16 For War is a series made by JUni3rv7.


This is the 16 For War, where 16 people in a small town, who were forced to kill by agents, where they would test their ability to survive. The objective is very simple, just survive, otherwise you will be killed. The 16 people will have to go through several murders in order to survive and return to their normal lives. There are 16 people, 7 teenagers, 4 adults and 5 children.





Additional Characters:


During 2016, 16 people are sent to Indonesia where these 16 people would be killed, but only one would survive, and that person would be free and could live their life normally again. But in a game of survival and death, there was many alliances, friendships and even love affairs forming. But only one came out alive from there, despite all your friendships, all players should kill those they love and like, simply to survive.

"Cases" in 16 For War

Case # Case Name
#1 The Beginning of the End (No Kills)
#2 Serial Killer on the Loose
#3 Traps and Temples
#4 One Shot, Two Kills (Two Deaths)
#5 Contained and Detained (Two Deaths)
#6 Suicide Made by An Assassin
#7 Terrorist History (No Kills)
#8 Bow of Buddha
#9 The Needle Pit
#10 Red Ocean
#11 The Fallen Snowflakes
#12 The Five Finalists (No Kills)
#13 The Baron's Bayonets
#14 Hope Remains (No Kills / Non Canon)
#15 Countdown for Survival
#16 The Apocalypse Begins (Two Deaths)
#17 Chōsokabe and Ishimoto (Final)
#18 GIFs That Were Used (Extras)


  • This series is made by JUni3rv7 but some pages in the series were edited by CoolCCMystery for better improvement.
  • If you are following the series, do not see the page of the characters. This will be a spoiler for yourself.
  • Some parts may be discomforting, however, it is only reading, so it is up to your imagination..
  • JUni3rv7 Is trying to always put a video better showing the character's death, this is started in Suicide Made by An Assassin.
  • Some deaths are changing, for more videos, JUni3rv7 Is always trying improve.
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