"ABC1 Group" Discover
Season 1
City Cooold City
District Amusement Park
Case Number #5
Partner(s) Amy Young
David Jones
Preceded by Succeeded by
The Killer Police The Leader's Game End
"ABC1 Group" Discover, it is the fifth case of the Amusement Park, and in the Cooold City (U.S.A. City). This case are super-impactant... all members of Police, are suspects.

Case Background

After his arrest, Alex Turner still in prison and the victim of beatings in prison, his gentle partner, Russell Crane, accompanied by Amy Young, Frank Knight, and Cathy King. But along the way, they are shocked by Yann Touisant, urged the police chief, sends the player, and find Russel Crane, dead in a ravine.

As main suspects are Yann Touisant, Amy Young, Kathy King, Frank Knight, Samuel King and David Jones. Eventually Nathan added, Grace, Roxie, Andrea and Hannah. In the end, it is determined that a murderer is Frank Knight, that this went out with Amy, who secretly loved, having separated from his ex-wife. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.


Russell Crane
(Find in a ravine, with blows in the head)

Killer and motives

A mild concussion was what killed Crane with a coup led by Frank, who fell in love with Amy, who started with Russell. He killed for love


  • Roxie Sparks (3 years), for help the killer in secret.
  • Frank Knight (30 years), for kill the victim.
  • Samuel King (30 years), manipulated the killer.


  • Yann Touisant (Friend of Victim)
  • Amy Young (Girlfriend of Victim)
  • Cathy King (Hacker)
  • Grace Delaney (Doctor)
  • Nathan Pandit (Friend's Frenemie)
  • Samuel King (Grimsborough's Chief)
  • Roxie Sparks (Victim's Ex-Girlfriend)
  • Andrea Marquez (Bay's Chief)
  • Frank Knight (Police) - Killer
  • David Jones (Police)


Chapter 1, 2: David Jones
Chapter 3: Amy Young
Additional Investigation: David Jones and Amy Young

Crime Scenes

Ravine Police's Car Ravine Bonus
Department of Victim Table Department Bonus
Knight's Mansion Knight Car Mansion Door Bonus


The Killer Police "ABC1 Group" Discover The Leader's Game End

In the next case....

Amy: Jones, stop...
David Jones Brainwashed: I Kill Amy Madeleine Young, that so i'm the member of the ABC1 Group

Cathy: Alex, I'm the leader
Alex: What The F**k, please, down the gun
Cathy: "Boom"
Alex: Cathy is die

David: Sorry, I'm the ....

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