Luke: All those innocents that died due to me refusing to believe that the creature had found me again… had followed me...
Luke (wiping his tears): But when you solved both of their murders, I understood why you were so popular, so intelligent, it was because you were the best in the police.
Luke: I'm sorry for everything I've did… it was pathetic of me to think that lying would be the solution... but I suppose it was for this reason I wanted to find a way to redeem myself…
Luke: To find a way so my life could cost more than just a person who unwillingly let people die, to be a true hero for the scales of brave justice, real justice.
Luke: In this moment, I have only two wishes... The first is that you and Astrid, take care of each other. Astrid, you’re a powerful woman and have a lot of potential to become one of the best cops in town like <Name> is.
Luke: And the second wish...I wish that the team remember that whatever you are fighting for, justice, revenge or anything else… is that you never turn your back on those who really care...
Luke (sorrowful): I've realized this too late when I became a jealous brat, so please don't make the same mistakes as I had.
Luke (tearfully smiling): I hear someone coming...I guess this is the end…
Luke (waving): Goodbye les amis… And good luck in your future.

The video ends…
Astrid: Oh my god Luke… you brave, brave man…
Astrid: We’ll keep his final words close to our hearts, I’m sure.
Astrid: But you’re right, Luke mentioned finding Penelope’s truck, we should go to the last place he had gone before his murder scene!

Investigate Penelope's Truck.
Astrid: So Penelope must’ve been here to help us in case… there’s even a bunk in the back of her truck!
Astrid: You’re right, that jacket doesn’t seem to belong to Penelope. Maybe a visitor other than Luke was here? Let’s search the pockets!
Penelope: <Name>, Astrid, what are you guys doing by my truck?
Astrid: Penelope! Thank god you’re safe! We’ll need to talk to you!

Talk to Penelope Hunter about seeing Luke.
Astrid: We have bad news, Penelope.
Astrid: Luke… was found dead in the Mayor’s utopian laboratory.
Penelope: WHAT?!
Penelope: Oh… no… Poor Luke!
Astrid: How did you know Luke?
Penelope: Well, he and I met at the academy!
Astrid: What do you mean, met at the academy?
Penelope: I meant that we saw each other at the police academy, his aspiration to become a detective in Homicide while I planned for a simple beat cop job in the lower ranks of the police department!
Penelope: He and I met there, we became friends when we talked about our aspirations to be one of the best police officers in the city!
Penelope: I’m sorry about your friend, he was a good friend to me too!
Astrid: Thank you Penelope! We’ll keep in touch in case we need to talk again.

Examine Jacket.
Astrid: What did you find there in the mysterious jacket?
Astrid: Hey, you’re right, we’ve seen that watch before…
Astrid: We saw that watch on the wrist of Luke’s father, Florent, back when we investigated the drug-infused maple syrup in Maple Highs!
Astrid: If that jacket is here, that must mean Florent is still here after being suspected in a recent murder… but why? Luke specifically told him to go home!
Astrid: You’re right, only one way to know is find and ask the man himself!

Interrogate Florent about why he's in Queen's End.
Astrid: Mr Leon-Mathieu, why are you still in Queen’s End? I thought Luke wanted you to go home.
Florent: Well I had suspicions about Mayor Osborne’s actions in Queen’s End, you know that because I told you a while ago while you suspected me in the murder of that psychopath. I was wondering where you guys were so I came to see if I could find anything.
Astrid: Well, we have bad news concerning your son…
Astrid: Luke… was found murdered in the Mayor’s utopian laboratory.
Florent: ...Murdered?!
Florent: No… my only son… Gone?
Florent: It can’t be true! Not so soon after my daughter’s death!
Astrid: I’m sorry, Florent. But it’s true, he gave his life up to save us from whoever killed him.
Florent: No, not again. Not again, please no…
Astrid: We’ll let you grieve in peace, Florent.
Astrid: But you better hope we don’t find out that you were the one who killed him!

Examine Luke's Hat.
Astrid: Good work… on collecting the white dust off Luke’s hat.
Astrid: You’re right, Kendra should have a look at these white particles!

Analyze White Particles.
Astrid: Hey Kendra, did you find anything about the white particles we found on Luke’s hat?
Kendra: I did, the white particles had traces of ice, like the ice that killed Luke!
Astrid: So the killer must’ve killed him… and touched his hat before fleeing the scene! What did you find out from the white dust?
Kendra: Well the white dust had traces of fluoxetine, which is an ingredient for those who need medication for treating depression.
Kendra: Beatriz confirmed that Luke never took antidepressants recently...
Kendra: So if your killer handled the hat after the murder, it means your killer is the one who takes antidepressants.
Astrid: So the killer takes antidepressants? Well they’ll have to deal with the depressing sight of being put behind bars very soon!

Autopsy Victim's Body.
Beatriz: Oh my god, <Name>, Astrid… I just can’t stop crying… seeing Luke dead on my autopsy table…
Astrid: I know Beatriz… the whole team is heartbroken!
Astrid: But Luke would want us to keep going! What did you find from his autopsy?
Beatriz: Well the cause of death was obvious… the large icicle that stabbed him punctured his lung and heart!
Beatriz: However, his frozen arm I cannot explain why it’s frozen, but I can confirm that his glove is missing from his hand, so you’ll have to look for it.
Astrid: Noted, anything else?
Beatriz: Well, I did note that Luke’s vest was soaked with a liquid, so I collected a sample.
Beatriz: The sample contained peppermint liqueur, vodka and coconut water, all ingredients in the famous Incredible Bulk cocktail!
Beatriz: As this cocktail had no traces in Luke’s stomach, it means your murderer drinks the cocktail!
Beatriz: Also, I noticed some scarring on Luke’s legs…
Astrid: Did the killer do something to his legs?
Beatriz: No, when I mean scarring, I mean scarring of self-inflicted wounds. They were from almost a year ago!
Astrid: Almost a year ago… would that place it at…?
Beatriz: Precisely! Luke self-harmed himself in the time span between his sister and girlfriend’s murders!
Astrid: Oh my god, that's terrible! Why didn’t he tell us at all?!
Astrid: We could’ve been there for him…
(Astrid sobs.)
Beatriz: I know it’s scary. But at least he didn’t do anymore after Christina’s death, <Name> really taught him to not give up!
Astrid: You’re right! Luke never gave up on justice after we put the Shadow behind bars for good! We won’t give up on solving his murder!
Astrid: And to start, we know the killer drinks Incredible Bulk cocktails! We better make sure that the killer won’t raise another to celebrate their cold blooded victory!

