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A Brave New Land
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Aftermark
Case # 61
Initial release date 01. V 2020.
Partner(s) Leonidas Lupo (All Chapters)
(After the Smoke 1)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Tear of Sadness
(in District X)
Fool to Cry

A Brave New Land is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 153rd case of the game and the 61st case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Aftermark, a district of Fario as the first case of the district.


Following a massive change in the department, the team wanted to celebrate a defeat of the mole but chief Filipovich then told them that there is no time for that as Aftermark is mark on the map, probably as LUMIA's next target so the player and Leonidas were appointed to go there and see what is going on. As soon as they arrived they noticed a big smoke dust and ambulate cars followed by the firefighter division moving the stones away. There they noticed their friend, anthropologist Jacob who waved and the player and the slight fear and told them that while he and the team worked they discovered a mysterious remains of the native American tribe but that some bastard decided to nuke it. The team then told him to calm down as they joined the emergency divisions on the crime scene where soon after the team pulled out a brutally crushed body of the TV explorer Konny Hannoly.

As the team sent body to the morgue, they went to speak again to Jacob who swore that no one was in the case, even less some "quasi-explorer". The team then continued to dig into the murder investigation where eventually they found that a student Joe Picollio was a victim's understudy before discovering that the geologist Johnny Cennedy was approached by the victim to get a permission for him to be in her show. As Matilda finished the autopsy she revealed that stones crushed her entire body, causing bones to rip her lungs apart. She then also confessed that she found a bomb fragment in her hair and after more detailed examination discovered that traces of Turkish delight on the fragment but that the victim never consumed them, meaning that the killer did.

Shortly after, the team went to the nearby monumental park to clean heads and recap the case before they were approached by a visually rich girl who told them that they need to talk about the victim. The woman them introduced herself as Veronica Krause and said how she and her grandfather talked about the same cave she died near the TV Station building. The team went there and discovered the victim's manager Lincoln Redmoney. The team then continued the investigation and talked to Jacob again where he said that he had an argument with the victim because she wanted to go in the dangerous part of the cave and how she wasn't qualified for that. They then also approached Joe once again after they discovered that he stole the footage the victim recorded.

A bit later, the team recap the cave before Abbi approached the team, telling them that Lincoln holds Johnny hostage. They ran to the cave where Lincoln shouted at the team to back off because he known that Johnny is the killer and that only because she was Johnny's girlfriend who slept with him. After going back and forth in the arguments the team eventually calmed them down and interrogated Johnny who swore that he isn't the killer and that the victim was his ex and that he doesn't care about her. The team soon discovered that Veronica was body shamed by the victim before discovering that Lincoln's company went bankrupt and that he blamed the victim for it.

After last analyze was completed the team had all they needed to arrest Johhny. The team then asked him why he killed Konny on what he swore that he is not the killer and that he wish no harm to anyone but how the team started to pressure him more he cracked and confessed but saying that he never intended to kill anyone and that he thought that that the cave was empty. He sighed and admitted that couple of years ago he discovered a purple diamond, new gemstone who wasn't found anywhere is the world but that the gemstone was extremely rare so he decided to look up caves until he find more. His research eventually made him to approach a conspiracy theory websites where he discovered that the gemstones were hidden by the ancient civilizations in their caves and how the gemstones would start a history revision an how everything known in the history is fabricated lie. Eventually he found about this new cave and decided to act up but with no proper equipment he couldn't do anything but then the administrator of the website contacted him, telling that they can provide everything needed if he agree to let them use the purple diamonds too. He, knowing that this is the only chance he accepted and days later he received a bombs with the triangle insignia needed to destroy the cave. Leonidas then arrested him and sent to the trial where Judge Gilmore sentenced him to 35 years in hail.

Post-trial, the team informed others about the discovery and how LUMIA was behind the bombing and swore to discover more about the mysterious administrator and why LUMIA are interested in destroying the history. The team decided to return to the destroyed cave to find more. After searching they found that there was a strange hole in the wall that had a strange goo. After analyzes Karen confirmed that the goo is actually a remains of the purple diamonds hen they forcefully are dug with a drill. she also said that inside the goo was a saliva from Jacob. They spoke to Jacob who said that he heard someone drilling there and when he approached to see he just found the strange goo and a silhouette running away. After being asked to what direction he said towards the local TV station. The team went there to search more but instead of a person they found an empty sack with the same goo but with a faded note inside. After retrieving the note from the sack that said "Hall of Supernatural, midnight" the team decided to check what does that means, discoverer hat is a costume party with supernatural theme which host was a French socialite Marinette Bourgeois. The team approached her about the party and questioned about the purple diamonds, she swearing that she has no idea what does that means but after the team told her that illegal dealing could be the case she told the team that they can join the party for themselves and investigate but only under condition to be under the masks.

In the meantime, the player and Arif visited Johnny again to question him about the city and to explain him about the LUIMA. Johnny the sighed and said that he never knew this will be that much serious but said that he left his tablet at the camping site. The team searched and found it. Hassan told the player that he will analyze it and after that was done with a frown he said that the site has been shut downed but that there was a suspicious third-party tracker in the tablet that he extracted and discovered to belong to a gothic photographer and their friend Aurora Maupin. Aurora got scared and said that she meant no harm but that ever since she was arrested by LUMIA's minions she got deeply into the revenge and do everything in her power to help the team to take them down and said that he learned hacking skills for her European friend and said that she made a copy of the website LUMIA shut downed. Happy for that, Arif hugged her and took the USB.

When everything was finished, Arif and chief Filipovich made everyone to come to the meeting room because of the urgent news. Arif then explained to everyone that all distractions that LUMIA made, making supernatural army and people who can't be killed was just one piece of the bigger pie as they succeed in it and then they will do a next major step - destroying the history. Arif then explained how Aftermark was one of the earliest settlements on the west coast and how many archaeological and historical sites are located here who aren't important only for the USA but also for the world history and that LUMIA plans to destroy it pieces by pieces and that the drugs they made with modifications will work as a memory eraser. With a sigh and a frown Arif said that here purple diamonds comes into the play as the ingredients needed to be brought into Zemiq to make a memory eraser need to be bought from the Marianas Web and that their currently is the most valuable gemstone, that purple diamond. Chief Filipovich then told the team that with this information they need to be cautious and that they need to find the one who stole those crystals on the Marinette's supernatural party that will be held tonight.



  • Konny Hannoly (crushed to death in the explosion of the cave)

Murder Weapon

  • Stones


  • Johnny Cennedy



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer is dyslexic.
  • The Killer eats Turkish delight.
  • The Killer takes Sleeping Aid.
  • The Killer has brown hair.
  • The Killer wears a necklace.

Crime Scenes

Damaged Cave Bloody Entrance Damaged Cave Bonus
Camping Site Victim's Tent Camping Site Bonus
TV Station TV Station Lobby TV Station Bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

After the Smoke 1



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