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Jonas Jensen: Welcome to... Maracas, you can see the murder of Matthew Camelion is frustating... you can go to Tobias' restaurant to know.


Player: Yuk... what is this?

Customized partner: Is this Matthew?

Player: Yes.

Customized partner: What? let me show.

-"Customized Partner" shows you his body.-

Customized partner: You should take it to the hospital.

ANALYZE HIS BODY(000:000:005)

Justin Damm(if him as your partner, then Michael Scott): Welcome, im Justin(Michael) Damm(Scott).

Justin Damm: Michael(Justin) Scott(Damm) is not here, so Justin(Michael) Damm(Scott) is here!

Player: Therefone there is a body of a 40-year-old man...

Justin: Sure, but let me quick.

In the office

Jonas Jensen: We got you here, but we proves that we have a pinstriped clothing killer, let's go!


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