Later at the BPD headquarters...
Astrid: This is a dark day for the Berrini Police Department, <Name>!
Astrid: Our colleague and a brave hero known as Luke Leon-Mathieu was found murdered inside the Mayor’s utopian laboratory!
Astrid: We know that he split off with Jordan and Edward after the latter had fled from the laboratory…
Astrid: I mean Edward had stolen Luke’s gun to escape and forced Jordan to go after him…
Astrid: Now left to mourn Luke is the team as well Luke’s father…
Astrid: And we know that Luke came across Penelope’s truck with Jordan and Edward before he left us a message on a camcorder…
Astrid: Where he left us as he walked straight and brave into the hands of Death!
Astrid: Where else we’ll go to find clues, I dunno…
(Astrid’s phone starts ringing.)
Astrid: Oh! Hang on… I got a text...
Astrid: From Luke Leon-Mathieu?!

Chapter 2 - A Hero to be Remembered

Astrid: This is a dark day for the Berrini Police Department, <Name>!
Astrid: Our colleague and a brave hero named Luke Leon-Mathieu was found murdered inside the Mayor’s utopian laboratory and we have to suspect our own friends, Jordan and Edward!
Astrid: Now left to mourn Luke is the team as well Luke’s father Florent and our beat cop Penelope...
Astrid: And we know that Luke went to Penelope’s truck before he left us a message on a camcorder…
Astrid: Before he walked straight and brave into the hands of Death!
Astrid: Where else we’ll go to find clues, I dunno…
(Astrid’s phone starts ringing.)
Astrid: Oh! Hang on… I got a text...
Astrid: From Luke Leon-Mathieu?!
Astrid: The text says, “I have murdered your friend to prove that man is the weakest and most defenseless of all living things… as you know. You may mourn your friend, showing how weak you are… or you can come and get me! But I’ll be gone before you catch me!”
Astrid: What the hell?! This is a threat from the killer!
Astrid: And they have Luke’s phone!
Nikolai: Let me have a quick track for Luke’s phone! Astrid, give me your phone please!
(Nikolai types at his laptop.)
Nikolai: Bingo! The killer sent the message from the lookout point on the edge of the district that borders Markle Metropolis!
Astrid: You’re right <Name>! We have to find Luke’s killer!
Astrid: Let’s get to the lookout point and see if we can find any clues on them, or even better, Luke’s killer!

Investigate Lookout Point.
Astrid: Darn it, no one’s here!
Astrid: But you must’ve at least found some clues, right?
Astrid: You’re right, that’s Luke’s phone! A horse is on the back of the phone case!
Astrid: Let’s send this phone to Nikolai, he’ll track down more about the killer!
Astrid: You’re right, this photo is torn up, I’ll get you the tape so we can restore it and see who’s in it!
Astrid: And if you think those broken pieces will give us a clue about Luke’s death, go ahead and put the pieces back together!
Astrid: Our killer may have been here, so we need to find out who did kill Luke!

Examine Broken Pieces.
Astrid: So what did you restore, <Name>?
Astrid: You’re right, it’s some strange talisman.
Astrid: And you’re right, that talisman we found once back in Newton Coast! It belongs to our ever mysterious conspiracy theorist, Valentina Knox!
Astrid: Let’s go find her and see if she saw Luke, or even better Luke’s killer!

Ask Valentina Knox why she was at the lookout point.
Valentina: Hello, <Name>! Come to hear another conspiracy theory from me?
Astrid: No, we’re bringing this to reality Valentina! Someone killed our colleague, Luke Leon-Mathieu!
Valentina: Oh dear, Luke is dead?
Valentina: I know what could’ve killed him, it was the government!
Astrid: Maybe it was. Or maybe it was you?
Astrid: Regardless, Luke is dead and we found your talisman where his killer was! Did you see anything?
Valentina: Let me think… I don’t think I have.
Valentina: I did see your other friend though while I was drinking some Incredible Bulk, what was his name again? Jonah Cameron, Joseph Conway?
Astrid: You mean Jordan Charleston?
Valentina: Yes, him! He was calling out for some Edward....
Astrid: So that fits some of the puzzle, but we still have a killer to find!
Astrid: Don’t leave town, Valentina! We may have to talk to you again!

Examine Torn Photo.
Astrid: What’s in the photo you restored, <Name>?
Astrid: Hey, you’re right, there’s Luke in the photo.
Astrid: And the man next to him is Dan Mackellar!
Astrid: This photo looks like it was from Wandering Woods while we were investigating the animal trafficking scheme!
Astrid: But if this photo is here, Dan must be here in Queen’s End! Let’s go and find him.

Inform Dan of his friend's murder.
Dan: Oh hello, <Name>! Can I help you?
Astrid: Well, we found this photo of you with Luke in Wandering Woods, can you explain your friendship with him?
Dan: Certainly. Since we first met during the murder of that hermit, Luke and I got close due to the animals and our love for enforcing true justice.
Dan: But we haven’t been in touch much lately due to you guys fleeing the Mayor’s grasp.
Dan: But wait… why are you asking me about Luke? Is he okay?
Astrid: ...No. We found him murdered.
Dan: WHAT?!
Dan: No, Luke, NO!
Dan: My best friend… gone?
Astrid: We found him murdered in the Mayor’s utopian laboratory. I’m sorry.
Dan: Just as I was out of my depression, now I’ll need to take more antidepressants!
Dan: But I’ll raise a glass of Incredible Bulk cocktail for honoring his memory!
Astrid: And we’ll keep looking for Luke’s killer! Stay around, Dan, we’ll need to talk to you again!

Analyze Luke's Phone.
Nikolai: That threat from the killer is menacing!
Astrid: It is indeed, did you trace anything about the killer?
Nikolai: No, I didn’t but Raj saw the text that the killer sent and recognized something about it!
Astrid: Go ahead Raj! Tell us about the text!
Raj: Well, you see the text mentions, “Man is the weakest and most defenseless of all living things…”. I recognized where it came from!
Raj: You see, this part of the text message came from the Jungle Book!
Astrid: That’s kinda scary, we knew that Luke had loved reading the Jungle Book!
Raj: As scary it may sound, we know that our devious killer knows the Jungle Book from memory!
Astrid: So the killer knows the Jungle Book? Well we’ll prove to the killer that we are not weak as they look!
Astrid: And you’re right, we’ll find more clues in the utopian laboratory where Luke was killed! Let’s go and find some more clues!

Examine Laboratory Consoles.
Astrid: What did you find on our second search of the laboratory, <Name>?
Astrid: You found some smashed pieces? I’ll get you some glue for those!
Astrid: You also got that faded photo? Well let’s get the dusting kit and give this a good dust!
Astrid: That box of supplies could also give some valuable clues! Have a search through!
Astrid: Luke may have lost his life, but we’ll avenge his life!

Examine Smashed Pieces.
Astrid: Huh, you restored an antique looking pocket watch.
Astrid: You’re right, there’s a strange looking logo on the cover of that pocket watch.
Astrid: Let’s give this to Imani and see if she can discover anything about that pocket watch!

Analyze Antique Pocket Watch.
Imani: I still can’t believe that our beloved detective is gone, <Name>…
Astrid: It’s hard to believe it, Imani, but we got to avenge his death!
Imani: Indeed we must! I had a look at the antique pocket watch you sent me.
Imani: It must’ve been a few decades old, but the logo proves that this pocket watch belongs to the Chandler family!
Astrid: So this watch belongs to the Chandler family?
Imani: I can confirm that. Fingerprints also prove that the certain Chandler we’re looking for is our own Chandler.
Astrid: You’re saying it’s Edward’s watch?
Imani: Indeed I am! But the shocker is that I also found prints that belonged to Luke!
Astrid: Wait what?! Luke had Edward’s pocket watch?
Astrid: Seems strange… because one of them is dead...
Astrid: So we’ll have to talk to Edward about how his pocket watch came to be shattered!

Confront Edward about the smashed pocket watch.
Astrid: Edward, why didn’t you tell us that Luke had come in contact with your pocket watch before it got broken?
Edward: Oh no… please understand that I didn’t want to hurt Luke, not at all!
Edward: You see, Luke was hellbent on staying to find the Mayor so we could stop her, but I couldn’t handle the scary sight of all of those machines and things in the laboratory!
Edward: I didn’t tell you the full story, but in reality we did fight. We fought hard and Luke grabbed the pocket watch and accidentally dropped it, shattering it into pieces!
Edward: That’s what really led me to run away, he broke my last gift from Justin! Luke was being so goddamn pushy in order to have justice exacted on the Mayor!
Edward: I could’ve wished hell on him if I wanted to, but now that he’s dead… I only realize that he wanted me safe with him and Jordan, only because so we would be safe…
Edward: And because of my flight from the laboratory, I can only say it’s my fault that Luke was killed!
Astrid: I’m sorry you feel that guilt in your heart, Edward. But if you really acted to kill Luke after Jordan left, then we can’t trust you anymore!

Examine Box of Supplies.
Astrid: What did you find among all of those supplies, <Name>?
Astrid: Hey, you’re right, that camera looks like it was attached to the wall!
Astrid: Did someone dismantle it and attempted to hide it?
Astrid: Let’s get Nikolai to inspect this camera!

Analyze Damaged Camera.
Nikolai: This camera just proves that we can’t easily trust people easily anymore, <Name>! Astrid: What do you mean, Nikolai?
Nikolai: Well, I fast-forwarded the camera to the time of the murder, but it only showed static, proving that the camera was damaged when it was thrown into the box of supplies… or someone deliberately dismantled it!
Nikolai: Regardless, I managed to pull up some footage, about ten minutes after the murder! You need to watch this!

The video starts…
Jordan: Luke, I couldn’t find Edward, what do you-
Jordan: OH MY GOD! LUKE?!
Jordan: He’s…. dead!
Jordan: No, no, they can’t know I was here. They can’t!
Jordan: Even if I have to destroy the evidence, I will!
Jordan: Let’s see here…
Jordan: Now to dismantle the wiring...
(The screen turns to static.)

The video ends…
Astrid: What the…?!
Astrid: I can’t believe it! Jordan sabotaged our evidence to be able to arrest Luke’s killer!
Nikolai: It certainly doesn't look good for Jordan!
Astrid: Well the heat just turned up, <Name>! Let’s go interrogate him!

Confront Charleston about why he lied to us.
Jordan: Oh, hey <Name>, I’m just having an Incredible Bulk cocktail to honor Luke’s memory!
Astrid: Well, can you explain how we found out how you discovered Luke dead, and damaged vital evidence against his killer?
Jordan: Oh no…
Jordan: Please, <Name>, I’m already ashamed by having to find his dead body!
Jordan: The sight of it was scary, I just panicked when I saw the camera! So I went straight to it, dismantled it and ditched it in a box of supplies, hoping no one would know!
Jordan: But I’m sorry I didn’t come clean earlier! I felt so horrible that I ended up taking some antidepressants to alleviate the pain and guilt of it all!
Jordan: I’m so sorry, but please just forgive me and find Luke’s killer!
Astrid: I’m sorry, I don’t know if I can trust you, Jordan. We’ll have to ask you to stay here and not destroy anything else...

Examine Faded Photo.
Astrid: What does that photo show?
Astrid: Oh my, it’s a photo of Adrianne…
Astrid: And a message is written on it… “Luke, it’s your fault you didn’t take care of my daughter! I wished you died instead!”
Astrid: This writer’s message indicates that the message was written by Luke’s parent… like Florent!
Astrid: We need to confront him about it! Let’s go, <Name>!

Confront Florent about him blaming his son for his daughter's death.
Florent: Have... have you caught Luke’s killer yet, <Name>?
Astrid: Unfortunately no. But Florent, it seems you have forgotten to tell us about your feud with him!
Florent (sweating): Oh no… you found out…
Florent: Well yeah, I was angry at him that he couldn’t protect his own little sister from that monstrous woman!
Astrid: So you accused him of it?! You blamed your own son for Adrianne’s death for that?!
Florent: He should have been able to protect her when I let them come here instead of sipping cocktails with me! I may enjoy a good gimlet, but we all enjoy a nice refreshing Incredible Bulk cocktail by the ocean!
Florent (saddened): But… now he has joined her… I wanted to apologize to him for blaming him, perhaps read the Jungle Book to him again… just like when he was a little youngster...
Florent (crying): But I will never be able to do it… I’m so sorry my son… I shouldn’t have done this to you…
Astrid: You’ll be even more sorry if we discovered you were the one who stole the young soul of our friend, and your own son’s life!

Later, at headquarters...
Astrid: This has been a harrowing chapter for us, <Name>!
Astrid: We found our friend, Luke Leon-Mathieu, frozen to death and left to die…
Astrid: We learned that Luke had accidentally broke Edward’s antique watch, which lit a fire in him when we asked him…
Astrid: Luke had a feud with Florent over Adrianne’s death, and Florent really blamed him for not watching her. Was Florent really truthful about his regret or was it just an act?
Astrid: But we do know that Jordan acted to not know in a way! He found Luke’s body before we came, and even went far enough to damage evidence!
Astrid: But we know that they’re not the only suspects, we also have Penelope, Valentina and Dan.
Astrid: But where else will we go-
Jordan: A-astrid… <Name>…
Astrid: What’s going on, Jordan? Are you okay?
Jordan (pulling out a gun): N-no… NO! I need to get out of here...
Astrid: Whoa, Jordan calm down.
Astrid: Jordan, please-

Chapter 3 - Final Stand for Justice

Astrid: This has been a tough day for us, <Name>!
Astrid: We found our friend, Luke Leon-Mathieu, frozen to death and left to die…
Astrid: We learned that Luke had accidentally broke Edward’s antique watch, which lit a fire in him to fight when we asked him…
Astrid: Luke had a feud with Florent over Adrianne’s death, and Florent really blamed him for not watching her.
Astrid: Was Florent really truthful about his regret or was it just an act?
Astrid: But we do know that Jordan acted to not know in a way! He found Luke’s body before we came, and even went far enough to damage evidence!
Astrid: We know that they’re not the only suspects, we also have Penelope, Valentina and Dan. But where else will we go-
Jordan: A-astrid… <Name>…
Astrid: What’s going on, Jordan? Are you okay?
Jordan (pulling out a gun): N-no… NO! I need to get out of here...
Astrid: Whoa, Jordan calm down-
Astrid: Jordan, please-
Edward: Don’t worry Astrid, I got this.
Edward: No you won’t Jordan, you’re not alone, Astrid and <Name> WILL find Luke’s killer! You just need to leave it to them!
Jordan: NO... I WANT... them… torn down...
Jordan: Piece… by piece…
(Jordan breaks down crying.)
Edward (holding a crying Jordan): I’m sorry, Jordan, but you have to come with me. We can mourn together.
Edward: Don’t worry, <Name>, I’ll watch Jordan, you go on and find Luke’s killer!
Astrid: Thank you Edward.
Astrid: As for us, we should head back to Penelope’s truck, <Name>!

Investigate Penelope's Bunk.
Astrid: I feel almost sorry for Jordan! He’s burdened with guilt and grief over what he did when Luke was killed!
Astrid: But you’re right, we made a promise to catch his killer! What did you find?
Astrid: You found a locked camera! We know that cameras are always a vital lead in investigating murders! Go ahead and unlock it!
Astrid: You also found an old photo? It looks like a trio of young children playing in the park!
Astrid: Hey, you’re right! That’s a younger Luke! And the young girl next to him must be Adrianne!
Astrid: But who’s the other boy? Let’s have a look in the database!
Astrid: If you think those torn pieces are also vital, then I’ll get you the tape!
Astrid: We’re getting closer to the end! Let’s finish this!

Examine Torn Pieces.
Astrid: My god, that’s a photo collage of murder victims!
Astrid: They’re all victims of the Shadow! There’s Adrianne… Christina Mapples...There’s even Jérémy, Luke and Michael!
Astrid: But you’re right, Luke’s face is circled in red, a message right next to it! “It’s all your fault for the cause of this bloody conspiracy!”
Astrid: You’re right, the mention of conspiracy and this collage indicates that Valentina Knox may have made this!
Astrid: Why did Valentina accuse Luke of causing a “bloody conspiracy”? We’ll need to find out!

Confront Valentina about blaming Luke for Shadow's reign of terror.
Astrid: Miss Knox, we’ve caught you red-handed! Why did you make a collage of the Shadow’s victims and accuse Luke of being the one to blame?
Valentina: Well, it was his fault! He let that serial killer kill all of those people, and what for? Something he did!
Valentina: You see, it was his fault! He should’ve thought better and confessed about his connection sooner!
Astrid: How could he do that when he didn’t mean to cause the Shadow to start killing?
Valentina: Because he was a fraidy cat, even more cowardly than the heroes in the Jungle Book! It’s good that he stood up to his sins and died!
Valentina: Besides, he doesn’t deserve to be accepted and forgiven! He doesn’t deserve the antidepressants that I have to dissolve the guilt he had!
Astrid: Well, if you killed him to repay all of the lost souls that the Shadow slew, then we’ll see to you being locked up for life with Shadow himself!

Examine Old Photo.
Astrid: Who did you find in the database that matched the little kid in the photo?
Astrid: Wait, the boy in the photo with Luke and his sister is Dan Mackellar?!
Astrid: That seems odd, considering the fact that neither Dan or Luke told us that they were childhood friends!
Astrid: Well, it’s time to turn up the heat and go find Dan to ask him about being childhood friends with Luke!

Ask Dan Mackellar why he lied about knowing the victim when they were children.
Dan: Hello, detectives, anything else you need to talk about?
Astrid: Well, you could start by explaining us this picture we found of you and Luke when you two were children!
Dan: W-where did you find this?
Dan: I… to be honest, I would’ve rather you never find out…
Astrid: Why? Why are you quiet about you and him being friends when you were younger?
Dan (tearing up): Because we still were! Since our childhood when we would read the Jungle Book over and over! We never lost contact. He was even one of the reasons why I came to Berrini…
Dan: He helped me when no one else would. He had always been here for me. He was truly my best friend.
Dan: But now this is all in the past… And to be honest, it hurts to relive it… I wish I could have been there for him…
Astrid: Well if we discover that you killed him, you will be much more hurt than ever!

Examine Locked Camera.
Astrid: Nice work on unlocking the camera, <Name>!
Astrid: There’s a lot of footage on here, let’s give this to Raj to look over!

Analyze Camera Footage.
Astrid: What did you find on the camera footage, Raj?
Raj: Well I watched the footage, and it gave off some interesting information that we didn’t know!
Astrid: What do you mean, Raj?
Raj: Well, the footage that I found here includes recordings of Penelope Hunter!
Astrid: Penelope? Well we did find the camera in her truck.
Raj: Well, the surprising thing about her recordings is that she was smitten and in love with Luke!
Astrid: Wait what, Penelope was in love with Luke?
Astrid: That just proves another lie we’ll need to uproot! Let’s go interrogate Penelope!

Ask Penelope Hunter about her confession of love for Luke.
Astrid: Penelope, why didn’t you tell us about your smitten feelings for Luke?
Penelope: Oh no, you found out…
Penelope: Well, I felt ashamed about loving him, I was so scared that I thought you would get angry at me if I told you at first!
Astrid: Well, the truth is out, so you should just tell us the story.
Penelope: Well, I fell for Luke’s funny and kind soul, I was excited to hear that he loved the Jungle Book as much as I do!
Penelope: I soon fell in love with him after a few weeks in the precinct with him!
Penelope: I then decided to invite him to the park, bring a picnic lunch with Incredible Bulk cocktails and pastrami sandwiches!
Penelope: But when I told him about my feelings, he pushed me away, saying that he wanted to stay loyal to his murdered girlfriend!
Penelope: I felt ashamed over that day, it led me to pop some antidepressants to stop the crushing pain in my heart.
Penelope: I may still have feelings for him, but I didn’t want him to be hurt anymore, so I just stayed away…
Astrid: That’s a sad story, but if you did kill him so neither of you would be hurt anymore, then you’ll be in hot water!

Later at the headquarters…
Astrid: So many motives, my head feels like it’s going to explode!
Astrid: We discovered, on top of Edward and Jordan’s broken friendships, a third one from Dan Mackellar that goes back to their childhood.
Astrid: We also discovered that Valentina blamed Luke for the deaths and murders at the hands of the Shadow serial killer.
Astrid: And we also discovered that Penelope Hunter had fell in love with Luke. She tried to confess her love for him, and was subsequently rejected as Luke wanted to be loyal.
Astrid: So many motives but not enough clues…
Astrid: You’re right! We still have the city’s lookout point to investigate again! Let’s go!

Investigate City View.
Astrid: Did you find anything else among the grasses and trails of the lookout point, <Name>?
Astrid: Aha, you found a locked case that has a gun display on it!
Astrid: Maybe we’ll find the murder weapon that killed Luke inside it! I’ll let you crack the lock!
Astrid: And if you think the killer hid a clue under that pile of rocks, I won’t stop you!
Astrid: A heroic man has fallen, let’s avenge his death!

Examine Pile of Rocks.
Astrid: What did you find in that pile of rocks?
Astrid: Hey, you’re right! That’s Luke’s glove, it’s torn!
Astrid: Beatriz mentioned Luke missing a glove! Let’s send this to Kendra to analyze!

Analyze Torn Glove.
Kendra: Thank god Edward stood up to help Jordan!
Kendra: Edward and Jordan are now resting in the bunks, so I was able to examine Luke’s glove!
Astrid: Fantastic! Did you find anything from Luke’s torn glove?
Kendra: Well I did find out that the glove tore due to someone punching someone else!
Kendra: Also, the DNA inside the glove proves that you have found Luke’s glove!
Kendra: Seeing that Luke’s DNA was on it and that his dominant hand is his left, as well that it was missing from his left hand, it means your killer was punched by him!
Kendra: I also found minute traces of a bruise ointment on the glove, probably from the killer when they took the glove to hide at the lookout point!
Kendra: So with all of the evidence of Luke punching his killer and the bruise ointment, I can say your killer will be sporting a bruise!
Astrid: So the killer’s sporting a nice bruise? Well, this will prove that the killer will be feeling very bruised, knowing that we’re on their trail!

Examine Locked Case.
Astrid: Nice work on unlocking that gun case, <Name>!
Astrid: Wait a second, on the inside of the case, it says “Cryogenic Gun”! Doesn’t "cryo" mean ice?
Astrid: And you found a gun! This must be the murder weapon!
Astrid: Let’s send this to Nikolai to analyze!

Analyze Cryogenic Gun.
Astrid: Hey, Nikolai, did you find anything about that cryogenic gun <Name> sent you?
Nikolai: Yes I did! This cryogenic gun was soaked with Incredible Bulk cocktail! I could smell it with my own nose!
Astrid: So that’s the killer’s cryogenic gun! Did you find anything else about it?
Nikolai: Well, I did find out that the mechanisms of this gun was damaged! It seems the killer only meant to freeze our friend…
Nikolai: But the gun malfunctioned! Instead of spraying cryogenic nitrogen at Luke, it shot icicles instead!
Nikolai: I even tested it, the icicles tore through a couple of targets I made!
Nikolai: While there’s no DNA on it, I found some strange fibers on the gun’s trigger.
Nikolai: I sent the fibers to Beatriz, who confirmed that it wasn’t fibers, but was actually hairs!
Nikolai: Beatriz said that the hairs was human hair, although she could not retrieve any DNA off it.
Nikolai: However, the hairs was black. As Luke has brown hair and not black, it means that the killer left it behind!
Nikolai: So your killer will have black hair!
Astrid: So the killer has black hair? Well, this clue will help us bring this case into color from the blacks and whites of this dark case!

Astrid: Someone killed our friend, <Name>, and we have all the clues to arrest them!
Astrid: Let’s grab the handcuffs, <Name>! We need to avenge our fallen hero!

Take care of the killer now!
Astrid: I can’t believe it, but Penelope Hunter, you’re under arrest for the murder of our friend and Berrini Police Department senior detective Luke Leon-Mathieu!
Penelope: WHAT?! Why would you accuse me of killing him?
Astrid: Well, we know you sent us a threat through Luke’s cell phone! You quoted references to The Jungle Book in your threat!
Penelope: I may enjoy reading the childhood classic, but that doesn’t mean I killed him!
Astrid: Well, you spilled some of your Incredible Bulk cocktail on his body, and left traces of antidepressants on his hat! Did you really regret killing him?
Penelope: I may regret falling for and confessing my love to Luke, but that doesn’t mean I did kill him!
Astrid: Well, can you explain how you got that bruise on your face? You left your black hair on the murder weapon!
Astrid: We know you took Luke’s torn glove from his body and ditched it at the lookout where you left Luke’s phone! We have your DNA! We have everything! It’s over, Penelope!
Astrid: So tell us, did you kill Luke because he rejected your confession of love to remain faithful?
Penelope: NO! I killed him because it was an accident!
(Penelope sweats nervously.)
Penelope: Fine, you got me, <Name>! I did kill Luke!
Penelope: But I wanted him to listen to me, I wanted him to come into the utopia with me!
Astrid: What?! You wanted Luke to come into the utopia?!
Penelope: Yes! I wanted our dreams to come true in the utopia, where we could live happy with everyone else we loved!
Penelope: Because I wanted that, I searched every corner of Queen’s End for anything that would help my plans to prosper!
Astrid: Wait, what?! You’re the one behind the utopia?!
Penelope: Oh yes! I found the old plans about the utopia and started assembling it!
Penelope: I even hired the Mayor to help me in exchange for leadership of the utopia when it was put into place!
Penelope: But of course, she thought you guys were too true in justice, thinking you guys wouldn’t cooperate with us! She wanted you guys dead or in jail!
Penelope: So she had that socialite killed by Judge Marrakchi, and threatened arrest if you didn’t solve the murder.
Penelope: In fact, I helped Jack when Yasmine was found out just so I could get Luke away from Patricia’s devious plans!
Penelope: But when the Mayor threatened your team to give up three of your own, I knew that Luke would give himself up immediately!
Penelope: So when he got there, after his friends fled the scene, I stepped in and begged Luke to come into the utopia with me!
Penelope: When he refused, I already had a backup plan. I only planned to freeze Luke, so he could be immobile… so I could take him into the utopia without any trouble…
Penelope: But after I froze his arm, the cryogenic gun malfunctioned and shot icicles straight for Luke’s chest!
Penelope (crying): I watched him die, I tried to save him… but he died!
Astrid: No, it was your fault for threatening him, Penelope! You’re the one to blame for using a weapon to make Luke obey into your devious plans!
Astrid: And your plans have backfired, so you’ll be paying the price!
Astrid: Penelope Hunter, you’re under arrest for the murder of Luke Leon-Mathieu, you have the right to remain silent!

Later at headquarters...
Astrid: What a day…
Astrid: We finally found Luke’s killer, and it was all because Penelope had a twisted love for him!
Astrid: It was all her fault for starting the idea of having an utopia… and why the Mayor had decided to fund this scheme!
Astrid: But we still don’t know why the Mayor did this, and we still have to catch her for all of her crimes!
Astrid: You’re right, <Name>! We’ll need to return to the utopian laboratory and find out more about where in Queen’s End she’s hiding!

Guilt of Innocence (7/7) - The Truth Unmasked

Astrid: What a day…
Astrid: We finally found Luke’s killer, and it was all because Penelope had a twisted love for him!
Astrid: It was all her fault for starting the idea of having an utopia… and why the Mayor had decided to fund this scheme!
Astrid: But we still don’t know why the Mayor did this, and we still have to catch her for all of her crimes!
Nikolai: You’re right, <Name>! We’ll need to return to the utopian laboratory and find out more about where in Queen’s End she’s hiding!
Astrid: Let’s go, <Name>! Let’s end this!

Investigate Utopian Laboratory.
Nikolai: The mayor isn’t here, <Name>!
Astrid: But you’re right, maybe the Mayor left something behind!
Astrid: You think there’s something in that box of tools? Well let’s have a look!

Examine Box of Tools.
Astrid: Did you find anything inside that box of tools that will help us find the Mayor, <Name>?
Nikolai: Hey, you’re right! This mayoral sash belongs to Mayor Osborne! Her name is sewn into the fabric!
Astrid: That means the mayor was here! Where is she?
Patricia: It sounds like you were looking for me, <Name>!
Patricia (holding a gun): So why don’t we have a nice talk about how you’re going to die?
Astrid: More like we’re going to have a talk about why you did all of this now!

Confront Patricia Osborne once and for all about everything she had done.
Patricia: So I heard that you caught my fellow conspirator, <Name>, for killing one of your own.
Patricia: You know, it could’ve been less painful to give yourself up all those months ago!
Astrid: Stop it, you’re just playing with our minds, Patricia! You know you wanted us in jail or dead!
Patricia: Oh really? You wouldn’t rather to join me in our utopia while you can see your friend again, alive and well?
Astrid (tearing up): Luke doesn’t deserve to be manipulated by you, Patricia! You can’t stop us!
Patricia: Oh really? The little junior cop not wanting to see her friend again? How brave.
Astrid: I do want to, but I won’t let you disrupt Luke’s innocent soul now that he's passed away!
Patricia: Are you sure?
Patricia: Because he’s here.
Astrid: What?
Luke (as a hologram): Hello, <Name>. It’s good to see you.
Astrid: Luke! What…?
Luke: It’s good to see you too Astrid.
Astrid: No, it’s just an illusion. Just an illusion!
Astrid: You’ll die for hurting what we know of Luke’s innocent soul!
Nikolai: No Astrid! Don’t, you know that Luke would never want any murderer and criminal to die just because of him!
Luke: It’s okay Astrid, the Mayor can be trusted.
Patricia: Astrid, look. Don’t you want to be happy with your friend again?
Patricia: Happy with your best friend, alive and well in my utopia?
Astrid: ….No.
Astrid: Never. This hologram you have of Luke is nothing but an illusion! He would never say that a basic criminal like you would be trusted, you bitch!
Astrid: And I’m going to end this now!
Patricia (shot in the arm): Goddammit, why my arm?!
Astrid: That’s what you deserve, Patricia. Not death, not freedom, but a lifetime behind iron bars!
Patricia: No! I wanted this to work, to have the power of a new world in my hand…
Astrid: Well the utopia you call “your world” is going to be shut down… permanently!
Nikolai (arresting Patricia): Astrid’s right, Patricia Osborne, you’re under arrest!
Astrid: You have the right to remain silent…

After the arrest…
Astrid: We did it, <Name>! We finally ended the battle against the Mayor for good!
Astrid: We have Patricia and Penelope locked up, they’ll be behind iron bars for a long time once we get back home!
Astrid: But… it all came at a loss. We lost our senior detective, and the Mayor had the audacity to try to use his death to try to deceive us into her utopia!
Nikolai: I know it must’ve been scary, but we stopped the Mayor and proved our innocence!
Nikolai: The new Mayor, Cameron Crosby has agreed to welcome us back into the city as heroes! Jack and Yasmine are coming to help us pack up and head home… for real.
Astrid: That’s good. We can attend Luke’s funeral too, Florent took his body back to the city so he could prepare the funeral preparations!
Nikolai: But we’ll need to take some medication to restore our health from the radiation!
Nikolai: But the problem is, we’re out of anti-radiation medication!
Astrid: Well, I’m sure the Mayor would’ve had some! <Name> and I can search the laboratory for some medicine to restore our health!
Astrid: Come on, <Name>! Let’s go and look in the laboratory again!

Investigate Laboratory Consoles.
Astrid: What did you find that could be the medication we’re looking for?
Astrid: You’re right that canister of medicine could be it!
Astrid: But the label on it is faded, do you think you can reveal the faded details?

Examine Faded Canister.
Astrid: Nice work, <Name>! You recovered the label on the canister!
Astrid: And you’re right! The label says it’s anti-radiation medication! The date reports that it was prescribed recently!
Astrid: Let’s take these back to the headquarters so we can take them! We have a trial to go to with Judge Morpurgo!
Astrid: Judge Morpurgo came all the way from Starlight Shores, so let’s not keep him waiting!

Go to the trial of the century presided by Judge Owen Murpurgo.
Judge Morpurgo: Alright, order in the court! I’m Judge Owen Morpurgo, who will be stepping in for this criminal trial while the new Mayor decides who to choose as the new judge!
Owen: Alright, Penelope Hunter, former beat cop of the Berrini Police Department, you have been found guilty of the murder of senior detective Luke Leon-Mathieu and your conspiracy in a criminal utopia! How do you plead?
Penelope: Not guilty, Your Honor! I did what I did and I can only blame his friends for letting him walk to death!
Owen: Why, it’s not their fault you wanted to force him into an utopia because of the twisted love you have!
Owen: I love someone very dearly too, but I wouldn’t go as far as threatening people and committing murder!
Owen: Therefore, I think you need to be put away in prison for the rest of your life, with mandatory counseling immediately!
Owen: Alright, Patricia Osborne, the corrupt former mayor of the city, you’ve been found guilty in a criminal conspiracy and causing the indirect murders of four people in the last year! How do you plead?
Patricia: More innocent than you think! People like you would be dead already if my plan succeeded!
Owen: Your cruel heartlessness just proves you have no regard for human life and your mind is diseased with the need for power!
Owen: That’s why I’ll be handing you a lifetime sentence in prison in solitary confinement, away with the two of them!
Patricia (with Penelope): You may have won, but we hope that someone else will take you down!
Penelope (with Patricia): We’re more innocent and truer in justice than any of you, we’ll fight back someday!
Owen: Away with them now!
Owen: Now, Yasmine Marrakchi, you’ve surrendered to the police following the end of the former Mayor’s plans but you still stand trial for your involvement in the coerced murder of Maggie Blake under duress of Griffin Hart, how do you plead?
Yasmine: Guilty, Your Honor! I only wanted to make sure justice stayed true by helping the police!
Yasmine: Now sentence me, I’ve given myself a criminal record, but it was all for the greater good!
Owen: You have been a good asset to the Berrini Police, and I know true justice enforcers when I see them!
Owen: That’s why I’ll give you a twenty year sentence in prison, with a chance for parole in ten years!
Owen: And thank you for saving the city, <Name>! The city recognizes your bravery and I would like to make a donation to the police for your hard work!

Cameron: Good work on apprehending Patricia Osborne, <Name>! She’ll remain behind bars for good now!
Cameron: I’ve taken the reins of Mayor now that she’s forced to step down, and I’ve elected Jakob Left as my deputy!
Jakob: Thank you <Name>! Your heart is fuller than a heart of gold and I thank you for saving this city!
Cameron: We’ve decided that there should be no more evil in Berrini, so I’ve ordered some of my trusted associates to clean up Queen’s End and lock up any important or dangerous papers away from the public!
Cameron: As for after the cleaning, let me say that I’ve hired someone to clean up Queen’s End and make it a truer part of Berrini again!
Cameron: You’ll see what I mean soon! But for now, you guys continue on and take care of yourselves alright?

A few days after the trial…
Astrid: Still a few days back home and I still can’t believe that we’re finally back home in our office!
Astrid: I was thinking about what Luke would’ve done if he was here, but I still think he’s happy to see us safe.
Astrid: But we should get to work-
Florent: Hello, <Name>. I feel a bit awkward wandering in… my son’s former workplace, but I need your assistance.
Florent: It’s about Luke’s funeral, so if you can come outside and talk to me, I would appreciate it!

See what Florent wanted to do for Luke's funeral.
Florent: I’m sorry to bother you, but I wanted to bury Luke with something that I was proud of him about…
Astrid: We can help, what are you looking for?
Florent: Well, I’ve been looking for a horse racing trophy that he and his sister won together when they were younger…
Florent: But then I remembered that I left the trophy at the city lookout point!
Florent: I’m so busy with working on Queen’s End since the Mayor hired me, so I can’t drive over there to look for it!
Astrid: Don’t worry, we’ll get Luke’s trophy and bring it back!
Florent: You’re a lifesaver, detectives! Please take some money and get yourself a snack on the way! It’s my treat!

Investigate Lookout Point.
Astrid: Did you find the horse racing trophy Florent wanted?
Astrid: Oh no! Those broken pieces must be Luke’s trophy!
Astrid: Florent would be heartbroken! We should piece this back together!

Examine Broken Trophy.
Astrid: Well done, <Name>! You restored the trophy to its former glory!
Astrid: And you’re right, it says on the plaque, “Luke and Adrianne Leon-Mathieu, aged 11 and 7, winners of the Marseille Horse Racing competition!”
Astrid: Florent is right, this is a great memoir for Luke!
Astrid: I’ll give this back to Florent, he can prepare it for the funeral.
Astrid: For now, you can put on your best attire, I’ll meet you at the memorial chapel!

Go to the funeral of Luke Leon-Mathieu with Florent.
Florent: Welcome all of you to this somber day.
Florent: We’re here to bury my son, Luke Leon-Mathieu, who fought valiantly and brave till his demise.
Florent: I may have sounded like a bad father to him at times, but my love for him is as true as a father’s love for his children.
Florent: I want to ask that his colleagues and members of the Berrini Police Department to share some memoirs about him.
Duncan: Luke was an eager officer when he first started, fresh from the police academy. I taught him the values of being brave and not hesitating to do what’s right for the law.
Nikolai: I may have not been trusted well at first with my criminal past, but Luke was the one who welcomed me right away and told me that they would come around in time, and you guys did.
Beatriz: Luke was the one who tried his best to keep the department he called family together, and he did that just like that. He made sure we would never be separated in the end!
Edward (with Kendra): Luke taught me that bravery is important in the line of duty. I may have ran away, but I respect his bravery and will learn from his actions.
Jordan (with Raj): Luke showed that you can be sweet and innocent despite the bloodiest of all revelations, as he showed when we helped him recover from the tragedy that ravaged his life!
Imani (with Mei): Luke learned himself that no one can truly run away from their demons, and he taught us that when we were faced with his death! We fought hard and let justice reign again!
Florent: Thank you all.
Florent: Luke was a sweet person, a caring son, a brave officer, and many more I won’t bore you all with.
Florent: Luke will rest in peace with his sister, Adrianne and his girlfriend, Christina, and he’ll watch over us all forever.
Florent: Rest in peace Luke Leonidas Leon-Mathieu, you’ll be remembered by many forever and ever!

After the funeral…
Astrid: Florent really gave Luke a wonderful send-off, <Name>!
Astrid: In fact, while I was looking at Luke’s stuff, I found a video on his computer!
Astrid: Get yourself in something comfortable and we can watch it together!

See what Astrid had wanted to show them.
Astrid: Alright, I got the video ready on Luke’s computer!
Astrid: When you’re ready, you can press play!

Luke’s video… thirteen years ago in the year of 2007…
Adrianne: What are you doing, Luke?
Luke: I’m showing Christina something I made from wood!
Luke (holding a carved wooden horse): See? I carved a wooden horse!
Christina: It’s a great carving you made, Luke!
Luke: Well, you and Adrianne did motive me to make it!
Luke: This will symbolize the friendship and love we have for each other!
Luke: I was thinking we could carve our own names into it and then place it in the treehouse we have in Mam and Pop’s backyard!
Adrianne: That’s a good idea brother!
Christina: That’s a sweet idea, Luke! I’m glad to have you as my boyfriend and Adrianne, the best sister I couldn’t ask for...
Luke: To friendship… and to a future together!

The video ends…
Astrid: That’s a nice video, isn’t it <Name>?
Astrid: It proves that even if he lost the only two people he loved the most in his life, he would fight till the end!
Astrid: In fact, I found a spare outfit that we all know that Luke loved to wear everyday… I would like you to have it.

A few months after the end of the utopian conspiracy… in the year of 2021…
Astrid: It’s been a long while since we ended the Mayor’s terror on Berrini…
Astrid: And I think this city may actually turn for the better!
Astrid: Florent and his wife Gwen have purchased Queen’s End and they’re now turning the wasted district into a new metropolis.
Astrid: And all of the scientist’s experiments and leftovers have been permanently locked up thanks to our new Mayor!
Astrid: Florent and I were talking this morning, and he told me that he was renaming Queen’s End, to Luke’s Corner, after his own son!
Astrid: I’m really happy that Florent is looking to make a better future here for his children, even if they’re resting six feet under.
Astrid: Anyway, I heard that things were acting weird in your hometown since you left Rosenoque, right?
Jack: Yes Astrid, things are acting strange back home, and I need to talk to <Name>!
Astrid: I’ll let you talk to Jack then, <Name>!

See what Jack Chapman wanted to tell them about Rosenoque.
Jack: Thank you for seeing me, <Name>, but I have to talk to you about Rosenoque.
Jack: Julia and I are going back home with our year-old twins, Leo and Skylar, but Chief Tempest called me personally to tell you some news.
Jack: You see, Rosenoque has been peaceful for a couple years, but a few months ago, crime rates started to climb up again.
Jack: Rosenoque has changed, for the good… and for the bad.
Jack: Even that man who betrayed all of you told the police that he was sure that evil would arise again!
Jack: Chief Tempest and your old partner, Major Lucas, has asked me personally to bring you back home, even Chief Crosby knows.
Jack: I’ll go home and make sure things are packed up with my family, you can say your good byes to your team and pack up.
Jack: I’ll see you at the airport in a few hours!

After Jack’s conversation…
Astrid: Is it true, <Name>? Chief Crosby said that you had to go home!
Duncan: Yes, <Name> has to go home and help stabilize the crime rates back home!
Beatriz: Even if you have to go, <Name>, you were a great detective!
Raj: Luke really taught us how to keep going, so I think it’s time for you to go home!
Edward (with Kendra): You taught us how to be brave in the hardest times like with my family in Radar Hill
Nikolai (with Jordan): You taught us that we shouldn’t hide our pasts, but to remember them regardless of how bad they are!
Imani (with Mei): And you taught us how to unite and fight for justice to rule over the city!
Duncan: You really kept this team together well, I’m proud of you!
Astrid: You and Luke really taught me to be a great detective and I won’t forget that.
Astrid: I’m grateful for everything, <Name>. We’ll miss you very much.
The Team: Farewell, <Name>. May your next journey in your career take you through to enforce justice once again!

At the airport...
Jack: You said your goodbyes and packed up, <Name>?
Jack: Great, I’m excited to see how you’ll fight crime again after seeing you do it in Rosenoque and Berrini!
Jack: But, I don’t doubt your skills, don’t you worry…
Jack: Anyway, let’s get straight to the point and let me tell you…
Jack: I really think that there’s going to be a surprising return to Rosenoque… with old and new friends!
Jack: But there may be some old faces you won't like...
Jack: Anyway, let's not be too slow. The flight is going to leave soon, so we should get on the plane.
Jack: I hope you’re ready, <Name>, because it’s time to go home...

It’s now time to return home… to Rosenoque in The Mystery!

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